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17. I believe there will be a fight too.
Fri May 24, 2024, 07:22 AM
May 24

I think a majority of the people who think living under a dictatorship is worth a try,don't have a full understanding of how they work. The dictators don't just take rights away from the scapegoated enemies, but often turn on many of those who they were formerly aligned with them, if those people have something the dictator wants, or they dissent with the dictator on even the most minor of points.

Eventually. most will wake up. When the political reality they voted for is enacted. Most won't be happy. OAITW r.2.0 May 23 #1
Good point. BlueKota May 24 #16
Humans will always crave freedom and democracy. Irish_Dem May 23 #2
What? former9thward May 23 #5
thank you. WarGamer May 23 #7
"Quite happy"? I disagree strongly with that characterization Just_Vote_Dem May 24 #14
The majority of the world does not have the same opinions as you may have. former9thward May 24 #21
One History Professor said BlueKota May 24 #18
Yes, the majority of people in the U.S. come from different traditions and cultures former9thward May 24 #20
But that battle doesn't have to be full of bloodshed DSandra May 24 #10
Yes of course. A battle of wits, words, and will. Irish_Dem May 24 #11
I believe there will be a fight too. BlueKota May 24 #17
Yes they will not like living under a dictatorship. Irish_Dem May 24 #19
Here's a couple I heard on news this week: Joinfortmill May 23 #3
Definitely good BlueKota May 24 #24
When I think that the US can't do this again... viva la May 23 #4
Hoping a lot of moderates are saying publicly BlueKota May 24 #25
Fascists attempt to control by fear, Qutzupalotl May 23 #6
Thank you! BlueKota May 24 #26
So am I. calimary May 24 #35
To bdamomma May 23 #8
Definitely voting BlueKota May 24 #27
110 former tRump voters now damning him, in print & video Bundbuster May 24 #9
Love it that BlueKota May 24 #28
polls are tailored for agendas; pay no heed DoBW May 24 #12
I am definitely going to vote for Biden. BlueKota May 24 #29
The U.S. is a very large diverse country. Military, government, police have followed equal opportunity betsuni May 24 #13
Excellent points BlueKota May 24 #30
K & R Just_Vote_Dem May 24 #15
Thank you BlueKota May 24 #31
Remember women!! TSExile May 24 #22
A higher turn out by women will definitely help. BlueKota May 24 #32
See, I Really Wish RobinA May 24 #34
Here's a post that gave me hope mountain grammy May 24 #23
It definitely does BlueKota May 24 #33
My personal favorite posts are about J6r's Arne May 24 #36
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