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26. I went to high school 1962-1965.
Sat May 25, 2024, 11:32 PM
May 25

(I graduated a year early)

I took UICSM math. Those letters stand for "University of Illinois Committee on School Mathematics". I have never, in all those years since, come across anyone who has ever even heard of it.

So anyway, the big deal about UICSM was that we discovered EVERYTHING. Those of you who took geometry, remember how you were given some theorems, and then given problems to solve based on those theorems? Well, in UICSM we were given something like four postulates, from which we derived the theorems, and them we solved the problems. We weren't just mindlessly solving problems. We were figuring out what was going on behind those problems.

As a consequence some 35 years after my last high school math class, taking a placement test for math in my local community college, I tested into algebra 2. I was a bit apprehensive the first week or so, but then settled in. I recalled a lot of specific language from UICSM, things like something is true "if and only if" something else is true.

Anyway, I want to make a huge big deal out of the fact that the man I had for two of those three years clearly believed the girls were every bit as capable as the guys. I still love him for that.

Thank you, Cliff Haugh.

I was not expecting that. From 2015, see background story CurtEastPoint May 25 #1
Hmmm, Arne May 25 #2
This message was self-deleted by its author marble falls May 25 #3
So different from Harrison Butker's misogynistic commencement speech. Lonestarblue May 25 #4
No kidding! Brenda May 25 #12
Bravo, Jared! Picaro May 25 #5
So true. And as I worked in the Science and Engineering Dept judesedit May 25 #6
It makes me mad such a comment had to be made onetexan May 26 #27
And you did it! An inspiration to the female students of the future judesedit May 26 #31
Buttoneer......... Upthevibe May 25 #7
Mauldin is a great American name. Kid Berwyn May 25 #8
Engineering was definitely a boy's club in the 'seventies. hunter May 25 #9
That glass ceiling is very real. But us women in the various STEM disciplines are creating small splinters onetexan May 26 #28
Well done, Jared. Martin68 May 25 #10
This reminds me of a yahoo "chat room" around Y2K... Hermit-The-Prog May 25 #11
I took CS and I only recall one woman in my class Shermann May 25 #20
Men who are feminists are treasures dlk May 25 #13
He is amazing. StarryNite May 25 #14
Good guy! lindysalsagal May 25 #15
Yes! Good Guy! and Smart Guy! raging moderate May 25 #25
i didn't know whether to expect this or the opposite. soldierant May 25 #16
Hurray for Jared. stage left May 25 #17
The last sentence is a bit naive mercuryblues May 25 #18
This is a pleasant surprise - I had expected something entirely different. PatrickforB May 25 #19
Fred and Ginger.... IcyPeas May 25 #21
love that truth! Evolve Dammit May 25 #24
Deleted LW1977 May 25 #22
Right on. MLAA May 25 #23
I went to high school 1962-1965. PoindexterOglethorpe May 25 #26
This made me smile LetMyPeopleVote May 26 #29
I graduated with an engineering degree in the late 80's MichMan May 26 #30
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