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18. Cash in stocks
Tue May 28, 2024, 01:52 PM
May 28

If Trump wins I see a big "correction" in the stock market. I'm selling some now and will accelerate that process in the future.

Faux News and talk radio are to blame. They are all right wing. OLDMDDEM May 28 #1
Lying works OrangeJoe May 28 #16
Pretty much the only problem with the economy is mild inflation. unblock May 28 #2
I did see a very big change at two major grocery stores last week. tavernier May 28 #5
I got BOGO Cheerios in a box size I haven't seen in years. IrishAfricanAmerican May 28 #7
Yes! happybird May 29 #32
A lot of people were brought out of poverty during covid because of broad government relief programs that have WhiskeyGrinder May 28 #3
Are you speaking perchance of Biden's "government relief programs" that not a single Republican supported? B.See May 28 #25
Because people like to whine and commiserate BannonsLiver May 28 #4
On the nose! BaronChocula May 28 #22
Glad you mentioned crime. Statistically it's WORSE in Red states. B.See May 28 #26
One thing I've done recently is BaronChocula May 28 #31
Same reckless abandon as seen in the 1920s after the Spanish flu? Marthe48 May 28 #6
Your eyes aren't lying to you. The economy is strong right now. dawg May 28 #8
THIS! , Allow me to quote your last paragraph for emphasis B.See May 28 #28
Not only the griping aver grocery prices while flying on Holidays for FUN. FalloutShelter May 28 #9
It's all a GOP/rightwing media phantom. ananda May 28 #10
The meme that Biden is bad for the economy is being pushed 24/7 and 365 days a year. Botany May 28 #11
As Other Here Say, Grocery Store Shock modrepub May 28 #12
Personal obversation re grocery prices: They started jumping up in 2019 & leaped in 2020, Media only covered Covid Attilatheblond May 28 #13
Corporate GREED. They used the pandemic as an excuse to hike prices and kept them high. B.See May 28 #30
Misinformation is the currency of the once GOP. SleeplessinSoCal May 28 #14
Consumer is nearly 70% of GDP, government spending another 16-17% - both are SUPER STRONG thanks to JoeB. NoMoreRepugs May 28 #15
Cash in stocks OrangeJoe May 28 #18
People who are suffering in a bad economy spend more on holiday travel and Christmas gifts. hay rick May 28 #17
This is because the GOP wants people to be paid $5 an hour, that they want as high as a price on goods we buy SWBTATTReg May 28 #19
raises versus costs displaced in ID May 28 #20
If I'm reading this report right? ... OldBoss May 28 #21
GOP thinks the economy is inflation and the border IronLionZion May 28 #23
There is a company in Dallas DFW May 28 #24
Well. It's pretty simple: for those with money and places to go Model35mech May 28 #27
Because it's all a forced-narrative, in addition to people just griping about prices being higher. W_HAMILTON May 28 #29
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