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Tue May 28, 2024, 09:01 PM May 28

Awww...these poor little network people had a lonnnnng day... [View all]

And boo hoo, they were predicting before lunch that the jury wouldn’t be able to sit through a long prosecution closing statement because…BECAUSE…you know HOW TIRED YOU ARE AFTER LUNCH!!! ZZZZZZZ.

No, you supercilious snotty assholes. No. And no. It was very important in a trial of this length to reiterate everything presented and to counter the defense’s case because IF HE LEFT ANYTHING OUT HE WOULD BE PILLORIED BY THESE SAME “EXPERTS”.

Now let’s discuss these folks on the air: they for the most part must begin, or should begin every paragraph of their analysis by saying: “Now I’m not a lawyer BUT…”. Yeah. Lemme tell you when people come into my office and begin the sentence with, “Now I’m not a dentist BUT…” I wait for them to finish and then, and THEN, I begin to figure out what the problem really is.

Hey Katy and Andrea and Wolf and whoever the fuck else you are: just stop guessing. These lawyers on BOTH SIDES (yes) have a strategy which goes far beyond what you can conceive of. It’s a phenomenal chess game and I’ll tell you one more thing: this is not Junior High School and this for the jurors is the denouement of what I’m certain will be the most remarkable incident of their lives. They’re going to be paying attention to the lawyers without question, even though the tv assholes have a nine minute attention span at most. The jurors have been there for five weeks and are immersed in this and as Katie Phang, who IS a lawyer, and is the only competent individual on MSNBC tonight, understands that and countered the others’ complaints that the prosecution was too long-winded and the funny part, if you need some humor, was Ari Melber listening to her and you could positively see him thinking “Now why the fuck didn’t I think of that?” Yes, I know he went to law school but he plays a rap-enslaved asshole on tv. Hey Ari what’s that lyric from Dr. Dre? No? So lame.

Yes…I am mad as Hell. Almost none of these people get it…I watched the entire OJ trial and an enormous amount of the commentary and the vast amount of it was an utter waste of prognostication and quite frankly, a giant truckload of ignorant bullshit. After the verdict, a fair number of the on air people flat out lied and said that they had predicted the outcome before the trial. What a giant load of horseshit: yeah, they knew about the glove, the grotesquely lying racist policemen, the forensic evidence, the stories about routinely planted evidence in L.A., Marcia sleeping with Chris and basically ruining the case with their sheer incompetence, possibly deliberately.

Now these folks think that they’re gonna guess what’s inside the heads of 12 jurors when they can’t figure out what they themselves would like for fucking dinner or if or when they last “slept with” their partner. Which leads me to my final point…for now: in the beginning of this trial, when Stormy Daniels testified, the tv folks were all hee-hee-hee about…about…about….SEX! —GASP—. Oh my God, if this weren’t so important it’d be a great comedy routine. Once again…Junior High School…listening to Mika Mouse every morning recoiling at the name David Pecker…ooof…or tsk tsk tsking that Stormy worked in Adult Films —GASP— like her hubby Joe never watched them…hell he probably led the circle jerk in Junior High School.

And all those panelists like Andrea Mitchell who pretends she never saw a dick in her life and That sneering, snarling Katy Tur who four years ago lived in fear of her life from Trump and his band of lunatics and now defends his honor and demands fairness towards him, and plays the aloof somewhat repressed schoolteacher because she has no fucking talent. None. No insight, no depth, no journalistic sensibility…none. You know what she DOES have? An afternoon show on a cable network and three years of living with Olbermann, which she barely acknowledged in her book…well not exactly her book…who knows who wrote it after Olbermann turned her down?

As I’m writing this Rachel said “this is not a junior High school”. They haven’t matured much past that horrifying age and play the same head games that that creep did when you were fourteen. Jesus…it’s enough to drive a sane person crazy.

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