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46. In the Navy
Wed May 29, 2024, 01:10 AM
May 29

Don't forget all of those Billion dollar plus ships that can easily be sunbk by $5,000 dollar drones.

I always knew they would steal it. From Reagan's IRA in 1982, plain as day. bucolic_frolic May 28 #1
They will TRY to steal it.. whathehell May 28 #19
depends on the democrats. rampartc May 29 #52
Not only will every Democrat fight for Socisl Security whathehell May 29 #53
The richest country in the history of the world. Irish_Dem May 28 #2
Spot-On!! blue-wave May 28 #9
I would only change 'cannot afford to' to 'will not' Scalded Nun May 28 #17
I was being ironic and sarcastic. Irish_Dem May 28 #18
But we have the coolest B-21 Raider! My gosh it looks neat! Brenda May 28 #29
$1.3 billion dollar airplane. Irish_Dem May 28 #33
Yep. I posted a link to a story about outrageous failed expenses by US military Brenda May 28 #34
Military boondoggles. Irish_Dem May 28 #35
In the Navy OrangeJoe May 29 #46
Hear Hear! OldBaldy1701E May 29 #48
The game that the US pretends to be broke so cannot provide a safety net to its citizens. Irish_Dem May 29 #49
Yep. If I wasn't laughing so hard, I would be weeping. (n/t) OldBaldy1701E May 29 #50
In a few decades, my wife and I will gaze lovingly at each other over a candlelight repast of Nine Lives and Boost. Efilroft Sul May 28 #3
They consider retired people useless eaters. Sick and disabled the same. Irish_Dem May 28 #5
"They consider retired people useless eaters" blue-wave May 28 #8
Exactly. Irish_Dem May 28 #13
a recent realization of mine: Hieronymus Phact May 28 #39
I have been saying the same thing. Irish_Dem May 28 #41
Some of us old people orangecrush May 28 #10
Yep, there are going to be many angry retired people. Irish_Dem May 28 #12
I can still hold a pitchfork and torch and march at the same time. nt Xipe Totec May 28 #45
I hope they vote! n/t CousinIT May 28 #23
The HF... 2naSalit May 28 #4
We were warned years ago in at least one cover article... keep_left May 28 #22
It has been around a while. 2naSalit May 28 #25
Heritage? Oh, yeah, they've been around a long time. The original "Project 2025"... keep_left May 28 #27
Where I currently live... ProudMNDemocrat May 28 #6
Dems must hammer it home with current facts, too, so it doesn't just seem like a sound bite. Beartracks May 28 #38
They've been working that angle for decades. The fight continues... Wounded Bear May 28 #7
Kids need to wake up Mr.Bee May 28 #11
They got to pay attention and vote first. Squaredeal May 28 #24
Social Security and Medicare... myohmy2 May 28 #14
People here who have tried to return to Medicare wryter2000 May 28 #31
You can return to Medicare. Demobrat May 28 #37
They should be called 'The Sadistic Foundation.' Mr. Evil May 28 #15
Social Security works. It does need intelligent management though. twodogsbarking May 28 #16
Heritage sat out the last 2 elections BumRushDaShow May 28 #20
They've always pushed this JustAnotherGen May 28 #21
fuckers one more reason to vote for Democrats this year gopiscrap May 28 #26
Can you imagine this, the fear of senior citizens having to live through these moments when one dictatorial party SWBTATTReg May 28 #28
The IRS has been reporting DENVERPOPS May 28 #40
Count on it wryter2000 May 28 #30
Because wryter2000 May 28 #32
they want to do to SS what they're doing to Medicare Skittles May 28 #36
And amazingly, there are people on this forum who appear to care more about "gAzA!11" than the upcoming election. BannonsLiver May 28 #42
Or worse: DFW May 28 #44
Not to worry. czarjak May 28 #43
They're Literally Gunning For You HandmaidsTaleUntold May 29 #47
More than that. They are the main sponsors of Project 2025 ColinC May 29 #51
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