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magnetic poetry of a word salad there Takket Jun 2 #1
Beyond word salad, that's verbal vomit--on steroids. lastlib Jun 2 #4
No trust concerning the 6 RWer justices............................ Lovie777 Jun 2 #2
Nor I. Those fkrs are as corrupt as the day is long. B.See Jun 2 #18
polish poozwah Jun 3 #23
Is he asking to have Cannon removed, too? SomedayKindaLove Jun 2 #3
Not sure that's a valid dpibel Jun 2 #5
Todays Supreme Court (have no doubt about it) bluestarone Jun 2 #6
They absolutely can. They can grant cert for anything so long as 5/9 agree. sir pball Jun 2 #9
Scary thought. But I don't think Robert's at least buy into it. captain queeg Jun 2 #12
Ok i don't know much, but, one has to petition the court. You just don't ask. What can they do anyway? Srkdqltr Jun 2 #7
They can, theoretically, claim his "civil rights" were violated, and toss it all. sir pball Jun 2 #11
It's just a one letter difference now bucolic_frolic Jun 2 #8
The Supreme Court now accepts appeals via Twitter/Truth Social? tinrobot Jun 2 #10
It is far passed time MuseRider Jun 2 #13
He'll stroke out when they tell him he o enter malaise Jun 2 #14
The snowflake is melting. republianmushroom Jun 2 #15
I think that even for the SC that is a bridge too far... Dan Jun 2 #16
That's not how you ask the Supreme Court to act in a legal matter. Ms. Toad Jun 2 #17
Gee, wasn't it just Thursday when he said it was the people who would decide in November? sinkingfeeling Jun 2 #19
IIRC, the USSC is an appellate court. sakabatou Jun 2 #20
Clarence Thomas needs a new RV Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Jun 3 #21
Still waiting for his daddy to come in again and buy $3 million in chips he won't use in the casino of Trump's mind Attilatheblond Jun 3 #22
Deleted from X spanone Jun 3 #24
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