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26. Maybe a twofer. Might be Freudian
Sat Jun 8, 2024, 09:06 AM
Jun 8

Does Blanche anticipate at some point he will be adjudicated guilty by a jury of his peers and require a pre-sentencing appearance?

Needs his hand held apparently duckworth969 Jun 7 #1
Lawyer's briefcase Arne Jun 7 #2
My thoughts exactly Raven123 Jun 7 #3
Hold something for the urine check for drugs, gab13by13 Jun 8 #29
He probably insisted on being there Ocelot II Jun 7 #4
Since you're a lawyer, do you know if this is unusual? NanaCat Jun 8 #15
I'd assume it depends on the rules and procedures of the particular jurisdiction. Ocelot II Jun 8 #16
Blanche has zero experience.... getagrip_already Jun 8 #27
I know some PO's. You don't really want to mess around with them. Irish_Dem Jun 8 #33
Awwww, poor little republican felon BoRaGard Jun 7 #5
He he oasis Jun 7 #6
An attempt to intimidate the probation officer? Irish_Dem Jun 7 #7
LOL NanaCat Jun 8 #14
This is exactly what I am hoping. The PO eats them for lunch. Irish_Dem Jun 8 #18
Two beings? TSExile Jun 8 #22
I stand corrected. Two reptilian pod people. Irish_Dem Jun 8 #24
Exactly. TSExile Jun 8 #25
I read over and over how EndlessWire Jun 7 #8
Secret Service officer probably in the room, too. WarGamer Jun 7 #9
Yes, good point. n/t EndlessWire Jun 7 #11
Read it from what sources? NanaCat Jun 8 #13
Sorry, but since EndlessWire Jun 8 #17
Just noticed EndlessWire Jun 7 #10
Maybe the people didn't want to appear as though they were piling-on. Oopsie Daisy Jun 8 #21
This message was self-deleted by its author NanaCat Jun 8 #12
Trump Conjuay Jun 8 #19
Does that mean that Blanche will be present to silently observe? Or will he do-the-talking * Oopsie Daisy Jun 8 #20
Blanche will do the talking is my guess. gab13by13 Jun 8 #30
Blanche is not much better than Trump. Irish_Dem Jun 8 #36
Ugh. (I guess he knows that Trump's lying mouth* would cause more trouble.) Oopsie Daisy Jun 8 #39
Next up... Hugin Jun 8 #23
Maybe a twofer. Might be Freudian Raven123 Jun 8 #26
I think this is to protect Trump from FREE-ASSOCIATING bucolic_frolic Jun 8 #28
Yes maybe Blanche is there to make sure Trump does not eff up the interview. Irish_Dem Jun 8 #35
If I had the circumstances requiring me to present myself to a probation interview, I think I might want my lawyer ... marble falls Jun 8 #31
But you wouldn't he allowed Miguelito Loveless Jun 8 #37
Marchan signed off on it. If my lawyer motions for it and the prosecuter doesn't even respond, I'll get my order ... marble falls Jun 8 #38
Appears to be normal in NY felony cases... JT45242 Jun 8 #32
I'd love to be a fly on the wall during this interview. Irish_Dem Jun 8 #34
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