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Not me malaise Jun 8 #1
It's everywhere on Twitter underpants Jun 8 #4
Cousin Donnie? malaise Jun 8 #5
Cousin John Barron sop Jun 8 #28
Bwaaaaah malaise Jun 8 #30
They are in a panic over their lord receiving MOMFUDSKI Jun 8 #2
The right has lost their mind in general for Trump, so this is not surprising LymphocyteLover Jun 8 #3
A cult, is Dave in VA Jun 8 #6
They are so desperate videohead5 Jun 8 #7
By professional 💩 posters underpants Jun 8 #8
He should just call himself an "influencer" like all the other professional shit posters do. nt Buns_of_Fire Jun 8 #22
A Shitposter Defending Their Shithead nt smb Jun 8 #37
Weaponized Idiocy to poison the well. Kid Berwyn Jun 8 #9
Yeah. The Facebook element is as funny to me as "my cousin (told me)..." underpants Jun 8 #11
"Luegenpresse" Kid Berwyn Jun 8 #18
He sounds like a Gen-Z intern for Roger Stone FakeNoose Jun 9 #39
Cannon's clerk also is somewhat of a question mark. Kid Berwyn Jun 9 #41
Bwahahahahahaha! Blue Owl Jun 8 #10
Yeah, that was what I figured it was, just a damn troll PatSeg Jun 8 #12
Hey come on underpants Jun 8 #16
Ha, ha, ha! PatSeg Jun 8 #25
Can someone please explain to me what about this is false? I just don't know enough about how things Maraya1969 Jun 8 #13
Because somebody made it up. tavernier Jun 8 #14
First "my cousin...." should have set off red flags underpants Jun 8 #15
I guess I wanted to see if there was something about the paper, like the seal of the Supreme Court Maraya1969 Jun 8 #19
They call everything real and true a "hoax". mwb970 Jun 8 #17
sputter sputt sputt. AllaN01Bear Jun 8 #20
That's not egg on your face Hannity - it's stupidity in its solid form. NoMoreRepugs Jun 8 #21
Dear Grim Reaper, progressoid Jun 8 #23
The GG Allin profile picture is cracking me up FreeState Jun 8 #24
Oh crap you nailed it. Definitely a GG vibe. JanMichael Jun 8 #35
Republicans love to take the "How stupid can you get?" challenge. Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Jun 8 #26
He's acting as if it's no big deal. louis-t Jun 8 #27
If I was on that jury Tree Lady Jun 8 #29
My cousin says Michael Anderson is a professional liar. KS Toronado Jun 8 #31
Oh hell no, there's not going to be mistrial. LetMyPeopleVote Jun 8 #32
Stated to me for a fact. I only tell it as I got it. I am willing to believe it. I can believe anything. Brother Buzz Jun 8 #33
I just turned on my tv (11:30 am Mtn time) and MSNBC was discussing this post and still treating it as Bev54 Jun 8 #34
I saw the photo and knew it was a hoax. greatauntoftriplets Jun 8 #36
Appsrently, MSNBC has yet to get the message senseandsensibility Jun 8 #38
The reactions were... colorful to say the least. Torchlight Jun 9 #40
Hah! - will be using this for tomorrow's email to my local radio talkshow wingnuts! UTUSN Jun 9 #42
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