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3. There were anti-cruising laws which prevented this
Tue Jun 11, 2024, 11:05 PM
Jun 11

for example, http://lacounty-ca.elaws.us/code/coor_title15_div1_ch15.78_sec15.78.010

and this article:

The weekly parade of freshly polished machinery was in full effect. That is until two Huntington Park police cadets pulled onto the boulevard--as they do every Sunday night about 7 p.m.--to block off traffic with cones and flares and put an end to the night of cruising.

By 7:20 p.m., the boulevard was silent and nearly empty. Most of the cruisers had called it a night. But some die-hards rolled on in search of another stretch of road to cruise, free of police interference.

That has become harder to find. From Santa Ana to Pico Rivera to the San Fernando Valley, police have launched a slew of new anti-cruising efforts in recent years to put the brakes on this car-loving tradition of driving just to see and be seen.

“Nobody really cruises anymore,” said Edward Eng, editor of Import Tuner, a Huntington Beach-based magazine for custom import aficionados. “The police are cracking down on cruising all over Southern California.”

The laws were justified as traffic control measures

Yes it can, MarineCombatEngineer Jun 11 #1
Don't you need to present your driver's license? Lefta Dissenter Jun 11 #2
Proof of insurance is also required in almost all states except Virginia and New Hampshire. nt TexasTowelie Jun 11 #4
If the stop is an illegal stop, then no, you do not have to produce a driver license. MarineCombatEngineer Jun 11 #9
I've seen bodycam vids of of incidents where a person thought the cop didn't have a legit reason to ask for ID Kaleva Jun 12 #16
Yeah, Sovereign Citizens are pieces of shit, MarineCombatEngineer Jun 12 #19
Some municipalities have no cruising zones... Misery Business Jun 11 #7
Right, but that's not a blanket ban, MarineCombatEngineer Jun 11 #10
It's still a ban in line with what the OP was asking and you can be cited and fined up to $500 for violating it. Misery Business Jun 11 #11
Yes, during certain hours, MarineCombatEngineer Jun 11 #13
Yes. We agree. It can be illegal in some municipalities to drive around over and over again in a certain area. Misery Business Jun 12 #15
There were anti-cruising laws which prevented this DBoon Jun 11 #3
Every neighborhood has the Mrs. Kravitz-type, who'll call... Mark.b2 Jun 11 #5
Lol my husband is a Mrs Kravitz Tree Lady Jun 11 #8
I dont mind them if they stick to watching for ne'er-do-wells... Mark.b2 Jun 11 #14
He used to be a bit Karen and get upset if someone didn't Tree Lady Jun 12 #18
Depending on the town they could have public stalking/harrassment laws that you could fall foul of. meadowlander Jun 11 #12
Sounds funner than protesting..LOL LeftInTX Jun 11 #6
Maybe put these stickers on the appropriate side of your car. Stinky The Clown Jun 12 #17
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