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rightwingers only lie. Think. Again. Jun 12 #1
Lying The Wizard Jun 12 #2
One can only hope his daughter has risen above his bigotry Raven123 Jun 12 #3
When does his Go Fund Me Start? When do the Fox appearances start? 617Blue Jun 12 #4
I have not looked, but I bet he already has one. OldBaldy1701E Jun 12 #6
He's a victim fer sure. 617Blue Jun 12 #8
Possible trump VP? mwb970 Jun 12 #13
Guy is scum Joinfortmill Jun 12 #5
Yeah, lies. He was mad at something that happened to his daughter AllyCat Jun 12 #7
It was assault. sheshe2 Jun 12 #9
Expect to see him run for office. mn9driver Jun 12 #10
So many aholes these days. mwb970 Jun 12 #11
I've pondered that. Harker Jun 12 #19
Did he really think there would be no repercussions? PatSeg Jun 12 #12
I'm going to hazard that this WAS premeditated stopdiggin Jun 12 #22
And I'm sure this isn't the first time PatSeg Jun 12 #25
indeed. this, and a thousand other reasons, why a lot of kids can't WAIT stopdiggin Jun 12 #27
Yes, if she wasn't planning on moving out before, PatSeg Jun 12 #30
You mean the bigot is a liar? Wow! Iggo Jun 12 #14
And another thing: Is this how parents dress these days to go to their kids graduation ceremony? Liberal In Texas Jun 12 #15
This is a really weird take. intheflow Jun 12 #16
nah. the guy's a low rent loser stopdiggin Jun 12 #24
White polo shirt and khaki pants or shorts happybird Jun 12 #32
Sorry, but that is more than just "comfortable" and dressing for the weather (it's inside.) Liberal In Texas Jun 12 #34
People have done this for decades, not a new thing obamanut2012 Jun 12 #18
sorry, if you show up for a wedding or funeral in this attire stopdiggin Jun 12 #23
This wasn't a wedding or a funeral obamanut2012 Jun 12 #26
you're being too literal stopdiggin Jun 12 #33
+1. it might be 'comfortable' - but it's also a total lack of class (and/or respect) stopdiggin Jun 12 #28
Yes, I had that reaction as well PatSeg Jun 12 #31
Even if he had, so what? The gentleman would have been defending himself obamanut2012 Jun 12 #17
Right?!?! edisdead Jun 12 #21
I don't get it. Jean Genie Jun 12 #20
To use his language, "That dad is t??ched in the head". GreenWave Jun 12 #29
Everyone on stage was looking good Arne Jun 12 #35
How horrifying for his daughter to have to deal with this on her big day. nt Quixote1818 Jun 12 #36
that was my immediate thought Skittles Jun 12 #37
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