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14. The thing is, we know it would be a disaster. His advisors know it will be a disaster.
Wed Jun 12, 2024, 10:08 AM
Jun 12

I think at one point a few years ago TFG himself would have understood that it would be a disaster. But after listening to him rant about being "allowed" to testify at his trial -- and especially after his convictions, which I'll bet he has convinced himself he could have warded off with some sufficiently Trumpian oratory -- I wonder just what it took to keep him off the stand. Because it's clear from a lot of the stuff he's spewed that he has been bathing in his own bullshit and he is convinced he is the most geeniusest geenius who ever geeniused, and that only circumstances and interference could prevent him from prevailing in a righteous showdown with Sleepy Joe.

I want the debate. It's going to be good. jimfields33 Jun 12 #1
Yep, Trump will do nothing but personal attacks and rambling incoherent replies sboatcar Jun 12 #17
I'm not convinced that TFG will debate until he's on stage. themaguffin Jun 12 #2
I want this debate to happen, bigly. I believe it would shatter so many illusions ms liberty Jun 12 #3
People made the same claims in 2016 and 2020 - that he wouldn't debate. TwilightZone Jun 12 #4
I would agree with you but, isn't this a different forum and format? No audience to yell and Raven Jun 12 #5
But a camera to look into... 2naSalit Jun 12 #6
+1. See no reason he won't debate. He probably won't prep much, just review 10 or so insults and rants that he can Silent Type Jun 12 #8
TFG has put himself into a vise. He loses either way. marble falls Jun 12 #7
It ought to be that a refusal to debate is disqualifying... Mark.b2 Jun 12 #9
Biden should debate to a empty chair Tree Lady Jun 12 #11
They would absolutely cover it and do what they do Cosmocat Jun 12 #20
And PROVE Joe's point that the DICKtator has no clothes??? ProudMNDemocrat Jun 12 #10
Smelvis has no chance here malaise Jun 12 #12
I want the debate as well and also think tcf is too chicken to do it. lark Jun 12 #13
The thing is, we know it would be a disaster. His advisors know it will be a disaster. localroger Jun 12 #14
I'm waiting for the 'gag order' excuse peggysue2 Jun 12 #15
IF he really wants out, here's what he will do Johnny2X2X Jun 12 #16
But there's already been an agreement. If HE tries to change it everyone will see HE is trying to change it oldsoftie Jun 12 #18
Agree Johnny2X2X Jun 12 #19
TCF will say..."Your son is a CONVICTED FELON!" ProudMNDemocrat Jun 12 #21
If TSF chooses to debate, he won't sit there quietly when it's Biden's turn to talk. He will find ways to wiggs Jun 12 #22
The convicted felon will listen and make a phony excuse why he can't make the debate stage. republianmushroom Jun 12 #23
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