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Thu Jun 13, 2024, 11:52 AM Jun 13

I am so sick and tired of the anarchists who tack onto peaceful protests [View all]

to do what I am not sure.. I do not know what they stand for.. To be honest with you they sound like the Bannon right wing.. The people I am talking about run around masked and threatening whole groups of people.. they destroy everything around them... They did the same thing during Black Lives Matter Protests.

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Scary Anarchists - TBF Jun 13 #1
I'm assuming they're talking about EllieBC Jun 13 #2
Perhaps the term "antisemitic" would suffice. nt TBF Jun 13 #3
They are extreme leftists who see Israelis as "White, capitalist, colonialist, imperialists." wnylib Jun 13 #37
Same. Online and off. Former friends... OneGrassRoot Jun 13 #50
We ignore the fact that they are from the left at our own peril. wnylib Jun 13 #52
Thank you. I feel I'm... OneGrassRoot Jun 13 #53
I can suport changes that seem radical at the time, and have done so, wnylib Jun 13 #63
💯 n/t OneGrassRoot Jun 13 #66
So, what is incorrect with this position? OutNow Jun 13 #77
The British were the colonists in pre 1948 Palestine. wnylib Jun 13 #82
Thank you. betsuni Jun 14 #85
I would LOVE to find a space to have rational discussion about this... OneGrassRoot Jun 14 #88
This is an excellent post - TBF Jun 14 #94
Yes!!! OneGrassRoot Jun 14 #96
Israelis are no longer mostly white, European Jews, They are Mizrahi Middle Eastern Jews. Deported from Arab, Iran. LeftInTX Jun 14 #97
THIS n/t OneGrassRoot Jun 14 #98
Maybe not so extreme - TBF Jun 14 #86
Darn, that looks like a really good article OneGrassRoot Jun 14 #87
ugh, tried to gift it (I subscribe to Haaretz) -- TBF Jun 14 #92
Here is one account from Forward - TBF Jun 14 #93
Thanks very much! n/t OneGrassRoot Jun 14 #95
Mahalo, EllieBC.. Excellent post.. they are Cha Jun 13 #74
Unreal how anyone EllieBC Jun 13 #83
The OP did not say leftists wryter2000 Jun 13 #35
What do you think anarchists are? TBF Jun 13 #42
Little reported, but yes, happy feet Jun 13 #48
That guy who broke the windows... Think. Again. Jun 13 #75
the idea that these people are either 1) infiltrators stopdiggin Jun 13 #4
Thank you. Many here REALLY don't want to hear that it seems. n/t OneGrassRoot Jun 13 #16
I agree. yardwork Jun 13 #25
Yeah! the rightwing would NEVER do THAT! Think. Again. Jun 13 #26
Rittenhouse wasn't claiming to be part of the protests XorXor Jun 13 #32
the 'infiltrators' mythology is not a (plausible) explanation for stopdiggin Jun 13 #36
Sorry, taking advantage of protests is an old practice... Think. Again. Jun 13 #64
there was virtually no need for anyone to hijack the Palestinian protests stopdiggin Jun 13 #81
Obviously there WAS a need to hijack the protests... Think. Again. Jun 14 #84
those 'peaceful protests' were full of virulant hate (and messaging) stopdiggin Jun 14 #90
No, but it's interesting to see.... Think. Again. Jun 14 #91
"mythology"? Think. Again. Jun 13 #76
Because many Islamic people in the US have been victimized by the right.... Happy Hoosier Jun 13 #34
Our version of Antifa being the insurrectionists TheKentuckian Jun 13 #70
Denial ain't just a river in Egypt. BannonsLiver Jun 13 #5
They don't just tack onto peaceful protest. Beastly Boy Jun 13 #6
good point. as soon as someone starts vandalizing property stopdiggin Jun 13 #22
I've seen them at protests out here Qutzupalotl Jun 13 #7
Nursery Rhymes of hate and violence Bad Thoughts Jun 13 #19
yeah. but that is NOT what is happening stopdiggin Jun 13 #23
The so called peaceful protestors can speak up JI7 Jun 13 #8
Demonstrations Are Run And Orchestrated By The People Who Show Up For Committee Meetings The Magistrate Jun 13 #9
THIS -- Be part of the planning, get to know the people involved, know your cohort Hekate Jun 13 #38
'run and orchestrated' bigtree Jun 14 #99
I can't prove it, but I'd bet they're usually "false flag" agents provocetuer Wednesdays Jun 13 #10
Within Our Lifetime- a well-known Pro-Palestinian, antiZionist(*) group sarisataka Jun 13 #20
I doubt many are false flag infiltrators. yardwork Jun 13 #29
Yes! Richard D Jun 13 #60
Face masks to avoid being identified for their vandalism by witnesses, employers, and LE. wnylib Jun 13 #39
Oh please. They have been showing their ass since Day #0 TheKentuckian Jun 13 #11
Glittering generalities and one size fits all. GreenWave Jun 13 #12
Don't smear the anarchists with this anti-Semitic crap. These people want Sharia law. n/t Coventina Jun 13 #13
Yup. But I've gotten used to it on this site - TBF Jun 13 #17
"No gods, no masters" is the anarchist creed Coventina Jun 13 #21
I've never seen a call to "kill all the leftists" at DU, nor have I seen such "widely applauded by centrists" Hekate Jun 13 #40
I think then that you are not paying attention TBF Jun 13 #51
"Kill all the leftists"? Don't deflect. You said that. Hekate Jun 13 #55
Ignore all the words you don't want to read - TBF Jun 13 #57
What you said about this site was about the broadest brush I've ever seen. I'll fight at your side ... Hekate Jun 13 #61
When they call Israelis capitalist colonial imperialists wnylib Jun 13 #43
Can we just kick... OneGrassRoot Jun 13 #45
Nihilists attach themselves to any cause that has an urgent or emotional basis. haele Jun 13 #54
No doubt some have made a profession... OneGrassRoot Jun 13 #62
COVID Isolation and the constant bombardment of "bothisidersm" haele Jun 13 #67
Excellent points. OneGrassRoot Jun 13 #68
Good points, and also I've thought about the impact on college students. yardwork Jun 13 #72
Happily, somehow Covid had the opposite effect on an old friend TheKentuckian Jun 13 #79
Anarchists and anti-semites are definitely two different things Silent3 Jun 13 #47
Sounds like a re-branded Antifa meme... EarthFirst Jun 13 #14
Doxxing? Yet another word that has morphed to mean something different. OneGrassRoot Jun 13 #18
yep. apparently doesn't know what the word means stopdiggin Jun 13 #24
There's no mentions of Palestine, Israel or antisemites in the OP AZSkiffyGeek Jun 13 #69
That is their conscience messing with them. TheKentuckian Jun 13 #80
Doxxing has a specific meaning. In order to doxx you, I'd need to ferret out your name, address, SSN... Hekate Jun 13 #46
This message was self-deleted by its author TBF Jun 13 #56
Yes, in STLMO, when we had the riots/demonstrations, most of the people that were arrested were from out of town. SWBTATTReg Jun 13 #15
THIS is exactly what needs to be done if you don't want to be co-opted by thugs Hekate Jun 13 #31
Yes. And we took back our neighborhoods. Scumbags need to stay away. The protests were all peaceful too. SWBTATTReg Jun 13 #71
Disrupting and infiltrating protests... Think. Again. Jun 13 #27
Campus protest leaders (not infiltrators) were shouting in unison wnylib Jun 13 #49
Palestine SHOULD be free. Think. Again. Jun 13 #65
Palestine can be free any time it wants. Ex Lurker Jun 13 #73
But the "From the River to the Sea" means after they eradicate Israel EX500rider Jun 13 #78
I disagree that these are anarchists. yardwork Jun 13 #28
They co opt the protest to sow chaos and division and ms liberty Jun 13 #30
I am so with you wryter2000 Jun 13 #33
the 'agents provocateur' is (mostly) an urban myth stopdiggin Jun 13 #41
They ought to follow the rules. bluedigger Jun 13 #44
These people that go around trashing..... scardycat Jun 13 #58
they sound like republicans to me. barbtries Jun 13 #59
every one of our anti-Iraq war protests had a contingent of these people bigtree Jun 14 #89
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