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These Termites Won't Stop Till Their Teeth Meet Steel The Magistrate Jun 13 #1
The critical question on all of these fascist control freak machinations is Bundbuster Jun 13 #13
They need to meet women who will not let them take away their power Bev54 Jun 13 #27
Of course they are. TSExile Jun 13 #2
I already heard Vance say Diamond_Dog Jun 13 #3
Are you kidding?! Bayard Jun 13 #5
I wish I was kidding. Diamond_Dog Jun 13 #7
Actually just childless people, period. Diamond_Dog Jun 13 #8
What about Rebl2 Jun 13 #17
In the link above Diamond_Dog Jun 13 #19
White, straight, "Christian" men are special and safe. Nothing bad will ever happen to them! TSExile Jun 13 #26
Nope, some have been on such for years but now TheKentuckian Jun 13 #36
we have "no skin in the game" Skittles Jun 13 #37
Self Deleted Diamond_Dog Jun 13 #4
Things are getting scary indeed .... anciano Jun 13 #6
They cannot convince people of this crap voluntarily. Irish_Dem Jun 13 #12
They will Rebl2 Jun 13 #18
The GOP assumes they will be immune from these laws. Irish_Dem Jun 13 #20
I would not overly count on that. TheKentuckian Jun 13 #40
Republicans want to lock 'em down in an abusive marriage, take away ... Whiskeytide Jun 13 #9
The older people here know what goes wrong. Irish_Dem Jun 13 #11
Look what you made me do Bundbuster Jun 13 #21
Everything which gives women safety, freedom, a decent life. Irish_Dem Jun 13 #10
Has Melania heard this news? surfered Jun 13 #14
Like that sorry excuse and waste of oxygen cares. onecaliberal Jun 13 #15
I can almost hear her late mother: peppertree Jun 13 #31
Eventually these ideologues will come after anesthesia for pregnancy LostOne4Ever Jun 13 #16
I didn't think I could hate them more than I already do Hekate Jun 13 #22
These people are sick. ShazzieB Jun 13 #23
Like him? Bundbuster Jun 13 #25
He's the worst of the worst all right. ShazzieB Jun 14 #46
How will their mistresses get their share.. Tikki Jun 13 #24
Banish theocrats as soon as they reveal themselves. Maybe Iran wants them. Hermit-The-Prog Jun 13 #28
republican family values Bundbuster Jun 13 #29
Ms. Magazine sounded the alarm in May last year. I posted about it, and niyad Jun 13 #30
Mid 40s, never married, no kids here. TSExile Jun 13 #32
If I feel in need of grandkid energy, I can always borrow from friends. And niyad Jun 13 #33
There you go. TSExile Jun 13 #34
I can certainly understand that. niyad Jun 13 #43
Thanks. TSExile Jun 14 #45
If you need an energetic playmate DBoon Jun 13 #35
Apartment, no yard. And my kitty would not approve. niyad Jun 13 #44
I have no clue what it will take to shake some awake TheKentuckian Jun 13 #41
Legalizing the beating of women will also soon nakocal Jun 13 #38
...not to mention raping them. TSExile Jun 13 #39
Those Republicans and Fellow Travelers are SCARED of women, period. Traurigkeit Jun 13 #42
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