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Fri Jun 14, 2024, 01:34 PM
Jun 14

there are 27 words in the 2nd amendment, but the Nuts Running Amok conveniently ignore the first13, especially the two words that mention well regulated.

No, they didn't. yagotme Jun 14 #1
Correct machine guns are legal with permits, the process is not cheap or easy. cayugafalls Jun 14 #4
Mostly correct. yagotme Jun 14 #5
The mechanism is different, agreed, however the internals of a machine gun cayugafalls Jun 14 #6
This part you misunderstand: yagotme Jun 14 #10
To be honest, I did not misunderstand anything. cayugafalls Jun 14 #13
I felt that you might have misunderstood it, as the way the law is written, yagotme Jun 14 #21
re: "spray and pray" rog Jun 14 #14
If a sniper fires 1 shot, and kills 1 person, yagotme Jun 14 #20
That's no consolation to anyone in the way. Martin68 Jun 14 #42
If you're hit, of course not. yagotme Jun 14 #45
Just ask the 60 people in Las Vegas who were killed in 10 minutes. Martin68 Jun 14 #48
A sniper/designated marksman would have a larger hit ratio at that range yagotme Jun 14 #50
You know of a sniper who can make 60 kill shots in 10 minutes? Martin68 Jun 14 #52
1,000 bullets in 10 minutes. Using multiple weapons with 30 plus capacity. yagotme Jun 14 #54
There you go again, yagotme. The dude in Las Vegas was not a trained or practiced sniper. Without a bump stock Martin68 Jun 14 #60
A standard assault rifle is full auto. yagotme Jun 14 #62
Thank you for the answer regarding a trained sniper's ability to shoot rapidly and accurately. Martin68 Jun 15 #85
Blackhawk Down, the snipers dropped in to cover that one helicopter pilot, yagotme Jun 15 #87
The bump stock contributed very little to that tragedy Zeitghost Jun 15 #90
Is there a pubished study that demonstrates this? rog Jun 14 #68
No "studies" per se, but the overall opinion is, bump stocks decrease accuracy. yagotme Jun 14 #69
Thanks for doing the leg work, but 'opinions' ... rog Jun 14 #71
I figured the gun zone would put you off, so I found the NPR one. yagotme Jun 14 #72
re: NPR rog Jun 14 #73
I did point it out. It is the excerpt right below the NPR link. yagotme Jun 14 #74
Now there's some hard data ... rog Jun 14 #77
OK yagotme Jun 14 #79
Probably which is why I think I'd prefer just ending the machine gun "ban" TheKentuckian Jun 14 #65
Incorrect DetroitLegalBeagle Jun 14 #15
Agreed, I do not disagree. However it is a technicality as I stated. cayugafalls Jun 14 #18
Which is why Zeitghost Jun 15 #91
The ATF rule banning them Zeitghost Jun 14 #78
Exactly. I think the distinction is important. Oneironaut Jun 14 #7
Nit-picking. Mechanicals are different, result is the same. cayugafalls Jun 14 #8
Oh no. I agree, to be fair. Oneironaut Jun 14 #9
Well, thank you for that! cayugafalls Jun 14 #11
Certainly, it is a distinction Disaffected Jun 14 #19
But the law defined the term ... dumbcat Jun 14 #27
It did and it left room for interpretation. cayugafalls Jun 14 #35
I'm with you. Scruffy1 Jun 14 #46
The lethality is pretty comparable. Evolve Dammit Jun 14 #39
semantics. Evolve Dammit Jun 14 #38
Precision in language is what separates good laws from bad ones. yagotme Jun 14 #66
Semantics are extremely important in law. Groundhawg Jun 15 #93
The finger only needs two pull the trigger once and then hold it down. Just like a machine-gun. Martin68 Jun 14 #44
That's why the USSC told Congress to fix it. yagotme Jun 14 #70
The article says machine guns are illegal Mosby Jun 14 #75
The writer is misinformed? yagotme Jun 14 #76
We will continue to have unnecessary deaths until the SC is expanded Stuckinthebush Jun 14 #2
Everyone but Hunter Biden. Not him. onecaliberal Jun 14 #29
Ironic ain't it? No NRA defenders for Hunter when there would have been legal teams provided for a Trumper? Evolve Dammit Jun 14 #40
This court has no conscience. calguy Jun 14 #3
To those who note this isn't technically a machine gun, I give you Marisa tomei unblock Jun 14 #12
A person that commits murder with a gun, a knife, a golf club, a baseball bat... yagotme Jun 14 #16
Not my point or my argument unblock Jun 14 #22
You brought Marisa's interpretation into the argument, and what matter the instrument. yagotme Jun 14 #25
No, you just ignored the content of the post... canuckledragger Jun 14 #28
Hyperbole? yagotme Jun 14 #30
Yes, hyperbole on your part. canuckledragger Jun 14 #34
There is always one angrychair Jun 14 #36
I agree totally. canuckledragger Jun 14 #56
Yeah, that's why every military force in the world is issued golf clubs for weapons. Hermit-The-Prog Jun 14 #31
Machineguns. By definition. yagotme Jun 14 #32
Machine Guns By Definition - 26 U.S. Code 5845 - Definitions cayugafalls Jun 14 #57
Single. Function. Of. The. Trigger. yagotme Jun 14 #58
Your logic is flawed. And you really did not read my post as I said nothing you say I did. cayugafalls Jun 14 #59
From your post: yagotme Jun 15 #81
Your working hard for nothing...nt cayugafalls Jun 15 #82
So, your mind is made up, and facts don't matter. yagotme Jun 15 #84
What my mind 'is' is none of your business, I have no desire to go in circles with you. cayugafalls Jun 15 #86
Seems to me your statement was a finality. yagotme Jun 15 #88
Sigh, you implied I don't deal in facts to get a rise, which you did, my bad. eot cayugafalls Jun 15 #89
You can run away from someone with a sharp or hard object. Martin68 Jun 14 #43
Can you? Every time? At any age? yagotme Jun 14 #47
Wow, you are determined to argue every inch of this with exceptions, technicalities and anything at your Martin68 Jun 14 #49
You stated "all you have to do is run away". yagotme Jun 14 #51
Then answer my question: Which would you personally rather face? Martin68 Jun 14 #53
Neither? Do I have the option of fighting/shooting back? yagotme Jun 14 #55
Once again, you are missing the point. If you are unarmed, you can run away from a guy with a hard or pointed weapon. Martin68 Jun 14 #61
Statement of President Joe Biden on the Supreme Court Decision Garlan v. Cargill LetMyPeopleVote Jun 14 #17
Joe knows how to fix this. bluestarone Jun 14 #23
How will he do that? n/t Shrek Jun 14 #64
Stands out, the most radical decided: Passages Jun 14 #24
27 poozwah Jun 14 #26
This came to mind. twodogsbarking Jun 14 #33
They need them to hunt wabbits. nt doc03 Jun 14 #37
The conservative majority on the Supreme Court is out of their minds. Martin68 Jun 14 #41
They're planning a war. Of course they legalized it. ecstatic Jun 14 #63
This message was self-deleted by its author Iggo Jun 14 #67
Machine guns have never been illegal, And bumpstocks aren't machine guns. Groundhawg Jun 15 #80
A Bumpstock can turn an AR-15 into a machine gun per se. ProudMNDemocrat Jun 15 #83
False Groundhawg Jun 15 #92
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