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16. The Project for the New American Century focused on US global dominance.
Fri Jun 14, 2024, 04:53 PM
Jun 14

Project 2025 is mire focused on domestic dominance by Republicans who re willing to ignore democratic principles, and the law, to remake the federal government into a patronage system they fully control and bypassing both Congress and the courts when necessary to achieve their goals. Basically, their plan is to create a federal system that answers only to the president and is staffed with those loyal only to the president.

Some of the key things I remember reading are:

Firing 50,000 experienced senior level career Civil Service employees to be replaced with Trump loyalists
(I imagine a government filled with Sidney Powells and John Eastmans).

Usurping the power of Congress to decide how money is allocated and spent
(remember how angry Trump was that he could not just take any amount of money he wanted from other programs to build his border wall? The plan is to give him total control of how the money is spent. He could spend it on his hotels if he wanted.)

Eliminating the traditional independence of the DOJ
(The DOJ is to be the personal enforcement operation of the president’s whims and vengeance. Those who would not allow him to commit illegalities will be gone, and the AG will be someone like Jeffrey Clark or worse.)

Using tax and other laws to encourage mostly Christian, white, married families with many children by granting them special largess with tax loopholes. (I’m sure part of this will be taxpayers paying women to forego jobs and become baby machines.)

Erasing any recognition of gender differences, racial discrimination and protections, and equality of rights from the legal code.
(There will be only birth genders of male and female, and no other gender identities will be protected under the law. Anything smacking of DEI in the federal government will be dismantled.)

Eliminating federal agencies has been mentioned, but I didn’t get to the details of that. I imagine there is also a plan to turn the US military into the equivalent of Hitler’s Gestapo. I’m envisioning Mike Flynn as the head of the Department of Defense.

There is a lot more, but I had to stop reading. One line I do remember is the position that the leaders of the federal government, not just the agency heads but the replacements for the Civil Service senior leaders, would exist solely to satisfy every order of the president. There is to be no disagreement, no pushback, no mention of illegality. Their function is to obey, never to question, in other words, an entire government of yes men.

Project Circle Jerk C_U_L8R Jun 13 #1
Now,.. now be nice.... magicarpet Jun 13 #3
Hitler's hit list comes to fruition in 2025. magicarpet Jun 13 #2
They wanna do this on the presumption that a democratic president Volaris Jun 14 #24
These Fascists think they are going to strong arm their way into the White People's - White House and then,.. magicarpet Jun 14 #29
I doubt there'll be another presidential election if trump gets back in. brush Jun 14 #34
Because they love liberty and Justice for some BOSSHOG Jun 13 #4
This Project 2025 is just a redux of the Project for the New American Century, no? Brother Buzz Jun 13 #5
The Project for the New American Century focused on US global dominance. Lonestarblue Jun 14 #16
Thanks @LoneStarBlue for your excellent analysis and B.See Jun 14 #19
Thanks. I need to read more of it, and then I'll try to do a summary of key points Lonestarblue Jun 15 #40
Great. Awhile back I did something like this (elsewhere) B.See Jun 15 #41
Just reading your excellent overview... GiqueCee Jun 15 #39
I agree. Their fascist manifesto should be detailed B.See Jun 15 #42
No. This is different, this is the iteration of PNAC, but adopted to DOMESTIC POLICY. Volaris Jun 14 #26
That's exactly what Lonestarblue said too, but I had a total viscerale disconnect with Project 2025 and.... Brother Buzz Jun 14 #38
Like W/Cheney did to Iraq after the invasion. L Paul Bremmer's Plan 2005 or something like that Marcus IM Jun 13 #6
This is a declaration or war on the constitutional order TheKentuckian Jun 13 #7
But young people aren't sure about Biden!!!!! EllieBC Jun 13 #8
That's because they're too young to comprehend what we B.See Jun 13 #9
I think you're correct. EllieBC Jun 14 #10
They don't understand that their very LIVES B.See Jun 14 #20
Sadly many do not. No civics classes and an active movement to re-write history. Evolve Dammit Jun 15 #46
Well, the Dobbs decision shouls have taken care of that, Volaris Jun 14 #27
Or, at least... GiqueCee Jun 15 #43
Would love to post the story DownriverDem Jun 14 #11
I hope a mailer goes out to all Democratic and independent voters what project 2025 is all about with an easy kimbutgar Jun 14 #12
Great idea! Frank D. Lincoln Jun 14 #14
I don't think the folks that can be counted on to read a mailer TheKentuckian Jun 14 #17
A 30 minute infomercial, put up by lincoln project and bulwark, Volaris Jun 14 #28
Better break that down into 30 second and entertaining clips TheKentuckian Jun 14 #30
Probably, but thats about editing. Should be easy for anyone knows what theyre doing... Volaris Jun 14 #31
Also, shrub has about zero juice anywhere on the political spectrum. TheKentuckian Jun 14 #32
Good point. He is almost forgotten. Almost. Not by us, but the youngsters. Evolve Dammit Jun 15 #48
Agreed. Needs major amplification until November. Evolve Dammit Jun 15 #47
Dept of Education shut down SARose Jun 14 #13
To pass any of that stuff, they will need super majorities in both the House and Senate. NOT gonna happen. beaglelover Jun 14 #15
No they don't. They can kill the Fillabuster in the Senate TheKentuckian Jun 14 #18
Void and/or annull both Houses of the US Congress,.. magicarpet Jun 14 #37
That's because you are still assuming that B.See Jun 14 #21
If the GOP wins the WH Dan Jun 14 #22
Hey,.. can we add water guns to the keeper list ? magicarpet Jun 14 #36
Yawn... brooklynite Jun 14 #23
Yawn about abortion - will that bring it back ? magicarpet Jun 14 #35
Interesting your mentioning the wealthy's war on the poor and middle class, INCLUDING their own constituency, because B.See Jun 15 #44
Well that was a mouth full,.. what a delightful read. magicarpet Jun 15 #45
It would ensure that the GOP has absolute, dominant, unchecked power for the next several decades. Initech Jun 14 #25
K&R for exposure. Think. Again. Jun 14 #33
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