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42. Kyle Rittenhouse piece if shit. Him and George Zimmerman. World would be a better
Fri Jun 21, 2024, 02:06 PM
Jun 21

place absent the likes of them.

A very needy and self involved family. I don't think for a second we've heard the last of Kyle. marble falls Jun 21 #1
I wouldn't donate anything. LiberalFighter Jun 21 #2
Not even thoughts and prayers? Probatim Jun 21 #27
Not even thots and pears MattBaggins Jun 21 #45
May that whole family receive everything they deserve. niyad Jun 21 #50
What a surprise that the killer is also a selfish person who turns his back on his family. yardwork Jun 21 #3
We have no idea how his family treated kyle. Some families don't deserve help. jimfields33 Jun 21 #26
Always looking for the bright side, eh? Pity Kyle? They have to look for work (maybe) all he had to do was not kill ... marble falls Jun 21 #37
Post removed Post removed Jun 21 #47
He produces nothing. Kingofalldems Jun 21 #49
Oh? And what does he do? Make a living off his notiority as a murderer. And getting booed off stages ... marble falls Jun 21 #59
"Kyle" you say? Kingofalldems Jun 21 #48
DU upbringings? dpibel Jun 21 #56
Kyle is a selfish narcissistic little monster-- whodda thunk? hlthe2b Jun 21 #4
The guy belongs in jail. Not that complicated and his family is no better. walkingman Jun 21 #5
Kyle Rottenhouse Blue Owl Jun 21 #6
Does he even have a job? Of course not, he's asking for "donations" FakeNoose Jun 21 #7
My guess is the right wing is paying BlueKota Jun 21 #11
"I've got mine...go fuck yourself!" Isn't that how it goes in the rightwing cesspool? nt The Unmitigated Gall Jun 21 #8
What a self-absorbed, clueless idiot. "tragic shooting incident"? niyad Jun 21 #9
Maybe Kyle will show up with his rifle and blue gloves and defend the homestead. Midnight Writer Jun 21 #10
Little Kyley has a job now. Some kind of Second Amendments representative. keithbvadu2 Jun 21 #12
It must be tough... Think. Again. Jun 21 #13
I think sister and mother are also grifters in this.... FarPoint Jun 21 #14
Wow. Not being there for the person who drove the getaway car is a special level of douchebaggery. Aristus Jun 21 #15
you didn't read much of the OP, did you? maxsolomon Jun 21 #17
Okay. Kyle Rittenhouse: "Not a douchebag". Got it. Aristus Jun 21 #19
i'm quibbling with what you said about the mom. maxsolomon Jun 21 #20
no, man. but false statements are still false statements stopdiggin Jun 21 #34
This message was self-deleted by its author niyad Jun 21 #53
It was debunked years ago. TwilightZone Jun 21 #54
The claim that his mother drove him is false. TwilightZone Jun 21 #30
shocking how many people still believe it. WarGamer Jun 21 #55
Peach of a family there.... getagrip_already Jun 21 #16
I honestly look forward to the day when I never have to hear about this POS ever again. Initech Jun 21 #18
Cry me a river. republianmushroom Jun 21 #21
I call bull. To say he was "involved " in a shooting event is bull. Raven123 Jun 21 #22
Sorry, Mom and Sis. You've earned your karma. no_hypocrisy Jun 21 #23
His mother did not buy the weapon, his friend Dominick straw-purchased it obamanut2012 Jun 21 #35
I'll accept your account. no_hypocrisy Jun 21 #40
I had not heard that mom 'bought' the weapon stopdiggin Jun 21 #36
She didn't, it was a friend of his obamanut2012 Jun 21 #41
yeah. and there was a good bit of 'disinformation' surrounding this case stopdiggin Jun 21 #43
wonder if he will make an appearance at the RNC dembotoz Jun 21 #24
He's a fucking creep and murderer, what does she expect - empathy - ha! lark Jun 21 #25
Burn your bridges, Kyle. As many as possible. RockRaven Jun 21 #28
Makes me think of the Elie Wiesel quote... harumph Jun 21 #29
This message was self-deleted by its author kimbutgar Jun 21 #31
probably shouldn't 'get started' - because it sounds like that particular claim is false. stopdiggin Jun 21 #38
This message was self-deleted by its author kimbutgar Jun 21 #46
"left us grappling with grief" - oh fuck off. Voltaire2 Jun 21 #32
More proof he is a conservative Republican! Grins Jun 21 #33
Nothing that boot-straps and Jesus can't handle! Duncan Grant Jun 21 #60
Fuck off go crawl into a gutter Fullduplexxx Jun 21 #39
Kyle Rittenhouse piece if shit. Him and George Zimmerman. World would be a better KPN Jun 21 #42
Well kid, see if you can get the NRA to send you some money. Liberal In Texas Jun 21 #44
Looks like they reached their goal. nolabear Jun 21 #51
Surprised the RWers haven't flocked to their aid. GoodRaisin Jun 21 #52
Looks like they received and a little more then what they were requesting..... a kennedy Jun 21 #57
Call the waaaambulance. we can do it Jun 21 #58
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