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33. Anybody notice how many people replied to this thread? Kinda weird in itself, isn't it?
Thu Dec 20, 2012, 05:26 PM
Dec 2012

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Response to Original Post: "Go outside and look northeast!"
Go outside and look NorthEast! [View all] snooper2 Dec 2012 OP
Any locality in particular, or just "local"? cthulu2016 Dec 2012 #1
I'm in DFW, but I think it's getting bigger...checking CNN now snooper2 Dec 2012 #2
where is dfw? fadedrose Dec 2012 #13
Dallas-Fort Worth amandabeech Dec 2012 #14
I'm NE of you and the light ain't coming from here fadedrose Dec 2012 #17
Bull there is nothing there. I'm in FW looking directly NE and nothing. broiles Dec 2012 #32
Look! The sun!! RussBLib Dec 2012 #3
o no, the earth axis shifted, the sun is in the NE!! Whisp Dec 2012 #4
In that direction from FWD, it's more than likely the moon... fadedrose Dec 2012 #19
half moon. n/t BlueToTheBone Dec 2012 #44
Damnit!!! RantinRavin Dec 2012 #5
Don't walk into the light! cthulu2016 Dec 2012 #6
Well, been nice knowing all of you. Liberal Veteran Dec 2012 #7
Santa? Barack_America Dec 2012 #8
Dark sky to the Northeast for me. NutmegYankee Dec 2012 #9
You weren't raptured. Sucks to be you. cthulu2016 Dec 2012 #10
Well that sucks... NutmegYankee Dec 2012 #16
Well living in the south I figured I was already in Hell. Or should I say it's been a living hell. southernyankeebelle Dec 2012 #54
In the thumb of MI...looks about the same fadedrose Dec 2012 #11
Report from Raptureville: Is awesomez Fire Walk With Me Dec 2012 #12
We have cows and there is a road through their pasture with a gate at one end DeschutesRiver Dec 2012 #21
And I'm not seeing anything in the sky, either. I did see a star last night in that direction DeschutesRiver Dec 2012 #27
Someone suggested that on the signified "rapture" dates we should release thousands Fire Walk With Me Dec 2012 #40
I'm in a red location in a blue state...I'm so in if that ever gets off the ground:). nt DeschutesRiver Dec 2012 #46
Now Habibi Dec 2012 #41
No, but I haven't run into them yet. And I'll know by the look on RR's face:) DeschutesRiver Dec 2012 #47
I see black helicopters slackmaster Dec 2012 #15
I see gray clouds and lots of rain. Aristus Dec 2012 #18
Don't worry about the light - we're cool as long as no one hears music: petronius Dec 2012 #20
Couple of hours time it will 21st in the UK but dipsydoodle Dec 2012 #22
lololololol.... fadedrose Dec 2012 #24
see edit dipsydoodle Dec 2012 #29
My 13 year old daughter figured it out too. JoePhilly Dec 2012 #43
I like the alternative plan dipsydoodle Dec 2012 #45
SANTA!!!!111 jpak Dec 2012 #23
For approx. 160,000 people tomorrow will be the end of the world Teamster Jeff Dec 2012 #25
Fess up... Bobbie Jo Dec 2012 #26
Well I only really need glasses for reading dipsydoodle Dec 2012 #31
That pic is epic win! letemrot Dec 2012 #65
Can I have yiur stuff? Gin Dec 2012 #28
635 views in 35 minutes. Watch how many clicks this gets. nt Poll_Blind Dec 2012 #30
Anybody notice how many people replied to this thread? Kinda weird in itself, isn't it? leveymg Dec 2012 #33
That's funny! n/t 1StrongBlackMan Dec 2012 #35
So I guess that anything weaker than SPF 1,000,000 won't work, huh? catbyte Dec 2012 #42
Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Laffy Kat Dec 2012 #55
Ok, I'm outside. -..__... Dec 2012 #34
All I can see are chemtrails arcane1 Dec 2012 #36
I see it!!!!! WilliamPitt Dec 2012 #37
Do cows get raptured? undeterred Dec 2012 #38
MOOOOOOOOOoooooo... WilliamPitt Dec 2012 #39
It's going to happen in twenty-four.... madinmaryland Dec 2012 #48
No no, go ahead. WilliamPitt Dec 2012 #49
I really did set myself up for... madinmaryland Dec 2012 #50
...with the Win WilliamPitt Dec 2012 #51
No. Sadly, Scooter and company won. madinmaryland Dec 2012 #62
Of course cows are raptured... fadedrose Dec 2012 #63
Nothing but clouds here in Orygun. As usual. Speck Tater Dec 2012 #52
I think it may be Jupiter.. riverbendviewgal Dec 2012 #53
We see Jupiter and its 4 moons every clear evening, is that what you mean? eom amborin Dec 2012 #56
i'm driving thru jupiter and i'm not seeing a bright light . . . well, street lights. eom ellenfl Dec 2012 #61
"Oh my God—it's full of stars!" pinboy3niner Dec 2012 #57
Did it! OMG rufus dog Dec 2012 #58
28 days, 6 hours ,42 minutes and 12 seconds XRubicon Dec 2012 #59
I just see air planes kydo Dec 2012 #60
Nothing here. Brigid Dec 2012 #64
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