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The Republicans wanted the payroll tax increase because it showed Obama raising taxes plethoro Jan 2013 #1
Yeah, and maybe Obama could remind the GOP that Reagan raised taxes 11x, 9x on the middle class. JaneyVee Jan 2013 #2
K&R SunSeeker Jan 2013 #3
Agree he should address the nation about this Freddie Jan 2013 #4
Here's an interesting take on how the Rs are portaying this: 2naSalit Jan 2013 #5
I've had to corrrect a lot of people hfojvt Jan 2013 #6
Roughly as predictable as gravity.. Fumesucker Jan 2013 #7
Oh Really? (O'Rielly get it?) xtraxritical Jan 2013 #15
good idea warrprayer Jan 2013 #8
It was an extremely bad idea that can't be explained in sound bites TheKentuckian Jan 2013 #9
Well here is the bottom line humbled_opinion Jan 2013 #18
We paid more in FICA 10 years ago than we do today. IowaGuy Jan 2013 #10
You did not pay more. former9thward Jan 2013 #19
Obama and Congress gave those who pay payroll taxes a 2-year or so holiday during which JDPriestly Jan 2013 #34
Here is what the poster said: former9thward Jan 2013 #39
I know that I paid the full amount and that President Obama, as part of the most recent stimulus JDPriestly Jan 2013 #40
to bad we couldn't have a discussion about making the 2% permanent and getting even by klyon Jan 2013 #11
WOW your post makes too much sense for some here.... n/t humbled_opinion Jan 2013 #16
+1 NCTraveler Jan 2013 #22
If you makes the 2% permanent, employers would want their shared matched and that would officially plethoro Jan 2013 #30
We should raise the cap. JDPriestly Jan 2013 #35
Media outlets don't explain anything about any of our programs, whether its SS or Medicare or dkf Jan 2013 #12
No. Obama should never have given the holiday in the first place. JDPriestly Jan 2013 #13
He shouldn't have given the holiday abelenkpe Jan 2013 #14
Michael Hudson is, of course, right. But the political will to, for example, fund Social Security JDPriestly Jan 2013 #33
Enjoy your stay; greiner3 Jan 2013 #28
Justifying it might be a lot easier if we didn't still have massive tax breaks for the 1% bread_and_roses Jan 2013 #17
Restoring FICA is the right thing to do... shrdlu Jan 2013 #20
Good and informative post. NCTraveler Jan 2013 #21
Are you aware that RUSH LIMBAUGH used your post on his show? JaneyVee Jan 2013 #36
Yes. Do you have anything to say about the post you are replying to? nt. NCTraveler Jan 2013 #41
Nobody could have seen this coming... hay rick Jan 2013 #23
Too bad others, self included, weren't as astute. shrdlu Jan 2013 #25
Just a few quick points and you may not like them.... OldDem2012 Jan 2013 #24
I wish you the very best of luck in this new year, sir. Your post rings with a certain plethoro Jan 2013 #31
Thanks, and I sincerely hope that YOU become decidedly more optimistic. nt. OldDem2012 Jan 2013 #32
There are ways of having a 4.2% rate for lower wage workers and paying into Social Security. bluestate10 Jan 2013 #38
"Most media outlets are doing nothing to help Americans understand what's really going on," nt patrice Jan 2013 #26
And lost in all of this is the fact that PO apparently didn't think that we NEED to end the holiday. patrice Jan 2013 #27
You're timing couldn't be better..... wandy Jan 2013 #29
Obama still has the upper hand on the debt ceiling and sequestration. bluestate10 Jan 2013 #37
This isn't going to be a problem ... and this is why ... JoePhilly Jan 2013 #42
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