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73. Enjoyed all the responses up above.
Mon Feb 4, 2013, 06:53 AM
Feb 2013

And technically I am an old fart at 55.

Using the term more as a metaphor for the reaction to Beyonce and all her skin.

I was surprised to see so many "get off my lawn" errrrr Progressives here on DU.

This would have been more appropriate attire flamingdem Feb 2013 #1
lol dipsydoodle Feb 2013 #76
Really ruffled your feathers, did she? TheCowsCameHome Feb 2013 #2
I expect the same outrage about the Calvin Klein ad or they should STFU. nt EastKYLiberal Feb 2013 #3
+1 obamanut2012 Feb 2013 #4
Uh, maybe they just don't want to start ANOTHER STUPID thread. WinkyDink Feb 2013 #34
Isn't The Lawrence Welk Show on some other channel for them? FSogol Feb 2013 #5
You DO know that show is from over 50 years ago, right? So are you speaking of 80-year-olds? WinkyDink Feb 2013 #36
My dad's 82. His dad watched Lawrence Welk. Iggo Feb 2013 #48
ya NYC_SKP Feb 2013 #6
Despite howls of protest from the 40 and 50-Somethings I'm watching the game with... cherokeeprogressive Feb 2013 #7
Oh, right; people in their 40's protested Beyonce. Right. WinkyDink Feb 2013 #35
Here's something for the sarcasm challenged... cherokeeprogressive Feb 2013 #37
it was the best halftime show I've seen in years CreekDog Feb 2013 #49
She is just not my cup of tea Mojorabbit Feb 2013 #51
They still make Tivos? Warren DeMontague Feb 2013 #66
Don't think they do. cherokeeprogressive Feb 2013 #77
The vapors are delightful. Autumn Feb 2013 #8
Sorry some of us didn't praise her performance Beaverhausen Feb 2013 #9
She's a pretty 'actress' more TM99 Feb 2013 #24
THANK YOU Skittles Feb 2013 #58
T & A sells nt msongs Feb 2013 #10
I'm at work, so no Super Bowl or Beyonce for derby this year derby378 Feb 2013 #11
She could have dressed like Jennifer Hudson dsc Feb 2013 #12
I'm an "old turd" and I'd like for you jazzimov Feb 2013 #13
Old. And a turd. Zoeisright Feb 2013 #50
the costumes were ok NMDemDist2 Feb 2013 #14
Geez Trumad Texasgal Feb 2013 #15
This message was self-deleted by its author Warren DeMontague Feb 2013 #16
Another Karl Rove joke in the making... DBoon Feb 2013 #22
She has nothing on Miss Tina. demmiblue Feb 2013 #17
I'm an old turd, and no one can ever compare to Tina. Autumn Feb 2013 #26
Indeed! demmiblue Feb 2013 #28
Exactly true. duffyduff Feb 2013 #27
Exactly. She does not hold a candle to Tina. Not in the same league. IMO nt Mojorabbit Feb 2013 #52
I'm still GREATLY offended by the "Old Turds" comment. jazzimov Feb 2013 #18
I have to say, as an old turd... tjwash Feb 2013 #19
she`s hot and a decent singer madrchsod Feb 2013 #20
Tina is the greatest!! And Bob Mackie designs her concert outfits. Manifestor_of_Light Feb 2013 #29
Madonna only wore more clothes because she is over 50 lunasun Feb 2013 #21
Hell, Tina is SEVENTY-THREE and looks fabulous!! Manifestor_of_Light Feb 2013 #30
Oh those Tina legs ! She doesnt need a Viking outfit and still sounds great lunasun Feb 2013 #31
I'm a straight female and I think she looks fabulous!! Manifestor_of_Light Feb 2013 #32
Guess again. From her 2012 tour: WinkyDink Feb 2013 #41
A lot of negative stuff was said about Madonna during her half time show also JI7 Feb 2013 #54
I thought it rather boring and monotonous and derivative ... WCGreen Feb 2013 #23
Agree. aptal Feb 2013 #39
Yeah I recall that hot number Paul McCartney wore a few years sgo Beaverhausen Feb 2013 #25
Apparently, so is one young turd. WinkyDink Feb 2013 #33
She doesn't show hardly ANY skin. Really. Well, her arms and a bit of bosom, but no more than MADem Feb 2013 #38
Ah, it's just more fuel for the perpetual outrage engine Warren DeMontague Feb 2013 #63
It's like those "Dancing With The Stars" costumes--they look butt nekkid, but they really aren't. MADem Feb 2013 #78
Michelle Obama: 'Beyonce Was Phenomenal, I Am So Proud Of Her!' (TWEET) lunasun Feb 2013 #40
Okay, now THIS? Silly. WinkyDink Feb 2013 #42
Then let Huff Post know in their comments section ! lunasun Feb 2013 #44
No, thanks. I'll reflect instead on Jackie Kennedy and Pablo Casals. WinkyDink Feb 2013 #45
Cello -that was Jacoby Jones and Joe Flacco winning the game! lunasun Feb 2013 #46
Don't care whether she showed skin or not, MadHound Feb 2013 #43
I was fully prepared to disagree with you but then I watched her performance Number23 Feb 2013 #47
disgusting op HiPointDem Feb 2013 #53
Wow. Trolling for responses on a quiet night I see........ OldDem2012 Feb 2013 #55
Not my kind of music but it was better than Madonna last year. Initech Feb 2013 #56
AC/DC would rock the house down Skittles Feb 2013 #59
Hearing "Highway To Hell" would be awesome at a half time show! Initech Feb 2013 #60
I saw them live five times Skittles Feb 2013 #61
awwww--wish i'd seen bon scott bedazzled Feb 2013 #72
Shoot to Thrill or Thunderstruck n/t sarge43 Feb 2013 #75
everyone has to like her, else they are old turds? Skittles Feb 2013 #57
Thank you sarge43 Feb 2013 #67
just another rehash of Madonna Skittles Feb 2013 #68
Gotcha sarge43 Feb 2013 #69
correct Skittles Feb 2013 #71
And this surprises you? Warren DeMontague Feb 2013 #62
Ageist drivel. Le Taz Hot Feb 2013 #64
you wish shanti Feb 2013 #65
Enjoyed all the responses up above. trumad Feb 2013 #73
I think I called people "old turds" in the second grade. MiddleFingerMom Feb 2013 #74
Old turd here. There are tons of female artists whose talents lie in their craft, retread Feb 2013 #79
Yup the girl has some pretty skin to show too madokie Feb 2013 #70
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