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86. Two years free thanks to Allen Carr's system
Wed Jun 5, 2013, 10:50 AM
Jun 2013

I quit smoking on April 4, 2011.

I used Allen Carr's "The Easy Way to Stop Smoking".

Border's had a nice compilation of some of the best quotes from that book in a nice pocket sized paperback that I carry around and which was very helpful and inspirational.

Great free videos that were also helpful here.

Lol, I quickly figured out that I'd feel at a loss when walking past the spot I'd stash my cigarettes when at home. I'd have a cup of coffee in my hand and feel like I was forgetting something.

I've had several nightmares about smoking. Supposedly this is ok/"a good thing".

Dreams of smoking 2.38mb 7.10mb UTube 2.92mb 06:28 11/10/06


Allen Carr’s 7 Tips To Stay Quit

Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Quit Smoking

If you follow these simple instructions, you cannot fail.

1 Make a solemn vow that you will never, ever, smoke, chew or suck anything that contains
nicotine, and stick to your vow.

2 Get this clear in your mind: there is absolutely nothing to give up. By that I don't mean simply that
you will be better off as a non-smoker (you've known that all your life); nor do I mean that although
there is no rational reason why you smoke, you must get some form of pleasure or crutch from it or
you wouldn't do it. What I mean is, there is no genuine pleasure or crutch in smoking. It is just an
illusion, like banging your head against a wall to make it pleasant when you stop,

3 There is no such thing as a confirmed smoker. You are just one of the millions who have fallen for
this subtle trap. Like millions of other ex-smokers who once thought they couldn't escape, you have

4 If at any time in your life you were to weigh up the pros and cons of smoking, the conclusion would
always be, a dozen times over, 'Stop doing it. You are a fool.' Nothing will ever change that. It always
has been that way, and it always will be. Having made what you know to be the correct decision, don't
ever torture yourself by doubting it.

5 Don't try not to think about smoking or worry that you are thinking about it constantly. But
whenever you do think about it –whether it be today, tomorrow or the rest of your life think,

6 DO NOT use any form of substitute.
DO NOT keep your own cigarettes.
DO NOT avoid other smokers.
DO NOT change your lifestyle in any way purely because you've stopped smoking.
If you follow the above instructions, you will soon experience the moment of revelation. But:

7 Don't wait for that moment to come. Just get on with your life. Enjoy the highs and cope with the
lows. You will find that in no time at all the moment will arrive.



What happens when a smoker quits [View all] Playinghardball Jun 2013 OP
Less than 18 mo's to go One_Life_To_Give Jun 2013 #1
5 years for me to hit 15. nt SCVDem Jun 2013 #48
Me too. My 10 year anniversary was May 17th........ TheDebbieDee Jun 2013 #56
OMGosh TheDebbieDee.....me too. a kennedy Jun 2013 #91
I also agree that cigarettes to me is like alcohol to an alcoholic....... TheDebbieDee Jun 2013 #95
Good on ya! Cha Jun 2013 #70
My son has quit smoking, for which I am duly grateful. PDJane Jun 2013 #2
I quit a year ago. MrSlayer Jun 2013 #3
You'd probably tapered down a lot before you finally ran out and quit Warpy Jun 2013 #4
No. MrSlayer Jun 2013 #5
I'll buy em' off ya. n/t A HERETIC I AM Jun 2013 #7
Haha! MrSlayer Jun 2013 #8
Of course! A HERETIC I AM Jun 2013 #10
Year old, stale butts from the bottom of a drawer? Warpy Jun 2013 #9
See above. n/t A HERETIC I AM Jun 2013 #11
Consider yourself lucky. Most of us struggle. mountain grammy Jun 2013 #83
I smoked off and on during my adult life. whenever I decided to quit, I just stopped, KG Jun 2013 #14
That's the way I smoked, too. Blue_In_AK Jun 2013 #63
Not to mention the end of nagging by my wife. Tierra_y_Libertad Jun 2013 #6
GOOD FOR HER! Skittles Jun 2013 #18
And, it only took her 29 years to get me to quit. Tierra_y_Libertad Jun 2013 #23
I WILL KICK PROCRASTINATING Tierra_y_Libertad ass!!! Skittles Jun 2013 #26
I'm embarrassed to say I smoked for 38 years..... a kennedy Jun 2013 #92
after heaven05 Jun 2013 #12
congrats ! glad to hear it. eom littlewolf Jun 2013 #13
Wait, where's the part about gaining 50 lbs? truebrit71 Jun 2013 #15
it's OK if you gained weight, truebrit71 Skittles Jun 2013 #19
Thanks! truebrit71 Jun 2013 #31
i gained 3 or 4 lbs but took DesertFlower Jun 2013 #60
Almost four years smoke free MattBaggins Jun 2013 #16
I watched my parents smoke for decades ... littlewolf Jun 2013 #17
Two people I know were just DX'd with esophagael cancer CountAllVotes Jun 2013 #77
Started puffing on cigarettes before I started school madokie Jun 2013 #20
It's been nearly 10 years for me and my son, also.* In 5 more years I will be... Tikki Jun 2013 #21
there are alot of smokers that won't quit because of the holier than thou olddots Jun 2013 #22
15 years this April 28. dixiegrrrrl Jun 2013 #24
Does marijuana even have the same issues as cigarettes? Mr. David Jun 2013 #25
nope... nebenaube Jun 2013 #30
Pipes and cigars don't have the same issues as cigarettes Major Nikon Jun 2013 #43
The ONE thing that NEVER happens when you quit,,,, benld74 Jun 2013 #27
Yeah, but the savings AFTER have amounted to over $21,900 ... Auggie Jun 2013 #44
i stopped in '83. they were $1.05 a pack back then. DesertFlower Jun 2013 #61
35 years since my last puff graywarrior Jun 2013 #28
38 for me rurallib Jun 2013 #50
Some of them become insufferable former sinners. hobbit709 Jun 2013 #29
More insufferable than people who smell like cigarettes all the time? Bucky Jun 2013 #38
I wouldn't know, I don't hang around either type. hobbit709 Jun 2013 #40
My 81 year old father Jenoch Jun 2013 #32
I quit 3 years ago best things I ever did for my health. Arcanetrance Jun 2013 #33
Oh. ananda Jun 2013 #34
10 years, two months, 5 days! Walk away Jun 2013 #35
10 years, 5 months Auggie Jun 2013 #37
I never actually believed I could quit until the day I stopped. Walk away Jun 2013 #64
Thanks. You too. Auggie Jun 2013 #68
6 years, two months, 5 days!! Best thing I ever did. Greybnk48 Jun 2013 #42
I had an incredible surgeon take care of me through cancer as well... Walk away Jun 2013 #65
wow! I love this story! BlancheSplanchnik Jun 2013 #84
quit 3 yrs, 5 months and 1 day ago eom LittleGirl Jun 2013 #36
He annoys other smokers lame54 Jun 2013 #39
I hit my 1 year quitter mark last month. fasttense Jun 2013 #41
I'm trying to remember where I read Rozlee Jun 2013 #45
Tobacco Companies have been nickeling & diming us To DEATH!! Don't give 'em another dollar!! hue Jun 2013 #46
Twenty years of having kicked the habit! randome Jun 2013 #47
You may smoke outside SCVDem Jun 2013 #49
Three weeks of Welbutrin and I quit.....me too.... a kennedy Jun 2013 #93
Nothing when you have smoked 20, 30, 40, HockeyMom Jun 2013 #51
I quit after 38 years, and I'm really just waiting for the cancer diagnosis..... a kennedy Jun 2013 #94
I should be DEAD decades ago HockeyMom Jun 2013 #96
Thanks, it's incentive . orpupilofnature57 Jun 2013 #52
I quit... Mockingjay Jun 2013 #53
I'm proud of your accomplishment! SCVDem Jun 2013 #55
Where is the "first week---better chance of killing someone" Curmudgeoness Jun 2013 #54
It's been 20+ years since I quit rustydog Jun 2013 #57
i'll be celebrating 30 years clean DesertFlower Jun 2013 #58
I finally did it Nightjock Jun 2013 #59
50 years of never smoking. Auntie Bush Jun 2013 #62
Thanks for this! Just Saying Jun 2013 #66
Awesome! So so proud of you! yeoman6987 Oct 2015 #102
I'm 16 weeks smoke-free. TransitJohn Jun 2013 #67
Good on you, too, TJ You're a Cha Jun 2013 #71
Thank you for this, Play. I freaking hate Cha Jun 2013 #69
I've found that when I quit smoking, the people around me become very stupid Recursion Jun 2013 #72
Cold Turkey after 4 packs of unfiltered Camels... meaculpa2011 Jun 2013 #73
My GOD how did you do 4 packs a day? Floyd_Gondolli Jun 2013 #97
Thanks for the info burnodo Jun 2013 #74
However, Justice Jun 2013 #75
my husband quit about 5 years ago. i quit when i was pregnant with my oldest ejpoeta Jun 2013 #76
I'm going on 5 years without a smoke. mindem Jun 2013 #78
I was lucky enough to be able to quit cold turkey also southmost Jun 2013 #79
Stopped smoking a pack of unfiltered Camels a day in 1981. pangaia Jun 2013 #80
I think I am at about timdog44 Jun 2013 #81
Almost to the 5 year mark for me. Literally got allergic to the smoke Blaukraut Jun 2013 #82
22 years and counting! BillyRibs Jun 2013 #85
Two years free thanks to Allen Carr's system Babel_17 Jun 2013 #86
The above is a copy of several posts I made in the past Babel_17 Jun 2013 #87
That timeline left out from 12hours to 2 weeks-- TexasProgresive Jun 2013 #88
Myself and many others felt some euphoria Babel_17 Jun 2013 #89
That stage never seemed to end for me Mariana Jun 2013 #90
Great thread, deserves a kick Babel_17 Oct 2015 #98
You're welcome... Playinghardball Oct 2015 #99
Yup Babel_17 Oct 2015 #100
He punishes all living things within 100 miles of him. To start randys1 Oct 2015 #101
You got that right!! Playinghardball Oct 2015 #103
I was at a high school reunion this past weekend. My 50th. SheilaT Oct 2015 #104
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