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17. The exponential growth of an innovative species always ends in some kind of wreck.
Wed Oct 30, 2013, 04:34 PM
Oct 2013

This sort of thing has happened often in the history of life on earth. Humans are not anything special.

We could land softly, with a healthy stable sustainable population, without all the flames and drama and messy death, but I'm not sure humans are actually intelligent. Maybe we are some kind of proto-intelligence, but even that seems less and less likely every day now.

An intelligent species, even one with a very dim sputtering spark of intelligence, would not destroy the natural ecosystems it depends on for its own survival.

check out Carolyn Baker's work on spiritual implications of long descent zazen Oct 2013 #1
I know her work well. It's excellent. GliderGuider Oct 2013 #8
sorry if I was patronizing then! zazen Oct 2013 #11
No, you weren't patronizing at all! GliderGuider Oct 2013 #13
no system will work until ProdigalJunkMail Oct 2013 #2
Some will work better than others and the messier the system, Warpy Oct 2013 #32
i don't disagree at all... ProdigalJunkMail Oct 2013 #47
What "global crisis"? delrem Oct 2013 #3
Exactly! GliderGuider Oct 2013 #5
Well, I respectfully disagree. The scarcity anxiety is caused by capitalist systems and memes. ananda Oct 2013 #4
What causes the capitalist systems and memes? nt GliderGuider Oct 2013 #6
Humans, who are destroying our own habitat. Quantess Oct 2013 #20
Humans are indeed the proximate cause. GliderGuider Oct 2013 #24
Sounds like a... no wait... I mean it SMELLS like a steaming pantload, to me. Quantess Oct 2013 #31
Humans are greedy, I don't care if all you are doing is trading fur for potatoes. People will find a liberal_at_heart Oct 2013 #7
No, doing what I talk about won't change human nature or the physical situation GliderGuider Oct 2013 #9
While I certainly think the idea of reconnecting with each other is good el_bryanto Oct 2013 #10
Technological advances are what got us here. GliderGuider Oct 2013 #12
To say that technology can't rescue us from a problem the technology created is el_bryanto Oct 2013 #14
The historic "rescues" by technology have all been temporary GliderGuider Oct 2013 #15
nods - well I guess i just prefer to have more hope than that. el_bryanto Oct 2013 #16
Most people do. GliderGuider Oct 2013 #41
The exponential growth of an innovative species always ends in some kind of wreck. hunter Oct 2013 #17
What do you suggest, beyond embracing Kubler-Ross' 5 steps? Quantess Oct 2013 #18
I suggest that each of us do what seems right to us. GliderGuider Oct 2013 #21
That is not capitalism's goal leftstreet Oct 2013 #19
How does capitalism make profits? nt GliderGuider Oct 2013 #22
By always owning the means to getting them! leftstreet Oct 2013 #25
How do socialists make profits? nt GliderGuider Oct 2013 #28
What's a socialist? leftstreet Oct 2013 #29
I'm not asking you what Wikipedia thinks. What do you think? GliderGuider Oct 2013 #35
Natual selection does not explain GWBush leftstreet Oct 2013 #43
Who were his backers? The real guys with power? GliderGuider Oct 2013 #46
It makes profits AT ALL COSTS. polichick Oct 2013 #26
Yes indeed, it does. nt GliderGuider Oct 2013 #36
And that's why it sucks. polichick Oct 2013 #37
It doesn't care. nt GliderGuider Oct 2013 #39
Another reason it sucks. polichick Oct 2013 #40
Profits are a risk-weighted return on assets; if assets don't grow, profits don't grow. FarCenter Oct 2013 #27
I'm so glad I have hope, and do something to nurture it within a realistic framework. OneGrassRoot Oct 2013 #23
Yes, I have come to terms with this worldview. GliderGuider Oct 2013 #38
I think the energy of capitalism can be harnessed to rebuild, renew and recycle. nt CJCRANE Oct 2013 #30
Bit Malthusian, maybe? DirkGently Oct 2013 #33
Capitalism is fine, burnsei sensei Oct 2013 #34
Yet it's not the socialists giving up and drinking bleach just yet. nt. Starry Messenger Oct 2013 #42
Funny that, isn't it Starry?....... socialist_n_TN Oct 2013 #44
"Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living!" Starry Messenger Oct 2013 #50
Have you actually read any Marx? DireStrike Oct 2013 #45
I'm a third-gen socialist, so yes, I've read Marx. This isn't about Marx. GliderGuider Oct 2013 #49
It's a straw man to say that the focus of socialism is growth DireStrike Oct 2013 #54
Of course it's not the explicit goal. GliderGuider Oct 2013 #55
I know balance works... having one kind of anything fascisthunter Oct 2013 #48
it pretty much is gopiscrap Oct 2013 #51
Most of your pessimism lies in your incorrect assumptions .. MindMover Oct 2013 #52
I didn't say we couldn't get rid of capitalism GliderGuider Oct 2013 #53
"It employs, directly or indirectly, all 7.2 billion people on the planet." = NOT MindMover Oct 2013 #57
You think those people working in agriculture are not indirectly employed by the system? GliderGuider Oct 2013 #58
So just because you were 4 or 5 billion off your original number MindMover Oct 2013 #60
It's the "indirect" part that closes the gap. GliderGuider Oct 2013 #62
I have decided you are delusional with cause ... MindMover Oct 2013 #63
Name calling? Really? GliderGuider Oct 2013 #64
There are many delusional fear mongers making money ... MindMover Oct 2013 #65
No, I take no offense at all. GliderGuider Oct 2013 #66
Again your assumptions are incorrect about my zones ... MindMover Oct 2013 #67
Depression WiffenPoof Oct 2013 #56
Only 50% of it is captalism's fault. The fault in the other 50% lies with those of us Zorra Oct 2013 #59
and AMEN ... MindMover Oct 2013 #61
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