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335. The testimony of Hurtig at Belmarsh was not that Assange notified the prosecutors that Assange
Tue Dec 10, 2013, 11:16 PM
Dec 2013

intended to leave the country but that Ny told Hurtig there were no “force measures” preventing Julian leaving the country. Hurtig also testified at Belmarsh he had thought thereafter the rape case may be closed “without even bothering to interview him. On 27th September 2010, Mr Assange left Sweden.” Unfortunately, this testimony turned out not to be true:

He agreed that this was wrong. Ms Ny did contact him. A specific suggestion was put to him that on 22nd September he sent a text to the prosecutors saying “I have not talked to my client since I talked to you”. He checked his mobile phone and at first said he did not have the message as he does not keep them that far back. He was encouraged to check his inbox, and there was an adjournment for that purpose. He then confirmed that on 22nd September 2010 at 16.46 he has a message from Ms Ny saying: “Hello – it is possible to have an interview Tuesday”. Next there was a message saying: “Thanks for letting me know. We will pursue Tuesday 28th at 1700”. He then accepted that there must have been a text from him ... She requested a date as soon as possible. He agrees that the following day, 22nd, she contacted him at least twice. Then he was then cross-examined about his attempts to contact his client. To have the full flavour it may be necessary to consider the transcript in full. In summary the lawyer was unable to tell me what attempts he made to contact his client, and whether he definitely left a message. It was put that he had a professional duty to tell his client of the risk of detention ... He referred to receiving a text from Ms Ny at 09.11 on 27th September, the day his client left Sweden ...

Thus, whatever Hurtig was told on 15 September, it is a matter of record that by 22 September he was aware that the prosecution sought to interview his client as soon as possible. It is also clear that on 22 September, Hurtig was at least aware prosecutors planned to interview Assange on 28 September. Hurtig testifies Assange left the country on the 27th. This is a rather large coincidence, especially as Hurtig testified he had seen a baggage ticket for Assange's flight. The magistrate at Belmarsh understandably found Hurtig's testimony somewhat unpalatable and concluded somewhat dryly that Mr Hurtig is an unreliable witness as to what efforts he made to contact his client. The court further noted Mr Hurtig said in his statement that it was astonishing that Ms Ny made no effort to interview his client. In fact this is untrue ... The statement was a deliberate attempt to mislead the court.

Somewhat more can be said here. Hurtig also testified that He was able to speak to his client on 29th September and Mr Assange offered to return ... for interrogation. Elsewhere in the Facts and Findings, it is stated that [link:www.bailii.org/ew/cases/Misc/2011/5.html|The
authorities believed Mr Assange would be in Sweden .. in .. October ... It appears that either the rumours were false, or Mr Assange changed his mind. In any event he was not apprehended or
interrogated then]
. Other reports generally confirm this picture:

There is a pattern of prevarication here. Hurtig claimed to be unable to contact Assange but somehow managed to view a baggage ticket showing Assange's departure date! Assange himself admitted he had agreed to return for the second interrogation in October but then decided not to go. He subsequently spent a year and a half in the UK courts arguing little technicalities of the European arrest warrant, all of which were dismissed, in order to avoid extradition to Sweden. When he lost that case, he dropped further appeals and jumped bail, stiffing a number of people who had pledged for his appearance. The evidence all points directly to his utter contempt for the courts, and the most natural assumption is that he fled Sweden to avoid prosecution

Regarding Hurtig, the magistrate at Belmarsh concluded: The witness was clearly uncomfortable and anxious to leave
He has the power to end his own detention 4now Dec 2013 #1
There are zero "rape charges filed against him." 99Forever Dec 2013 #2
+1. Nt newfie11 Dec 2013 #3
Assange stands accused under Swedish law BainsBane Dec 2013 #346
Only because he won't go to Sweden to answer them. Spider Jerusalem Dec 2013 #4
Blah blah blah.. 99Forever Dec 2013 #6
"if that is what blows your dress up" xulamaude Dec 2013 #12
Yeah, assange would rather sit in his little room blowing Cha Dec 2013 #16
I wonder how many women he has since assaulted BainsBane Dec 2013 #94
I see your point, BB I didn't even stop to think Cha Dec 2013 #99
Do you mind if I post that in HOF? BainsBane Dec 2013 #103
Of course, I don't mind.. please do! Cha Dec 2013 #106
Wow, you two are way off in la-la land. Comrade Grumpy Dec 2013 #253
That is the MO of sexual assailants BainsBane Dec 2013 #255
Even when the charges against them are trumped up? RC Dec 2013 #281
Assange admitted to the acts alleged in the EAW. That was the basis of his legal argument against msanthrope Dec 2013 #298
An important reminder, Mysanthrope. Thank you. pnwmom Dec 2013 #331
They don't read them because they do not care BainsBane Dec 2013 #347
The rape apologia is pushed by a very small group of the "Left." Actual progressives msanthrope Dec 2013 #389
Consent was obviously breached under Swedish law. joshcryer Dec 2013 #358
The UK ruled that what he did was sexual assault in the UK and the rest of the msanthrope Dec 2013 #390
trumped up? BainsBane Dec 2013 #345
No, I think governments are lier's. RC Dec 2013 #388
At least one lady in question got a rape kit done. joshcryer Dec 2013 #362
+100 Katashi_itto Dec 2013 #262
"Real agenda"? paranoid much? Spider Jerusalem Dec 2013 #19
Bullshit. 99Forever Dec 2013 #22
... Spider Jerusalem Dec 2013 #24
Your horseshit claims have been addressed ad nausium. 99Forever Dec 2013 #32
How do you manage to type... Decaffeinated Dec 2013 #36
How do you manage to post with that nose problem of yours? 99Forever Dec 2013 #38
You're the one engaged in the cult of personality BainsBane Dec 2013 #349
Blah blah blah.. 99Forever Dec 2013 #381
You've addressed nothing BainsBane Dec 2013 #348
"If the facts are on his side he has nothing to fear from a trial." nomorenomore08 Dec 2013 #64
And why should we fear government surveillance if we have nothing to hide? MNBrewer Dec 2013 #148
non-sequitur BainsBane Dec 2013 #350
exactly like steubenville? GeorgeGist Dec 2013 #379
You are seriously arguing that Sweden is a closer US ally than the UK. jeff47 Dec 2013 #45
Actually the "line" is the court record BainsBane Dec 2013 #95
Yeah right... 99Forever Dec 2013 #204
Sorry for the news, but did you see Warren isn't running? snooper2 Dec 2013 #137
C'mon now, would you tell a kid there's no Santa Claus? brooklynite Dec 2013 #150
She "isn't running" at this moment. 99Forever Dec 2013 #205
You seem to have such a way with words. pnwmom Dec 2013 #332
+100000 The propaganda machine is as predictable as rain woo me with science Dec 2013 #59
The propaganda is on the part of the Assange apologists BainsBane Dec 2013 #96
Oh, that's priceless. Thank you for that. woo me with science Dec 2013 #173
Those links made for great reading. I'd missed them previously Matariki Dec 2013 #308
That's superb. Thank you for posting it again. woo me with science Dec 2013 #322
Yes, it seems to be true. Matariki Dec 2013 #325
I see BainsBane Dec 2013 #352
BainsBane I said this before, I appreciate your strong stand on women's issues Matariki Dec 2013 #396
Pure bullshit BainsBane Dec 2013 #351
Yes, anyone with a brain does know the real agenda BainsBane Dec 2013 #67
Bullshit. No text required. 99Forever Dec 2013 #85
Are you still refusing to read the court documents? BainsBane Dec 2013 #113
Bullshit. 99Forever Dec 2013 #122
It's like a two year olds temper tantrum... Agschmid Dec 2013 #127
throw out the names polanski, dfk or edwards and you get the same. at least, she is consistent seabeyond Dec 2013 #134
I have to say BainsBane Dec 2013 #353
Clearly the facts are too much for you, so you start name-calling instead. n/t pnwmom Dec 2013 #329
They had their chance while he waited for them in Sweden; & remain welcome to come to him. snot Dec 2013 #257
... Spider Jerusalem Dec 2013 #258
Even if this were reliable/accurate, it's irrelevant to my statement. snot Dec 2013 #259
That's not how it works. Spider Jerusalem Dec 2013 #260
They had their chance? BainsBane Dec 2013 #354
Once he shows up in Sweden, the there will be. nt msanthrope Dec 2013 #5
A woman (and Assange supporter) filed a claim of rape with their government against him. It may not okaawhatever Dec 2013 #17
+1 LittleBlue Dec 2013 #41
Actually, your two points are quite wrong. jeff47 Dec 2013 #49
I understand perfectly LittleBlue Dec 2013 #53
Really? #2 is your problem? jeff47 Dec 2013 #60
What a pathetically stupid argument you make LittleBlue Dec 2013 #63
No, pathetic is responding like that. jeff47 Dec 2013 #65
No, pathetic is putting forth arguments that you know are false LittleBlue Dec 2013 #68
If those arguments were so terrible, you wouldn't be desperately ignoring them. jeff47 Dec 2013 #92
Assange will not leave Ecuador embassy even if Sweden drops extradition bid (Guardian | 18 Jun 13) struggle4progress Dec 2013 #116
A blatant distortion of facts in order to protect an accused sexual assailant BainsBane Dec 2013 #61
"The Assange apologists are no different from the people in Steubenville"... SidDithers Dec 2013 #66
Despite your attempts to smear the rape charges have been dropped. former9thward Dec 2013 #77
Assange has an active order to appear before the Swedish court AS THE LINKED COURT DOCUMENTS SHOW BainsBane Dec 2013 #90
I quoted the prosecutor's office. former9thward Dec 2013 #123
You cherry picked an old and outdated article hack89 Dec 2013 #125
Has the prosecutor taken back her comments? former9thward Dec 2013 #126
Her boss took back her comments for her when she reopened the case at the request of the victims hack89 Dec 2013 #128
No, the office never took back the comments. former9thward Dec 2013 #131
One rape charge, one unlawful coercion charge and two charges of sexual molestation hack89 Dec 2013 #132
Do you know the definition of "rape" in Swedish law? former9thward Dec 2013 #143
Unwanted sex with a sleeping woman is rape in most countries, including America hack89 Dec 2013 #145
The Swedish authorities are free to question him in London. former9thward Dec 2013 #152
Because they cannot arrest him in London, a point you insist on ignoring hack89 Dec 2013 #155
Assange's lawyers dragged that argument through the UK courts and lost: the Swedes, according struggle4progress Dec 2013 #191
"new and special rules invented by crackpots" ? former9thward Dec 2013 #215
You should reread the post #191 to which you are responding, because the actual issue here struggle4progress Dec 2013 #223
He fled nothing Major Nikon Dec 2013 #264
Assange's lawyer Hurtig testified at Belmarsh that he was told on 15 September 2010 struggle4progress Dec 2013 #294
There's a few things you're missing Major Nikon Dec 2013 #307
"Mr Hurtig is an unreliable witness" according to the Findings of Facts and Reasons struggle4progress Dec 2013 #312
He's Assange's lawyer, not a witness Major Nikon Dec 2013 #315
Translation: "I haven't actually read any of the extradition hearing materials" struggle4progress Dec 2013 #316
If you feel the need to put words in other DUer's mouth to make your arguments... Major Nikon Dec 2013 #317
Had you read the documents, you would know Assange's Swedish lawyer WAS a witness at Belmarsh struggle4progress Dec 2013 #323
No more so than any other defense lawyer Major Nikon Dec 2013 #324
Had you read the link #294 I gave you, you couldn't say "No more so than any other defense lawyer"" struggle4progress Dec 2013 #327
You link to reporting on the Svea Court of Appeal case: they upheld the arrest warrant for Assange struggle4progress Dec 2013 #330
I never claimed otherwise Major Nikon Dec 2013 #333
The testimony of Hurtig at Belmarsh was not that Assange notified the prosecutors that Assange struggle4progress Dec 2013 #335
The arrest warrant was not issued until 2 months after Assange left the country Major Nikon Dec 2013 #339
Assange has evidently never had any intention to submit to further Swedish process here struggle4progress Dec 2013 #343
If they charge him in the embassy Ecuador can take on the case. joshcryer Dec 2013 #364
The woman in question texted a friend after the fact saying she wasn't asleep Major Nikon Dec 2013 #263
So Assange most likely will be acquitted, won't he? hack89 Dec 2013 #267
Would you go? Major Nikon Dec 2013 #268
Are Swedish juries known to be fair and impartial? hack89 Dec 2013 #271
Another option is enough people figure out the 2nd prosecutor is a fraud Major Nikon Dec 2013 #274
The interview should not be an issue as long as Assange agrees to surrender hack89 Dec 2013 #275
Under Swedish law, a complainant can appeal a prosecutor's decision not to prosecute a case --- struggle4progress Dec 2013 #297
Sex without a condom when a condom was requested is, too. joshcryer Dec 2013 #359
You quoted a bullshit and outdated 2010 article that gave the view of Assange's lawyers BainsBane Dec 2013 #188
This sub-thread has been sublime. The cries of "propaganda!' hurled at the ones who are listening, Number23 Dec 2013 #196
"Gave the view of Assange's lawyers" former9thward Dec 2013 #278
Your distortion of the legal record means I am not "smearing" your great man BainsBane Dec 2013 #91
I quoted the prosecutor's office. former9thward Dec 2013 #124
The same prosecutor's office that reopened a RAPE investigation shortly thereafter? hack89 Dec 2013 #133
The authoritarians have fallen all over themselves trying to discredit Snowden and Assange. former9thward Dec 2013 #144
So Sweden doesn't get to define what constitutes sexual crimes in their country? Ok. hack89 Dec 2013 #146
They discredit themselves over and over. Outside 'help' is not even needed at this point. randome Dec 2013 #149
Snowden will be testifying before the EU. former9thward Dec 2013 #154
It has not been decided if he will testify or not. randome Dec 2013 #175
Well let them know what the testimony will be. former9thward Dec 2013 #203
Sweden and other EU countries have an agreement that they can interview suspects in sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #180
Swedish law, oddly, takes the view that crimes committed in the Realm of Sweden are to be prosecuted struggle4progress Dec 2013 #190
Sweden of course has the opinion of all democracies, that they have the right to file charges sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #202
Your claims have been answered repeatedly in this thread and in many previous threads: struggle4progress Dec 2013 #214
And this is why I never, ever answer Sabrina's questions. nt msanthrope Dec 2013 #233
It's like playing chess with a pigeon... SidDithers Dec 2013 #248
I'm lucky. joshcryer Dec 2013 #360
+1 and thanks. Matariki Dec 2013 #62
It's a willful distortion of the facts. BainsBane Dec 2013 #93
I disagree Matariki Dec 2013 #187
You are being deliberately obtuse. pnwmom Dec 2013 #328
Hyperbole? Jesus Malverde Dec 2013 #8
Exposing Bush War Crimes now being opposed by the 'Left'. Amazing, isnt it? sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #10
No, it's called holding him responsible for his actions. The woman who claimed rape was one of his okaawhatever Dec 2013 #18
It's going on four years, WHERE ARE THE CHARGES? There ARE none because it NEVER HAPPENED. sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #27
I've explained to you multiple times that Swedish law is not the same as US law. jeff47 Dec 2013 #52
That's why this country is doomed. tblue Dec 2013 #56
Bush has nothing to do with it treestar Dec 2013 #242
Death sentences? The DOJ is unlikely to file any kind of charges bhikkhu Dec 2013 #26
Why has the Swedins Prosecutor not filed any charges against him? sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #28
I'm afraid I don't know a thing about the issues in Sweden bhikkhu Dec 2013 #30
It is more than a farce, it is a crime, a crime against the people to try to silence those who tell sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #78
Its hard to get to worked up over a crime involving no charges or prosecution bhikkhu Dec 2013 #100
You know that the UK court, the same one that refused to extradite Pinochet btw, granted the sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #158
He has diplomatic asylum, not political asylum hack89 Dec 2013 #165
He is 'stuck' because the UK will not grant him safe passage to the country which sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #178
The UK is not legally required by international law to give him safe passage hack89 Dec 2013 #181
Lol, Assange and Ecuador are not the ones in a 'mess'. They have accomplished the goal sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #245
He is still trapped like a rat hack89 Dec 2013 #266
That's been explained over and over treestar Dec 2013 #40
No it hasn't. Just post the Charges filed in the Swedish Court against Assange and that sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #172
Why do the charges have to be filed for extradition to take place? treestar Dec 2013 #195
What??? Charges do NOT have to be filed in order for a member state of the EU to sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #210
Well you must know EU law and extraction law better than the high court of Britain treestar Dec 2013 #237
The thing that is funny is that in the UK courts davidpdx Dec 2013 #272
And international law is far more complex than domestic law treestar Dec 2013 #293
Swedish law is not the same as US law. jeff47 Dec 2013 #50
The Swedish Prosecutor has refused to conduct the necessary interview for over three years sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #169
Again, the Swedish system is not the US system. jeff47 Dec 2013 #171
Stop making stuff up please. The facts of this case are simple. Sweden files charges against sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #174
I'm not making stuff up. You are continuing to be wrong. jeff47 Dec 2013 #192
Yes, Swedish law requires an interview with the subject before filing charges. At last, some facts sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #213
So are you going to apologize? jeff47 Dec 2013 #285
So you haven't been reading the thread at all? sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #301
Assange broke no laws in Sweden? Which is why Sweden filed a European Arrest Warrant? nt msanthrope Dec 2013 #314
Just post the charges filed in a Swedish Court claiming he broke any laws there, and we can sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #326
Your Anglo exceptionalism in judicial matters is intriguing. nt msanthrope Dec 2013 #334
Post the charges filed against Assange in Sweden or anywhere else. sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #337
And we're back to you insisting every justice system is the US justice system. jeff47 Dec 2013 #395
Stop with the nonsense, it's getting old. Sweden charges people with crimes every day, just like sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #397
I'm not the one posting nonsense. jeff47 Dec 2013 #406
Bullshit. He's hidden out in the Ecuadorian embassy BainsBane Dec 2013 #355
Where are the charges?? That is the ONLY relevant question. I have asked, over and over again sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #398
There is an arrest warrant BainsBane Dec 2013 #400
All irrelevant. I have read all of it and it all it says is that the Western Powers, the UK being sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #402
Not true BainsBane Dec 2013 #403
Where were the witnesses, the evidence? Right, there was none, because what you have linked to is sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #404
There was an arrest warrent for Bin Laden... PoliticAverse Dec 2013 #405
I did not say there was no arrest warrant for Bin Laden. Read my comment again. sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #407
Assange's lawyers were free to argue this matter in the UK courts but decided not to do so struggle4progress Dec 2013 #118
The UK court has no jurisidiction in Sweden. That was an EXTRADTION HEARING. The UK CANNOT sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #399
There ARE no CHARGES. Might help if peope commenting on this story actually knew something sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #9
+ 1,000! KoKo Dec 2013 #15
There are charges. Spider Jerusalem Dec 2013 #20
Wrong!! There have never been charges filed against Assange in Sweden or anywhere else. sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #25
It is not a lie; your ignorance of Swedish law doesn't trump facts. Spider Jerusalem Dec 2013 #29
Please list the charges and the court in which they were filed. sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #33
Again: Sweden doesn't have the US legal system. Spider Jerusalem Dec 2013 #35
This has been repeatedly explained to Sabrina, on many different threads. nt msanthrope Dec 2013 #39
Just ist thre charges and the court in which they were filed. It's not that hard. sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #72
You are being the distraction here. Agschmid Dec 2013 #129
Go ahead and explain the ''Swedish Legal System' to me or if you like sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #140
I linked in #184 \a very detailed discussion of Swedish criminal procedure. Why not read it? struggle4progress Dec 2013 #304
I am very familiar with Swedish law. The fact is that NO CHARGES HAVE BEEN FILED sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #309
Those actually interested in Swedish criminal procedure will, I think, read the links struggle4progress Dec 2013 #313
You're wasting your time there... SidDithers Dec 2013 #48
Assange had never been charged with any crimes. Please list the court and the charges filed sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #74
Assange had never been charged with any crimes. Please list the court and the charges filed sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #74
So you can't ist the charges, thank you. Assange has never been charged with a crime sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #70
Functional illiteracy is a terrible thing. Spider Jerusalem Dec 2013 #105
Read the court documents yourself BainsBane Dec 2013 #114
I've read them all. Over and over. Now please either show the formal Charges you are claiming sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #141
How about looking at it like this? randome Dec 2013 #147
How about looking at the FACTS. There have been NO charges, Swedish Style which is what matters sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #156
"in accordance with SWEDISH LAW' " - so show us the actual Swedish law hack89 Dec 2013 #167
Swedish Charges, filed in a Swedish Court. Please provide evidence that this has ever happened. sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #177
Show that it has to happen that way. You sound so sure of yourself hack89 Dec 2013 #179
Show that what has to happen, what way?? What are you asking for? sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #182
You disagree with everyone here that Swedish legal procedures are different than the UK and USA hack89 Dec 2013 #183
Lol, you mean I have been given false information by a small crew of peope here who have no clue sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #217
Invincible ignorance is still ignorance hack89 Dec 2013 #228
Oh that's for sure. But still, no information from you as to the CHARGES filed against Assange by sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #230
What did the document say about how charges are waged in the Swedish justice system? BainsBane Dec 2013 #189
discussions with sabrina would be more interesting if sabrina posted links or read the links struggle4progress Dec 2013 #117
Just post the formal charges filed by the Swedish Prosecutor in a Swedish court and you won't sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #151
Overview of Swedish Criminal Procedure (January 2012) struggle4progress Dec 2013 #184
Swedish Prosecutor General confirms Julian Assange is “charged” struggle4progress Dec 2013 #185
... On numerous occasions we have heard Julian Assange say that he is not charged with any crime. struggle4progress Dec 2013 #186
Sabrina Cali_Democrat Dec 2013 #43
Frequently does. Never seems to make even the slightest bit of difference though. Number23 Dec 2013 #89
Please post the charges you all are claiming were filed in the Swedish Court against Assange. sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #161
There's an arrest warrant out in Sweden treestar Dec 2013 #194
What are the charges? Could you post the charges filed in Sweden so we know what this sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #221
I answered that in my post above. treestar Dec 2013 #236
Thank you for finally admitting the obvious. There are no charges against Assange. So what is the sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #239
So the UK legal system can be forever ignored because you don't like the result of the Pinochet case treestar Dec 2013 #241
I think the frenzied breakdown on this thread is pretty amusing though. nt msanthrope Dec 2013 #162
It's good, but I don't think much will ever top the "Homeland Security was cracking down on Occupy" Number23 Dec 2013 #193
!!!! zappaman Dec 2013 #310
+10000000...nt SidDithers Dec 2013 #121
Please post the charges filed in a Swedish Court against Assange. I'm still waiting. sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #153
LEAVE JULIAN AWONE!11!1! *sob* dionysus Dec 2013 #55
Maybe you can help. Post the filing of charges in the Swedish Court that a few misinformed people sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #159
The poor man has suffered so much injustice! treestar Dec 2013 #197
Answer what? He has not been charged with any crimes in Sweden. Why would someone go to 'answer' sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #218
I dunno, there is an extradition out, supposedly the courts in Britain would ignore it treestar Dec 2013 #235
Nailed it... SidDithers Dec 2013 #46
Please post the charges filed in the Swedish Court. The US system has ZERO to do with Sweden sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #160
He'll never be charged because he'll never go set foot on their soil... Decaffeinated Dec 2013 #37
Wrong, he doesn't have to set foot on that soil in order to be charged. He will never be charged sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #157
It's very odd that you of all people... Decaffeinated Dec 2013 #164
Why? I don't think I've ever presented myself as someone who does not believe sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #170
The rape apologists are funny, no? Bush can't go to Malaysia. joshcryer Dec 2013 #385
I understand what you meant and agree. If he didn't do it, he shouldn't worry about answering okaawhatever Dec 2013 #11
Are you serious? Do you know ANYTHING about this farce?? Did you know that he stayed in Sweden sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #21
No, I'm familiar. Just because I don't agree with you doesn't mean i'm wrong. I also think he is/was okaawhatever Dec 2013 #23
Just list the charges and in which court they were filed. sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #34
He isn't worried. He WAS interviewed by the Swedish Police, he offered to remain in Sweden to sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #31
So you are accusing Sweden of some sort of corruption? treestar Dec 2013 #198
Post the charges filled in Sweden by the Sweden Prosecutors. That is the issue here that a few sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #206
No, the issue is that the British Courts consider extradition proper treestar Dec 2013 #238
The same 'British Court' that refused to grant the request for the extradition of Pinochet, a sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #243
What has that got to do with it? treestar Dec 2013 #270
In fact, sabrina's post is factually incorrect. The Pinochet case is actually quite confusing. Spain struggle4progress Dec 2013 #306
It was unique in international law, thus vastly different from treestar Dec 2013 #319
The decision not to extradite Pinochet from the UK to Spain was not a judicial decision: struggle4progress Dec 2013 #300
I don't waste time on people who are knee-jerk reacting to issues, I just use their comments to sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #303
In that case, Chile itself objected to Spanish extradition request: Pinochet was returned to Chile struggle4progress Dec 2013 #305
Wouldn't that be splendid? treestar Dec 2013 #320
Welcome Back HangOnKids Dec 2013 #69
The perfect authoritarian message cprise Dec 2013 #212
Hilarious, isn't it? And no charges have ever been filed against him leading to the conclusion in sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #225
I guess it is authoritarian to go along with any legal system then treestar Dec 2013 #240
No I haven't said that cprise Dec 2013 #265
What a farce alcibiades_mystery Dec 2013 #7
Our Government Leaders want to STARVE HIM OUT! Like the GITMO Prisoners KoKo Dec 2013 #13
Apt comparison jsr Dec 2013 #135
He has all the food and visitors he wants hack89 Dec 2013 #136
Um...he's in sight of Marks & Spencer's. How could he possibly starve? nt msanthrope Dec 2013 #139
Sorry...Glitch posted this twice. KoKo Dec 2013 #14
Creating a website to leak classified docs doesn't give you carte blanche to go around raping people Cali_Democrat Dec 2013 #42
Please post the case transcripts that prove the allegation you just made. Or even post any sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #207
LOL Sabrina Cali_Democrat Dec 2013 #208
Thank you. I appreciate that! But you avoided answering any of my questions. sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #209
Hugz to you Cali_Democrat Dec 2013 #211
And yet he isn't... now is he! whistler162 Dec 2013 #44
Fuck 'em. Hope he rots in the Ecuadoran embassy... SidDithers Dec 2013 #47
you leave the sweet bebe jesus alone Sid! dionysus Dec 2013 #57
St. Julian, patron saint of fugitives and bail jumpers...nt SidDithers Dec 2013 #58
Are you talkin' about the guy who Cha Dec 2013 #84
you better leave that little hero in swaddling clothes alone buster, or you're gonna get it! dionysus Dec 2013 #108
Yeah, I Cha Dec 2013 #111
Gee he might miss your posts Sid HangOnKids Dec 2013 #71
Assange can end his detention whenever he wants. tammywammy Dec 2013 #51
Assange is not in detention. He sought and was granted political asylum due to the threat to his sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #163
Diplomatic not political asylum. There is a huge difference hack89 Dec 2013 #168
Wrong, Julian Assange sought and was granted Political Asylum. sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #342
Sabrina - thank you so much for your posts Matariki Dec 2013 #336
Thank you. It's not hard really, the same false statements are made every time this issue arises. sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #338
He ought to go get it over with. I don't think the US is going to grab him. Comrade Grumpy Dec 2013 #54
Chelsea Manning assured his freedom. joshcryer Dec 2013 #101
Can't he leave the embassy any time he wants? Renew Deal Dec 2013 #73
Yes. n/t tammywammy Dec 2013 #79
But then the UK will probably file charges for jumping bail! And when he's extradited to Sweden struggle4progress Dec 2013 #97
Yes, if he wants to place himself in danger of being grabbed by the Swedish Karl Rove puppets sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #166
I believe he will spend years there, JimboBillyBubbaBob Dec 2013 #76
It's very surreal, the embassy sounds tiny... Jesus Malverde Dec 2013 #80
Things went bad for Assange ... JEFF9K Dec 2013 #81
it really does not matter how he defines it. he needs to go back to his day in court. rapists seabeyond Dec 2013 #82
'His day in court'. Where are the Charges in Sweden? To have a 'day in court' there has to be sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #219
omg, sabrina, really? lol. it has clearly been explained as you ignored. run... rapist run. seabeyond Dec 2013 #224
Omg, Seabeyond!! He is not in detention, has been granted ASYLUM, a very different matter and sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #226
no shit he is not in detention, hence "detention". and ya, a criminal has to hide from the law. seabeyond Dec 2013 #227
Are you claiming that he has been charged and convicted of a crime? Please inform the rest of the sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #229
Yeah .......... don't hold your breath for that. nt polly7 Dec 2013 #244
Lol, I know, I am not holding my breath. But the absolute certainty of the 'charges' without a sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #247
It's not fascinating to me any more .... it's lazy and simplistic and stupid. polly7 Dec 2013 #249
I actually agree with you and the ONLY reason I even bother with them when most people sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #251
Good questions! polly7 Dec 2013 #246
Especially since a few months prior to the allegations Wikileaks obtained a CIA document sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #250
Thanks for all of this Sabrina. polly7 Dec 2013 #254
She's gotten answers..she just refuses to believe them. I am assuming you read the EAW.... msanthrope Dec 2013 #269
Just list the charges filed against Assange in the Swedish Court as claimed here in this thread. sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #282
Sabrina, I no longer answer you questions because of the behavior exhibited msanthrope Dec 2013 #283
Does Sweden have a "statute of limitations" he's trying to wait out?? Blue_Tires Dec 2013 #83
That's a good question treestar Dec 2013 #199
He's never been charged with anything in Sweden so there's nothing to 'wait out'. Why have they sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #220
could it be you've willfully ignored repeated attempts to explain that the Swedish judicial system dionysus Dec 2013 #231
Could it be that you are ignoring the FACT that the Swedish Prosecutor has REFUSED to take sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #234
I wonder if the embassy staff throws him a party on these anniversaries? (nt) Nye Bevan Dec 2013 #86
Interesting question, is Assange a good houseguest? Jesus Malverde Dec 2013 #87
Someone's leaving Ecuador's embassy... but it's not Julian Assange (Independent | 9 Jun 13) struggle4progress Dec 2013 #120
I suspect when he leaves the embassy he'll be awarded a year free in Her Majesty's Bed and Breakfast struggle4progress Dec 2013 #88
Here is a court document that summarizes the case BainsBane Dec 2013 #98
I wonder how long this will go for. hrmjustin Dec 2013 #102
Assange is not in detention in the UK. He is voluntarily living in an embassy. Agnosticsherbet Dec 2013 #104
If he steps outside is he free to go or will he be detained?..nt Jesus Malverde Dec 2013 #110
Most people will not regard a person, who is in hiding after jumping bail, as being in detention struggle4progress Dec 2013 #119
I think the difference is that Einhorn was free to travel in Europe. Jesus Malverde Dec 2013 #142
The Unicorn was not free to travel in Europe under his own name. nt msanthrope Dec 2013 #201
Now you're getting desperate. Assange has been granted asylum. And who did Assange murder sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #280
I expect almost no one thinks time spent as a fugitive, evading the law, counts as time in detention struggle4progress Dec 2013 #295
So you're not familiar with the history of Asylum seekers? You really think a murderer = political sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #299
I don't regard time spent as a fugitive, evading the lawful judgment of courts, as time in detention struggle4progress Dec 2013 #302
Self-detention? moondust Dec 2013 #107
As odd as it is I think "exile" or "Asylum" is the correct term. Jesus Malverde Dec 2013 #109
A completely misleading headline, courtesy of Putin's Russia Today. MADem Dec 2013 #112
It 'sounds' better though, and makes him seem more the 'victim' which is why they use that word n/t Bodhi BloodWave Dec 2013 #115
Actually I looked for an alternate source mentioning the milestone and couldn't find one. Jesus Malverde Dec 2013 #176
The fact that you didn't find one is telling. MADem Dec 2013 #200
That should tell you something... (nt) Recursion Dec 2013 #391
This can't be good for image of freedom fighters? SpcMnky Dec 2013 #130
LOL nt. dionysus Dec 2013 #232
you do know that Assange has a talk show on Russian tv TorchTheWitch Dec 2013 #138
Wow this thread is working my ignore list bobduca Dec 2013 #216
Yep. I have no one on ignore so I'm asking those who apparently are on most people's ignore lists sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #222
There are no charges against Assange yet many here already say he's guilty. Vashta Nerada Dec 2013 #252
No. We are saying that he is a fugitive desperately trying to escape arrest hack89 Dec 2013 #273
Uh huh. Vashta Nerada Dec 2013 #284
Are you denying he is desperately trying to avoid arrest? nt hack89 Dec 2013 #287
Swedish law is not the same as US law. jeff47 Dec 2013 #286
I would just like to say for the record, snot Dec 2013 #256
Oh, wow... SidDithers Dec 2013 #277
Why Sweden? jeff47 Dec 2013 #289
I don't know who to believe in this case... NaturalHigh Dec 2013 #261
Well, it gets a lot easier when you look at what surrounds someone's position. jeff47 Dec 2013 #288
Also, don't forget the enormous scope of the conspiracy. randome Dec 2013 #290
American citizen doesn't matter jeff47 Dec 2013 #291
It's crystal clear treestar Dec 2013 #292
The worst thing that could happen to Assange is he goes to Sweden and the charges are dropped. randome Dec 2013 #296
He'll be seeing American spies under every rock treestar Dec 2013 #318
This thread is all kinds of awesome... SidDithers Dec 2013 #276
It really is. zappaman Dec 2013 #311
Seldom have I seen such a wreck. And the fact that most of it was done by a single poster Number23 Dec 2013 #321
Yeah, Assange threads are always entertaining trainwrecks. cemaphonic Dec 2013 #344
It is legend treestar Dec 2013 #382
Wow Bobbie Jo Dec 2013 #394
The only reason no charges have been pressed is because he is avoiding the country gollygee Dec 2013 #279
Sweden is a country where, at US request, an innocent man was snot Dec 2013 #340
It's obvious gollygee Dec 2013 #386
Assange is wanted for questioning. snot Dec 2013 #401
He could also be acquitted only to be extradited to the US to share a cell with Manning Major Nikon Dec 2013 #341
If Sweden did question then charge him there... joshcryer Dec 2013 #357
What exactly does Sweden have to lose? Major Nikon Dec 2013 #363
Once he's charged Ecuador can demand jurisdiction. joshcryer Dec 2013 #366
Sweden refused to question Assange remotely even before he went to the embassy Major Nikon Dec 2013 #368
It was absolutely an uncommon procedure. joshcryer Dec 2013 #369
No country has to "agree" to any such status Major Nikon Dec 2013 #371
The UK doesn't have to accept accredition. joshcryer Dec 2013 #372
It's not up to the UK to accept or deny Major Nikon Dec 2013 #373
Yes it is, read this pro-Assange blog: joshcryer Dec 2013 #374
Article 9 Major Nikon Dec 2013 #376
Article 81 says they must be Ecuadorian by birth. joshcryer Dec 2013 #377
I saw that on another web site Major Nikon Dec 2013 #378
No. It would be unprecedented. joshcryer Dec 2013 #380
Plus Julian should not get to dictate terms that way treestar Dec 2013 #383
Naturally. joshcryer Dec 2013 #384
No charges, eh? Why doesn't he waltz out of there? joshcryer Dec 2013 #356
Don't try bringing logic into this. :) Nine Dec 2013 #361
It's very simple: our Alpha-Centarian overlords have taking a special liking to Ecuador and struggle4progress Dec 2013 #365
Heh, thanks, that clears it up. joshcryer Dec 2013 #367
Ha. Well said. Recursion Dec 2013 #393
Here's what I don't understand. What do you think is the significance of the lack of charges? Nine Dec 2013 #370
They live in fantasy land where warrants without charges = innocence. joshcryer Dec 2013 #375
Because Karl Rove! Pinochet!!...nt SidDithers Dec 2013 #387
^^^ This. Nine has asked the be-all end-all question here. Recursion Dec 2013 #392
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