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37. I have often thought of something similar.
Mon Dec 16, 2013, 05:31 PM
Dec 2013

Imagine yourself outside our universe looking down through the universe, across the suns and planets and moons, focusing on earth, seeing the mountains and oceans as tiny specks, coming closer and closer in, focusing closer in until you see the larger animals, elephants and whales and then closer and closer until you see us, humans and then all of the cells and bacteria in us then in smaller animals, ants, then plants.

That is what I think about when I want to get a perspective on my problems and my relationship with God. We are about as big in terms of the perspective of the universe as that tiny speck of bacteria is in the video in the OP. We are nothing. And yet we are our whole world because the world is contained in our perception of it. There is, for each of us, no world, no real world, beyond the world we can perceive, touch, feel or at least imagine and think about. And our perception of ourselves in that immensity, our tiny selves in that greatness, only our souls, the spiritual aspect of ourselves can travel across the great vastness of the universe. And we only travel the distance when we are spiritually whole.

That is perspective for me.

Cool stuff!! GoCubsGo Dec 2013 #1
That is awesomeness on film. loudsue Dec 2013 #2
I've heard that word before! graywarrior Dec 2013 #13
watching the scale is really cool.... mike_c Dec 2013 #3
You can find all those things in a marine reef tank.. X_Digger Dec 2013 #4
I love pond water! Curmudgeoness Dec 2013 #25
Nah, just a nerdy marine aquarium keeper. X_Digger Dec 2013 #28
That lab took my breath away. Curmudgeoness Dec 2013 #29
If you ever want to take a peek at that little tank on the left.. X_Digger Dec 2013 #32
oooo I luvs teh itty bitty creechures!!! BlancheSplanchnik Dec 2013 #33
In this tank on the camera, I've seen ostracods, nematodes, copepods, isopods.. X_Digger Dec 2013 #36
I am so jealous!!!!!!! BlancheSplanchnik Dec 2013 #39
Yeah, it's hit or miss. A better time to check is at night, when the main lights are out. X_Digger Dec 2013 #40
well of coure he's unidentified.... BlancheSplanchnik Dec 2013 #41
Thanks. The link is cool, Curmudgeoness Dec 2013 #34
Well, the maginification is about 55x. X_Digger Dec 2013 #35
That is awesome!..nt Jesus Malverde Dec 2013 #30
To me, this is just as awesome as photos from the Hubble. arcane1 Dec 2013 #5
It would be fuzzy... shaayecanaan Dec 2013 #6
That's even more cool. A completely alien existence, just outside our door. arcane1 Dec 2013 #10
Like a journey to Pepperland NBachers Dec 2013 #11
Awesome! Phlem Dec 2013 #7
I'm still creeped out by the crap on our eyelashes valerief Dec 2013 #8
Jesus! graywarrior Dec 2013 #14
Pretty amazing..nt Jesus Malverde Dec 2013 #18
K&R! JohnnyRingo Dec 2013 #9
k/r 840high Dec 2013 #12
That's pretty awesome! Initech Dec 2013 #15
I see that and I think "WOW!!! That is the coolest thing I've seen today!" Moostache Dec 2013 #16
Bookmarking libodem Dec 2013 #17
hey, it's a little rod magical thyme Dec 2013 #19
Obviously the frog wasn't following the 5 second rule Major Nikon Dec 2013 #20
Make that GIF. It is an acronym, so all caps. Coyotl Dec 2013 #21
"Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em, tclambert Dec 2013 #22
That's cool! I know the L. F. Richardson version that deals petronius Dec 2013 #31
That's pretty cool. These are great images too. Link below alfredo Dec 2013 #23
So cool. I am more intrigued by the diatom. Curmudgeoness Dec 2013 #24
That thing looks like a dead mouse I found in the shed.... panader0 Dec 2013 #26
Cool beans!!!! WCGreen Dec 2013 #27
I have often thought of something similar. JDPriestly Dec 2013 #37
Pity the make-up artist preparing the star for the photo-shoot. Tierra_y_Libertad Dec 2013 #38
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