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24. Muslims will be shocked to discover that they don't believe in Jesus.
Sun Dec 22, 2013, 01:46 PM
Dec 2013

Of course it's more likely that bearded duckhead guy has never heard of Isa bin-Maryam, the name Muslims know Jesus by. Jesus is considered the second-most important prophet of Islam after Mohammed himself. So "not havin' Jesus in their lives" is a pretty sweeping, inaccurate statement about Muslims.

Awesome op-ed gollygee Dec 2013 #1
And for the cat lovers: darkangel218 Dec 2013 #2
I have no use for cat haters either. Knowing that is the cherry on top of the catbyte Dec 2013 #20
arrrgh Liberal_in_LA Dec 2013 #59
Some hunters hate cats because roody Dec 2013 #60
knr - I posted this on my Facebook Douglas Carpenter Dec 2013 #3
His point #2 ... dawg Dec 2013 #4
You can say that again! rdharma Dec 2013 #8
Great Picture Stainless Dec 2013 #13
yep, that's about the size of things. BlancheSplanchnik Dec 2013 #21
As an LGBT person, I vote for #3 as the most hateful, ignorant pack of lies. Zorra Dec 2013 #9
I wonder if ol' Phil is so stupid that he actually believes this crap........ rdharma Dec 2013 #16
If it is calculated, he is indisputably an extremely evil person by all standards of our society. Zorra Dec 2013 #19
The party of hate damnedifIknow Dec 2013 #5
+1 CFLDem Dec 2013 #23
You do know the more they uncover this persons SummerSnow Dec 2013 #6
The Nazis,..... no Jesus? rdharma Dec 2013 #7
Wow, that one sends a chill down my spine... mountain grammy Dec 2013 #10
Hitler had a lot in common with Hillbilly Phil Major Nikon Dec 2013 #11
That second paragraph is exactly what the conservative religious right is saying now! mountain grammy Dec 2013 #17
I pledge allegiance to..... WHEN CRABS ROAR Dec 2013 #67
"If it quacks like a Duck, and walks like a Duck..." nt Zorra Dec 2013 #25
Gee that's not Benny the Rat is it? calimary Dec 2013 #34
Nope! That's not Pope Benedict XVI........ BUT THIS IS! rdharma Dec 2013 #36
Good find, rdharma! calimary Dec 2013 #42
That photo is cut. if you find the whole picture you would see that he had both hands up and hrmjustin Dec 2013 #46
How about this one? rdharma Dec 2013 #49
You got me there. hrmjustin Dec 2013 #50
You can't deny that Ratzinger was in the Hitler Jugend. rdharma Dec 2013 #51
I don't argue that. my issue was with the pic. He was not giving the salute there. hrmjustin Dec 2013 #52
However, he was wearing the uniform with the eagle with the swastika. rdharma Dec 2013 #53
No I am not arguing against his being a nazi. That picture was at his ordination to the priesthood w hrmjustin Dec 2013 #55
OK! nt rdharma Dec 2013 #56
Yeah, but... Iggo Dec 2013 #62
pardon? hrmjustin Dec 2013 #63
(I'm on your side.) Iggo Dec 2013 #64
lol, my brain is not working today. hrmjustin Dec 2013 #65
Wow. He had those creepy eyes even as a youth. nt SunSeeker Dec 2013 #72
At that time lillypaddle Dec 2013 #81
people seem to think iamthebandfanman Dec 2013 #77
Ignorance and hatred are a badge of honor with the duck people. mountain grammy Dec 2013 #12
Robertson equates blacks with welfare and "entitlement" Bernardo de La Paz Dec 2013 #14
Seems to me it might be time to put the award-winning TV series "Roots" back on the air. calimary Dec 2013 #39
Yeah, but Phil & Right Wing would say network just shilling for Obama's Third Term. nt Bernardo de La Paz Dec 2013 #57
Well, tough shit on them. "Roots" should be rerun. And soon. calimary Dec 2013 #71
+1. Was rerun, but only on BET. Bernardo de La Paz Dec 2013 #84
White, Fundamentalist Christians - the Master Race n/t Stonepounder Dec 2013 #15
He's not as ignorant as he acts customerserviceguy Dec 2013 #18
That is a very sick man. asjr Dec 2013 #22
Muslims will be shocked to discover that they don't believe in Jesus. Aristus Dec 2013 #24
And it says nothing about the horrendous murder rate HERE IN Nice, White, Christian America. calimary Dec 2013 #40
Whatever school system "educated" him should be ashamed. jwirr Dec 2013 #26
Louisiana schools rank among the worst in the country. SunSeeker Dec 2013 #73
That does not surprise me. History alone is skewed to their view. Science is still teaching jwirr Dec 2013 #86
Lest we forget, the Nazis were Christian. Harry Monroe Dec 2013 #27
The comment section has been hijacked. It needs our help! nt Quixote1818 Dec 2013 #28
Never heard of Duck Dynasty before The Wizard Dec 2013 #29
Mmmmmmm.....DUuuzzzyyyy!!!!!! LongTomH Dec 2013 #43
Juanita Jean has some good comments about Duck D Gothmog Dec 2013 #30
"While the Dixie Chicks are not entitled to the First Amendment, rednecks are." SunSeeker Dec 2013 #74
Hey Phil ... napkinz Dec 2013 #31
and this ... napkinz Dec 2013 #32
"A good woman is "hard to find...You gotta marry these girls when they're 15 or 16..." Zorra Dec 2013 #33
Kick and fucking Rec!...nt SidDithers Dec 2013 #35
I don't understand the hoopla cvoogt Dec 2013 #37
The Republican conservative mindset that he represents is the very reason polluting, Zorra Dec 2013 #44
I know and I agree cvoogt Dec 2013 #48
The more they open their hateful Republican mouths, the more they shoot themselves in the foot, Zorra Dec 2013 #54
Well, we all know what a radical left-wing rag "Business Insider" is! bullwinkle428 Dec 2013 #38
strange fruit Dakota Flint Dec 2013 #41
Project much mr. duck? abakan Dec 2013 #45
I think Phil R. pretty much says out loud, what Republican/TeaParty Rectangle Dec 2013 #47
He talks crap about women also Liberal_in_LA Dec 2013 #58
what you are defending azureblue Dec 2013 #61
I have tried these questions on the Bible thumpers I work with. Fastcars Dec 2013 #69
Well, Jesus never had anything to say about gay people theHandpuppet Dec 2013 #75
and therein lies the rub azureblue Dec 2013 #76
They say that, but then they quote the OT. Enthusiast Dec 2013 #80
The New Testament can do just as well. Lets do Phil the Duck Guy, NT style.... Bluenorthwest Dec 2013 #90
Regarding Robertson's leap of logic connecting bombings and belief in Jesus: bulloney Dec 2013 #66
that guy is becoming the updated version of the confederate flag Skittles Dec 2013 #68
Pitiful grasp of history. AtheistCrusader Dec 2013 #70
hes one of the happiest men in the world.. iamthebandfanman Dec 2013 #78
I sincerely doubt that money can buy happiness for confused, frightened people. Zorra Dec 2013 #89
a few of my extremely religious relatives are like that Lex Dec 2013 #91
What an awful man. /nt mwb970 Dec 2013 #79
How about.... HoosierCowboy Dec 2013 #82
No Jesus huh? Moostache Dec 2013 #83
That guy just gives me the creeps. leftyladyfrommo Dec 2013 #85
When You Defend Phil Robertson, Here's What You're Really Defending The CCC Dec 2013 #87
I'm not boycotting this guy for the simple reason that I have never watched his show anyway. Beacool Dec 2013 #88
Exactly Liberalynn Dec 2013 #93
this ---> napkinz Dec 2013 #92
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