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Nye Bevan

(25,406 posts)
Wed Apr 30, 2014, 02:54 PM Apr 2014

You can totally oppose the death penalty while having zero empathy for murderers and rapists. [View all]

It's very disappointing to see people on a progressive website not grasping this. One day the US will join most of the rest of the civilized world in abolishing capital punishment, and history will not look kindly on events like yesterday's.

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Thank you. K & R Coventina Apr 2014 #1
The empathy op was clearly a failure and not based in reality. NCTraveler Apr 2014 #2
Sure, but its surprising how many do. aikoaiko Apr 2014 #3
I would not say zero empathy. cthulu2016 Apr 2014 #4
i agree sympathy might be a better term but with that change, zero is still a possible amount unblock Apr 2014 #5
Well said; I agree... (nt) petronius Apr 2014 #9
It's not about the felon, but the victim lbrtbell Apr 2014 #87
What about the fact that many "felons" Live and Learn May 2014 #106
Part of my problem is rehabilitation isn't even being given a chance in most states now davidpdx May 2014 #109
Very well put LiberalLovinLug May 2014 #129
I had an conversation with a Korean student at the university I teach at here davidpdx May 2014 #110
i don't think the pro-death penalty people are forgetting the victim. unblock May 2014 #113
Its about all the victims, not just that one LiberalLovinLug May 2014 #131
+1000 nt Live and Learn May 2014 #146
This.... dhill926 Apr 2014 #6
Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. Tierra_y_Libertad Apr 2014 #7
+1 gollygee Apr 2014 #8
+1 nt Nye Bevan Apr 2014 #11
Friedrich Nietzsche .... oldhippie Apr 2014 #68
...and probably fat, too. From South Germany, I bet. Eleanors38 Apr 2014 #81
ad hom. defacto7 May 2014 #101
Nietzsche was an asshole. But the validity of his statement holds regardless. Gravitycollapse Apr 2014 #88
Toucher! defacto7 May 2014 #102
ad hominem defacto7 May 2014 #100
How so? oldhippie May 2014 #115
It was meant with tongue in cheek, defacto7 May 2014 #144
Ok, I get you ... oldhippie May 2014 #145
Thank you. myrna minx May 2014 #139
The Death Penalty was never about what the criminal deserves knightmaar Apr 2014 #10
"foolish notion" by holly near niyad Apr 2014 #80
+1 Cha May 2014 #107
k&r uppityperson Apr 2014 #12
Absolutely leftynyc Apr 2014 #13
Yes. I have been unalterably opposed to the death penalty since MineralMan Apr 2014 #14
+1 nomorenomore08 Apr 2014 #17
+1 mac56 Apr 2014 #33
Well said. nt. MH1 Apr 2014 #71
If they're wrong -- and so many have been -- there is no 'taking it back' Rhythm Apr 2014 #94
I not only oppose the death penalty, SheilaT Apr 2014 #15
I've been trying to make exactly this point. Jackpine Radical Apr 2014 #16
Good post, thanks. I hadn't seen it (nt) Nye Bevan Apr 2014 #19
I don't agree with you very often. But on this, I do. PeaceNikki Apr 2014 #18
Thanks. elleng Apr 2014 #20
K&R Tribalceltic Apr 2014 #21
Agree wholeheartedly Piasladic Apr 2014 #22
That's my take, actually. Lizzie Poppet Apr 2014 #23
My feelings too loyalsister Apr 2014 #41
Indeed... +1 hlthe2b Apr 2014 #24
I wonder, how many people who support the death penalty passiveporcupine Apr 2014 #25
That is how I usually put it to someone who is OwnedByCats May 2014 #147
Agreed, on all points. nt msanthrope Apr 2014 #26
on an unrelated matter.. Obnoxious_One Apr 2014 #27
That's different ... oldhippie Apr 2014 #69
I don't like it. ZombieHorde May 2014 #126
Completely agree..... Swede Atlanta Apr 2014 #28
My opposition to the death penalty is faith based too. mwooldri Apr 2014 #49
Wonderful response! +1 RufusTFirefly May 2014 #96
That is sad. It is not a difficult concept, it is unethical to execute people for any crime, period. Jefferson23 Apr 2014 #29
Not only unethical, but there is no absolute need to execute anyone. WHEN CRABS ROAR Apr 2014 #57
Exactly...thank you.n/t Jefferson23 Apr 2014 #58
Proud to K and R RufusTFirefly Apr 2014 #30
I am pretty much a bleeding heart when it comes to the justice system. alarimer Apr 2014 #31
What is your opinion on Life Without the Possibility of Parole (LWOP)? BlueEye Apr 2014 #32
I agree that LWOP is an appropriate sentence for the worst criminals. Nye Bevan Apr 2014 #37
Good points. BlueEye Apr 2014 #39
Life in prison without parole is often a much better punishment IronLionZion Apr 2014 #34
Then, that kinda sounds like you support torture ... oldhippie Apr 2014 #70
It sounds like you support pure bullshit IronLionZion Apr 2014 #86
I'm pretty sure pipi_k May 2014 #118
Good rationalization .... oldhippie May 2014 #119
So what's your solution? pipi_k May 2014 #121
Solution to what? oldhippie May 2014 #123
Well this started pipi_k May 2014 #128
I can see the confusion ..... oldhippie May 2014 #130
OK... pipi_k May 2014 #132
And that's why .... oldhippie May 2014 #141
hear, hear! Puzzledtraveller Apr 2014 #35
you can also use the d.p. and still be civilized leftyohiolib Apr 2014 #36
I disagree that strapping someone to a gurney and forcibly injecting them with poison Nye Bevan Apr 2014 #38
No, that is not at all possible. A well mannered society does not find excuses to execute people. Jefferson23 Apr 2014 #42
It's not civilized just because we paralyze them so they can't scream. n/t jtuck004 Apr 2014 #43
Totally disagree RufusTFirefly Apr 2014 #44
Raping and killing an ELEVEN MONTH old child should be cause for dismissal... cherokeeprogressive Apr 2014 #63
How about someone who rapes and kills an older child, or an adult? Nye Bevan Apr 2014 #75
Capacity for self-defense would be a consideration. cherokeeprogressive Apr 2014 #85
Say someone rapes then murders a 20 year old woman who is too paralyzed with fear to defend herself. Nye Bevan Apr 2014 #89
Good for you. cherokeeprogressive Apr 2014 #93
Yes, these are difficult questions, Nye Bevan May 2014 #97
That is an opinion etherealtruth Apr 2014 #64
Only if you redefine "civilized" first. n/t flvegan Apr 2014 #67
No you can't. NuclearDem Apr 2014 #83
I was on the fence regarding this issue for many years. Chemisse Apr 2014 #40
I was as well and decided firmly I was against it davidpdx May 2014 #108
k&r... spanone Apr 2014 #45
Not all progressives and liberals are the same IkeRepublican Apr 2014 #46
On an intellectual level azmom Apr 2014 #47
Your instinct is entirely understandable. Nye Bevan Apr 2014 #51
I think it's a good thing azmom Apr 2014 #54
But it isn't up to family members of the victims. That's not the justice system. kcr Apr 2014 #73
We have a justice system that for azmom Apr 2014 #76
Would you, personally, be prepared to perform the execution? Nye Bevan Apr 2014 #78
I think I could azmom May 2014 #116
There's nothing difficult about it. What you want is essentially a lynch mob kcr May 2014 #134
Pretty much how I see it. 840high Apr 2014 #84
There is nothing wrong with feeling that way. whopis01 Apr 2014 #56
I don't see it as revenge at all azmom Apr 2014 #62
It's convenient to rationalize opinions by being a little bit creative with definitions. kcr Apr 2014 #74
It would be azmom Apr 2014 #77
Your rational that they should have to die too because that's what's fair kcr May 2014 #135
Who gets to define what justice is? whopis01 Apr 2014 #79
You used the words "I...want" so it just got emotional. flvegan May 2014 #95
Vengeance is not justice. (nt) jeff47 May 2014 #140
Don't the azmom May 2014 #142
Absolutely. You can even say "Why, I'd make an exception for that 'un" and not really mean it. MADem Apr 2014 #48
BIG K&R Agony Apr 2014 #50
They also don't grasp that a lifetime in prison is worse than execution. Warpy Apr 2014 #52
I have gone back and forth a bit after the TBF Apr 2014 #53
I dont support the dp Niceguy1 Apr 2014 #55
Exactly n/t etherealtruth Apr 2014 #59
Imbedded trolls are doing what they do best. nt onehandle Apr 2014 #60
Killing is wrong. 99Forever Apr 2014 #61
There will come a day NastyRiffraff Apr 2014 #65
Great point, I Mbrow Apr 2014 #66
Good point sarisataka Apr 2014 #72
I oppose the death penalty. Too many mistakes and wrongful convictions, Eleanors38 Apr 2014 #82
Yes. SalviaBlue Apr 2014 #90
The death penalty is wrong in all cases. n/t Gore1FL Apr 2014 #91
Valar Morghulis Burf-_- Apr 2014 #92
Executions defy logic Pantagruelsmember May 2014 #98
How can having zero empathy for anyone ever be a plus? snot May 2014 #99
Sorry, but unreadierLizard May 2014 #112
It's not a plus... pipi_k May 2014 #122
The death penalty is for the purpose of defacto7 May 2014 #103
Well, yeah. Ken Burch May 2014 #104
I'm with you, Nye Bevan. K&R! Enthusiast May 2014 #105
Count me in nt MrScorpio May 2014 #111
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2014 #114
But I think you are pipi_k May 2014 #120
The entire EU agrees with you. dipsydoodle May 2014 #117
Pleasantly surprised and enormously gratified JayhawkSD May 2014 #124
I totally agree! No matter what my anger is toward people who do others, doing the same thing... DesertDiamond May 2014 #125
I agree that the death penalty is savage in general. I also agree that humans are affected Sarah Ibarruri May 2014 #127
agree completely nt steve2470 May 2014 #133
Accused, tried and convicted murderers. Orsino May 2014 #136
Yes, nuance is difficult for some. nt SunSeeker May 2014 #137
Don't you know EVERYONE who is pro-cat MUST BE anti-dog? Spitfire of ATJ May 2014 #138
That is dangerous thinking there... Riftaxe May 2014 #143
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