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51. Okay, I'll walk into the trap. I don't believe you can understand
Tue Jun 24, 2014, 10:29 AM
Jun 2014

what it is to live like a poor person unless you've been a poor person.

You can have sympathy. You can care. you can be willing to "transfer wealth", but, unless you've lived it, you will never get what it is like to worry every day of your life that your kids might need something that you can't provide, let alone almost never being able to give them what they want. Or that your fever might go high enough that you won't be able to work and you'll miss a day's pay.

And no, living in your mansion on a welfare budget for a week by choice doesn't come close. Not even the same universe. It's the grinding poverty, day after day, the stress, the fear for your kids, etc.

Nor can I understand what it is to have more money than I or the next several generations of my descendants will need unless that somehow becomes my reality someday.

Seriously, is this really a controversial concept?

The expression "until you've walked a mile in my [his][her] shoes" did not become an expression for no reason.

But, Hillary and Chelsea make a couple of tone deaf comments, so we are going to deny the existence of something we once all assumed without question was true? Something most or all of us have probably said or posted or thought ourselves more than once, believing it to be true?

This is about the most ridiculous I've seen this place get.

Apparently Evergreen Emerald Jun 2014 #1
That's about right. Doncha just love DUers, sometimes?...nt SidDithers Jun 2014 #2
bzzzzt. see post 3, sid dear. cali Jun 2014 #4
Is this a Clinton day or an Egypt day, dear cali?... SidDithers Jun 2014 #8
Right, what's with these moonbats? MannyGoldstein Jun 2014 #12
it can be both sid, my delightful little canadian pal cali Jun 2014 #14
Well, I look forward, with eager anticipation, to whatever you come up with... SidDithers Jun 2014 #40
there are things in this world to be outraged by, sid my little canadian songbird cali Jun 2014 #50
you have it precisely wrong, tru cali Jun 2014 #3
Or simply reading those same comments without supporting context to more conveniently realize existi LanternWaste Jun 2014 #23
^^^^^THIS^^^^^ n/t ljm2002 Jun 2014 #57
and the same people promoting this meme love them some FDR FSogol Jun 2014 #5
To understand the poor, you do have to meet the poor and listen to them struggle4progress Jun 2014 #6
+1 nomorenomore08 Jun 2014 #70
I don't think you necessarily had to be poor to understand, panader0 Jun 2014 #7
Exactly! pipi_k Jun 2014 #24
Agreed DustyJoe Jun 2014 #36
Thank you! Academic experience has its worth and benefits, but can never replace lived experience. Coventina Jun 2014 #31
Does it help? How does that explain Boehner? Freepers? I'd say first/foremost empathy helps. KittyWampus Jun 2014 #54
Maybe the experience of being poor is necessary but not sufficient. Jackpine Radical Jun 2014 #89
You don't have to be poor to understand, but talking about helping the poor while amassing millions Lee-Lee Jun 2014 #9
No Gman Jun 2014 #11
I disagree Lee-Lee Jun 2014 #19
Bill Gates is misguided in many of his attempts to help those less fortunate than he. Education is Squinch Jun 2014 #96
Why would they ring hollow? el_bryanto Jun 2014 #13
Making money is fine. Making millions or billions while complaining about inequality is hypocritical Lee-Lee Jun 2014 #20
I don't agree el_bryanto Jun 2014 #26
Income inequality is income inequality Lee-Lee Jun 2014 #27
OK - let me clarify something - are you in favor of a capitalist economy el_bryanto Jun 2014 #28
I'm a capitalist too JustAnotherGen Jun 2014 #34
If I had my way, pure socialism Lee-Lee Jun 2014 #38
I'd set the arbitrary overall amount higher Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jun 2014 #45
Social democracy (a la Denmark) is my ideal. nomorenomore08 Jun 2014 #71
I don't even have a problem with that, my issue being full of shit pushing free trade deals, TheKentuckian Jun 2014 #75
I have seen no examples in my personal life PowerToThePeople Jun 2014 #37
Costco. n/t tammywammy Jun 2014 #46
+1 Hell yes... SomethingFishy Jun 2014 #64
What happened to provoke this? el_bryanto Jun 2014 #10
See "General Discussion." n/t FSogol Jun 2014 #15
Thanks for narrowing it down. I would have wasted hours in the Classic Films group. nt el_bryanto Jun 2014 #18
. BootinUp Jun 2014 #32
Not for everyone. Bonobo Jun 2014 #16
+8000000 nt Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jun 2014 #44
Pretty much. n/t nomorenomore08 Jun 2014 #72
I hope not. MannyGoldstein Jun 2014 #17
No 4Q2u2 Jun 2014 #21
"But if you are super rich and pass legislation that hurts poor people..." nomorenomore08 Jun 2014 #73
Well I wouldn't pipi_k Jun 2014 #22
Seems like the opposite is true too - To understand the wealthy, you Rex Jun 2014 #25
I have been poor and I have been relatively "comfortable." merrily Jun 2014 #86
No idea, I've been poor and middle class. Rex Jun 2014 #88
Fine by me--as long as you say within your band of merrily Jun 2014 #94
In a country well governed Ichingcarpenter Jun 2014 #29
When will Hillary start 'commenting' on impoverished people? leftstreet Jun 2014 #30
She isn't campaigning firstly BootinUp Jun 2014 #35
What is this philanthropic organization of which you speak? tularetom Jun 2014 #42
Not campaigning? LOL merrily Jun 2014 #85
Technically correct, lol. BootinUp Jun 2014 #95
She's on a book tour. She's not campaigning for anything at the moment. Beacool Jun 2014 #90
I'm not sure what sparked this JustAnotherGen Jun 2014 #33
Yes, there is no such thing as "thinking" and "empathy" and "philosophy" betsuni Jun 2014 #39
So it's okay for the well-to-do to lecture the poor? nomorenomore08 Jun 2014 #74
If you're going to not be poor and try to comment on the poor tularetom Jun 2014 #41
"...at least attempt to sound a bit sincere and convincing." nomorenomore08 Jun 2014 #77
Nope. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jun 2014 #43
Isn't it grand here..we all had the same experience growing up so, well, we could never relate to... Tikki Jun 2014 #47
meme? reddread Jun 2014 #48
What about FDR & the Kennedy's? WI_DEM Jun 2014 #49
Did they say they were broke or they weren't really well off? merrily Jun 2014 #61
Simple, they were never broke. Beacool Jun 2014 #91
As to FDR and JFK, you don't know what they did or did not owe, since merrily Jun 2014 #93
FDR spent summers in a polio spa where the poorest people in Georgia Demeter Jun 2014 #84
Okay, I'll walk into the trap. I don't believe you can understand merrily Jun 2014 #51
Good post trumad Jun 2014 #59
! A surprised thank you. merrily Jun 2014 #60
Don't be surprised... trumad Jun 2014 #63
Thank you, but that so seldom seems to matter on this board. merrily Jun 2014 #83
great post, merrily. cali Jun 2014 #68
Having good friends from a variety of backgrounds also helps. nomorenomore08 Jun 2014 #79
Experience gives one knowledge that abelenkpe Jun 2014 #52
It is a very particular, and irreplaceable, kind of knowledge. n/t nomorenomore08 Jun 2014 #80
"By their fruit you will recognize them..." Romulox Jun 2014 #53
This is right in my wheelhouse nilesobek Jun 2014 #55
Why not? hughee99 Jun 2014 #56
Is this a sincere question, or is it just about Hillary? LWolf Jun 2014 #58
It can be both, no? merrily Jun 2014 #62
Yes. LWolf Jun 2014 #78
I am glad that help was available. merrily Jun 2014 #81
To truly understand it? Yes. You may be able to empathize with it... SomethingFishy Jun 2014 #65
If you have never been poor RainDog Jun 2014 #66
You can understand the poor, just don't patronize them by saying dilby Jun 2014 #67
I disagree that people who have never been poor can understand the poor. merrily Jun 2014 #82
Depends what you mean by "understand." Anyone can sympathize, even empathize to a degree. nomorenomore08 Jun 2014 #69
I know rich people who were once poor, and they're big assholes mainer Jun 2014 #76
I agree. There's some misconception that being poor inherently makes you a good person. Beacool Jun 2014 #92
Apparently so............. Beacool Jun 2014 #87
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