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9. your are right and that is the irony
Mon Aug 25, 2014, 12:06 PM
Aug 2014

I think the media is a loss leader for the ruling class. it is intended to brainwash the public - the simplistic thinking of the repug masses and many of the independents - to keep them uninformed. Whether the news programs make money is not important because ignorance allows the ruling class to make more money and continue to rule.

HP IS owned by AOL and licks the boots of Facebook...there is that. Fred Sanders Aug 2014 #1
Bootlickers of the wealthy and powerful, all of them. nt bemildred Aug 2014 #3
huffington post started out independed and showed us how to samsingh Aug 2014 #5
Well daredtowork Aug 2014 #20
some better, bitter advise. ChairmanAgnostic Aug 2014 #2
we only want news - unbiased and valid - not made up crap samsingh Aug 2014 #4
CNN bought and re-sold the steaming pile of propaganda crap expunged by "The Gateway Pundit". Fred Sanders Aug 2014 #6
zucker is a major disappointment samsingh Aug 2014 #7
I think the corporatists are more motivated by feudalism betterdemsonly Aug 2014 #8
your are right and that is the irony samsingh Aug 2014 #9
You expressed that well. That was my gut feeling when NBC replaced David GOPregory Arugula Latte Aug 2014 #10
yes, sadly i believe that is the agenda samsingh Aug 2014 #13
But he'll be just as boring and one-sided as Gregory. Fawke Em Aug 2014 #16
I don't think they care much about ratings for those shows ... Arugula Latte Aug 2014 #19
Then why even bother to get rid of Gregory? Fawke Em Sep 2014 #22
This is something I find to be interesting. BKH70041 Aug 2014 #11
it's an increasingly smaller number samsingh Aug 2014 #14
I used my TV only for news and movies. Atman Aug 2014 #15
the profitability of any MSM entities depends on how valuable their audience is to advertisers KurtNYC Aug 2014 #12
Let their ratings plummet... toddwv Aug 2014 #17
maybe Ted Turner could buy CNN back for a song? samsingh Aug 2014 #18
Haven't watched cable news in quite a while bigwillq Aug 2014 #21
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