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geek tragedy

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Sat Sep 13, 2014, 01:24 PM Sep 2014

Was it wrong to prosecute Oliver North for trading arms for hostages? [View all]

Seems there is quite a bit of debate here as to whether we should do whatever it takes, pay whatever price necessary, to obtain the release of American hostages. Including paying money which will be spent acquiring weapons and financing more kidnappings and armed attacks.

Oliver North had what he thought was a 'neat idea'--obtain the release of hostages held by Iran by arranging arms sales to Iran (illegal at the time) and then take the proceeds to fund the terrorist contras in Nicaragua.

This was bipartisan condemnation, though some Republicans (e.g. Limbaugh) thought North was a hero.

A special prosecutor, Lawrence Walsh, was appointed to prosecute.

So, where do we stand? It it okay to fund terrorists and give them access to weapons as ransom to get hostages released?

Should such actions be prosecuted, or is the current administration in the wrong?

10 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Illegal ransoms and funding of terrorist organizations should be prosecuted--Obama/Walsh are right
10 (100%)
Illegal ransoms and funding of terrorist organizations should not be prosecuted--North was justified.
0 (0%)
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what inspired this poll? cali Sep 2014 #1
People are aghast that Obama refused to allow ransom to be paid geek tragedy Sep 2014 #3
The family may be prosecuted. You ok with that? Warren Stupidity Sep 2014 #5
They weren't because they didn't fund ISIL. geek tragedy Sep 2014 #7
Just keep digging. Warren Stupidity Sep 2014 #10
It was accurate advice. They would be guilty of a criminal act geek tragedy Sep 2014 #12
It was unsolicited advice for a government agency. In other words, a threat. morningfog Sep 2014 #63
I can't imagine actual prosecution. Shrike47 Sep 2014 #60
perhaps, but this was done to these families as they were desperately trying Warren Stupidity Sep 2014 #64
I think comparing what North did to these families is horrible. cali Sep 2014 #14
Not comparing the families, I am comparing the justifications of sending geek tragedy Sep 2014 #21
I don't think there would have been any approach that could have been made to those pnwmom Sep 2014 #49
I did not vote in this poll due to the "Apples and Oranges" rule... ScreamingMeemie Sep 2014 #2
Oh for fuck sake. Warren Stupidity Sep 2014 #4
Really. Funneling arms to Hezbollah and Iran wasn't considered geek tragedy Sep 2014 #6
You should fix your fucked poll. That was not North's contribution. Warren Stupidity Sep 2014 #8
How is financing the contras worse than financing ISIL? nt geek tragedy Sep 2014 #9
A government official engaged in corrupt practices is no different Warren Stupidity Sep 2014 #11
Money going to terrorists is money going to terrorists. geek tragedy Sep 2014 #13
the motivations are entirely different and should be taken into consideration cali Sep 2014 #20
I would go mad with grief probably. geek tragedy Sep 2014 #22
I agree. North went far beyond trading arms for hostages. Lochloosa Sep 2014 #16
sucky poll. disgusting comparison of grieving families to a right wing nut job criminal. cali Sep 2014 #15
The families did nothing wrong. geek tragedy Sep 2014 #18
Because selling arms to Iran was against federal law and a President is supposed to merrily Sep 2014 #25
So is funding ISIL. geek tragedy Sep 2014 #26
They did NOT fund IS. You're right. Let's give the bereaved the death penalty for nothing. merrily Sep 2014 #28
Where did I say anything bad about geek tragedy Sep 2014 #29
The Obama administration traded high value terrorists for Bergdahl. cali Sep 2014 #17
So you think we should have paid the ransom? geek tragedy Sep 2014 #19
Are you making a label-based argument? ZombieHorde Sep 2014 #31
Status, not label. geek tragedy Sep 2014 #32
I don't understand ZombieHorde Sep 2014 #33
Label implies no meaningful difference. nt geek tragedy Sep 2014 #35
Isn't meaning in these situations subjective? ZombieHorde Sep 2014 #39
Science? geek tragedy Sep 2014 #42
I'm sorry. ZombieHorde Sep 2014 #66
Jesus Fucking Christ dude, seriously? tkmorris Sep 2014 #23
It is an offensive post. It shows how far some will sink. morningfog Sep 2014 #43
Ollie North did not get prosecuted for paying ransom for hostages. merrily Sep 2014 #24
North should still be in prison, but the families of hostages should not be prosecuted. Comrade Grumpy Sep 2014 #27
No one has said that and no one is likely to say it. randome Sep 2014 #53
If I were a family member, I would ignore US government threats and do what I could... Comrade Grumpy Sep 2014 #55
I probably would, too. randome Sep 2014 #57
North? Reagan should have gone to jail for Iran Contra. nt Erich Bloodaxe BSN Sep 2014 #30
I was going to vote yes, but changed my vote. Jamastiene Sep 2014 #34
How about Macfarlane? nt geek tragedy Sep 2014 #36
One of the worst apples to oranges comparisons that I've seen. Rex Sep 2014 #37
The families committed no crime . geek tragedy Sep 2014 #38
Who are we to sit and judge them? They didn't run for office Rex Sep 2014 #41
I'm not criticizing the families. geek tragedy Sep 2014 #45
True, but you know as well as I do "we don't negotiate with terrorists". Rex Sep 2014 #46
Amazing how supporting dictators never geek tragedy Sep 2014 #48
Defense contractors don't care who they sell their arms to. Rex Sep 2014 #51
Carter's record wasn't perfect. geek tragedy Sep 2014 #52
Maybe it also explains why some of them (GOP) are Pooty Poot lovers. Rex Sep 2014 #54
Russia is the ultimate red state. nt geek tragedy Sep 2014 #58
I don't agree with the current administration on this subject. ZombieHorde Sep 2014 #40
Wow. Absurd AND slimy. woo me with science Sep 2014 #44
This message was self-deleted by its author MFrohike Sep 2014 #47
Oh. Good one. randome Sep 2014 #50
it's all about Obama Enrique Sep 2014 #56
Or convoluted rationalizations to see his Admin as full of heartless monsters. Like ISIS. randome Sep 2014 #59
North did not trade arms for the "release" of hostages randr Sep 2014 #61
Different hostages. nt geek tragedy Sep 2014 #62
Oh it is worse than that - he used the hostage deal to funnel arms to the Contras. Warren Stupidity Sep 2014 #65
Is it wrong to laugh at a stupid polling question? n/t U4ikLefty Sep 2014 #67
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