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Tue Dec 30, 2014, 09:44 AM Dec 2014

NYT rightly calls out the NYPD's tantrum: 'They Hijacked Funeral for own petty "Look-at-us gesture' [View all]

Police Respect Squandered in Attacks on de Blasio


" They have taken the most grave and solemn of civic moments — a funeral of a fallen colleague — and hijacked it for their own petty look-at-us gesture. In doing so, they also turned their backs on Mr. Ramos’s widow and her two young sons, and others in that grief-struck family. "


the rest:
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But but but malaise Dec 2014 #1
kudos to the times! spanone Dec 2014 #2
The media helped exaggerate their little temper tantrum also. There were thousands of cops sabrina 1 Dec 2014 #3
Ghouliani too!?!? LiberalElite Dec 2014 #5
Rudy should have kept his mouth shut and gone shopping for something to notadmblnd Dec 2014 #51
"There were thousands of cops there who did not turn their backs on the Live and Learn Dec 2014 #10
The pic with one officer not turning his back... thesquanderer Dec 2014 #11
Their petulant tantrum was so disrespectful to the family of their fallen colleague. myrna minx Dec 2014 #4
Could not have put it any better myself. Although I was going to use the KingCharlemagne Dec 2014 #16
Good article and well said, however sarge43 Dec 2014 #6
Absolutely!! 2naSalit Dec 2014 #19
Amen.... daleanime Dec 2014 #27
Wow. Kudos to the NYT EB nt LiberalElite Dec 2014 #7
I love this part - so well written adigal Dec 2014 #8
I wonder about the second funeral this coming weekend starroute Dec 2014 #9
Interesting quote..... George II Dec 2014 #14
"support our brothers". . . I could have sworn that there are actually women in the nypd, as well. niyad Dec 2014 #25
"You won't find this in any other field than law enforcement....." daleanime Dec 2014 #28
Oh really? sarge43 Dec 2014 #31
That's what I'm saying..... daleanime Dec 2014 #35
Wasn't a criticism of you. My apology. It was for the idiot that said it. sarge43 Dec 2014 #41
Thank you.... daleanime Dec 2014 #43
Heck cwydro Dec 2014 #36
Obviously he has never been to a firefighter's funeral hootinholler Dec 2014 #32
brothers, but not sisters. nt roody Dec 2014 #30
There are so many things to be bothered about ... Pacifist Patriot Dec 2014 #46
Good. I'm glad they issued this. K&R closeupready Dec 2014 #12
did the rw radio gods goad them into this? fairly normal event certainot Dec 2014 #13
This is an old tactic for these thugs nichomachus Dec 2014 #48
Good for the Times, but they still tiptoe around the cops.. mountain grammy Dec 2014 #15
Got to the end of the article and found out the Mayor raised police financing Ash_F Dec 2014 #17
I'm sure some of our resident SwankyXomb Dec 2014 #18
But but, when the CNN reporter asked them why? Helen Borg Dec 2014 #20
These Written Words Are Right On Point!!! LovingA2andMI Dec 2014 #21
Great selection from that editorial. truedelphi Dec 2014 #45
K & R !!! WillyT Dec 2014 #22
Now watch the cops roust some NYT reporter in retaliation. Spitfire of ATJ Dec 2014 #23
NYPD: Classless CLOWNS Tsiyu Dec 2014 #24
They have big guns, a license to kill and a get out of jail free card. tridim Dec 2014 #34
about time the times got something right. niyad Dec 2014 #26
LOL, so today we like them or hate them? I lose track. Like with Maher, Moore, etc. LOL. nt Logical Dec 2014 #29
In other words, the police are acting just like spoiled baby Repugs. lark Dec 2014 #33
K&R AtomicKitten Dec 2014 #37
That's a great editorial. nt cwydro Dec 2014 #38
Politicizing a funeral is about as asshole as it gets Major Nikon Dec 2014 #39
They demonstrate to everyone how selfish and out-of-control they are. True Blue Door Dec 2014 #40
Just as long as the NY Times isn't playing its usual two-faced games True Blue Door Dec 2014 #42
And if all those cops did that, why would anyone believe they are not unbiased Rex Dec 2014 #44
"too big to jail--" Jackpine Radical Dec 2014 #53
They just showed their true selves. DeSwiss Dec 2014 #47
Good.. that's what we were saying on the day. thanks kpete Cha Dec 2014 #49
... napkinz Dec 2014 #50
My NJ brother is sooooo angry at the protesters and the NYC mayor riverbendviewgal Dec 2014 #52
great reply and defuse. reflection Dec 2014 #61
Petty is TOTALLY spot-on. calimary Dec 2014 #54
And even Guliani has said they are wrong for that stunt nt 7962 Dec 2014 #55
Shame on those cops. Shame! Shame! Shame! blkmusclmachine Dec 2014 #56
Amen to that! Hulk Dec 2014 #57
Right-wing radio and the Republican Party are throwing fuel on the flames... kentuck Dec 2014 #58
+1 You nailed it. Enthusiast Dec 2014 #59
K&R! This post deserves hundreds of recommendations! A few to go. Enthusiast Dec 2014 #60
NYPD should take their protest and join forces with the Westboro Baptist Church. B Calm Dec 2014 #62
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