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7. Sorry. Our party has decided primaries suck.
Sat Mar 21, 2015, 06:35 PM
Mar 2015
The ones who say they are voting for her LiberalElite Mar 2015 #1
As with TPP, it's far better to remain silent until it's way too late for dissent to matter. merrily Mar 2015 #4
Amen +1 n/t jaysunb Mar 2015 #6
better to discuss it now G_j Mar 2015 #2
Exactly! CaliforniaPeggy Mar 2015 #3
Sorry. Our party has decided primaries suck. merrily Mar 2015 #7
Sigh...rewrite the rules... KoKo Mar 2015 #9
Someone objected to merrily Mar 2015 #10
Do be careful, I got a hide for a legitimate story that happened to be a Fox news link. NYC_SKP Mar 2015 #48
Wait, what? Major Hogwash Mar 2015 #49
Thank you for the warning. Much appreciated. merrily Mar 2015 #50
I find the idea of NO primary, unhelpful. bravenak Mar 2015 #11
Me, too. But, it seems it will be either no primary or a dog and pony show primary. merrily Mar 2015 #13
And we will lose. bravenak Mar 2015 #14
That is one of my fears. merrily Mar 2015 #15
I really think we are at a point where they think we have no choice. bravenak Mar 2015 #17
How many times have you and I read on DU that we have no choice? merrily Mar 2015 #18
I know it doesn't matter who I vote for. bravenak Mar 2015 #22
My vote does not even count in local races, though I am glad the Mayor beat the other charter school merrily Mar 2015 #23
I feel the same way. bravenak Mar 2015 #25
Speaking of the revolution, I doubt very much that it was the poor colonist farmer merrily Mar 2015 #37
I was more thinking we'd end up pulling a french revolution type of thing. bravenak Mar 2015 #38
The French Revolution was inspired by ours, except that they merrily Mar 2015 #39
Nice, revealing, Links...thanks....Rewrite the Rules for the Party... KoKo Mar 2015 #12
Push back how? At whom? Why? No one actually believes we want zero voice. merrily Mar 2015 #16
It's coming ...it isn't just USA ....it's voices across the world against EU/World Bank/US Policy KoKo Mar 2015 #19
I hope so, Koko. I hope so. merrily Mar 2015 #21
Well if primaries are not helpful or not needed there is no choice Autumn Mar 2015 #30
They are helpful to, and needed by, Dem voters. merrily Mar 2015 #34
Thanks for compiling the links Dems to Win Mar 2015 #45
Seems that way to me also. merrily Mar 2015 #46
We need a primary. Raine1967 Mar 2015 #24
Yes, and a real primary, not just a feint from a stable mate or stalking horse. merrily Mar 2015 #47
there are none. spanone Mar 2015 #5
The Democratic Party wants none but Hillary. That's been clear to me since at least 2012. merrily Mar 2015 #8
not so clear to me. i'm waiting till something actually happens. spanone Mar 2015 #28
What then, do you make of all the talk from prominent Dems about no challenges to Hillary? merrily Mar 2015 #29
Some are working and supporting Hillary ams some are supporting candidates the GOP hope runs. Thinkingabout Mar 2015 #20
LOL! Yet another false attempt to equate the left with the right. merrily Mar 2015 #31
Yes I do wonder why some Democrats are helping the GOP degrade Hillary. Thinkingabout Mar 2015 #33
I doubt that, but I'm wondering why Democratic voters don't deserve a real primary. merrily Mar 2015 #35
I have been advocating for a primary. I don't understand why there isn't candidates and their Thinkingabout Mar 2015 #36
It's not about you. Maybe this will help you understand. merrily Mar 2015 #40
Who are you talking about when you say Thinkingabout Mar 2015 #41
" Don't address me and then say it isn't about me." merrily Mar 2015 #42
Oh, yea, now you know. Thinkingabout Mar 2015 #43
Um, no. I know and always knew, "you guys" is not a reference to you and only you. merrily Mar 2015 #44
can demographics trump the democrats and the GOP? guillaumeb Mar 2015 #26
As a Hillary supporter, I'm happy to have anyone say they'll vote against her... brooklynite Mar 2015 #27
That talking point was silly from the jump and is totally played out at this point. merrily Mar 2015 #32
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