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43. people drawn to the repug party by definition are fearless and less intelligent
Mon Apr 6, 2015, 10:04 AM
Apr 2015

than those drawn to the liberal side.

in other words, if someone was not fearful, they would not be a repug. If they had integrity, decency, caring, they definitely would not be a repug.

so what you're left with on the republican side is the frightened dreggs, scared of their own shadows, grabing what morsels they can for their own survival and cheating to survive whereever they can. many cheat to get their education - so they're not really educated. and they are stupid, so they can't connect the dots, but instead look at any obvious scapegoats.

Why do these folks claim to worship the Prince of Peace, yet have such a hard-on for war??? lastlib Apr 2015 #1
Because the MIC and it's money trumps "peace" & religion neverforget Apr 2015 #13
They mistook the sword of truth for a bloody sword. The Holy Spirit never touched them. freshwest Apr 2015 #24
Most of those folks like to forget the Jesus thing Joe Turner Apr 2015 #28
Their behavior is then basically antichrist, isn't it? thecrow Apr 2015 #32
Actions speak louder than words workinclasszero Apr 2015 #37
Because "money trumps peace" ... eppur_se_muova Apr 2015 #61
They want their Armageddon fantasy they've been promised. Dont call me Shirley Apr 2015 #64
The Republicans might see the writing on the wall. gordianot Apr 2015 #2
A "slightly conservative" Republican would not stand for LGBT rights and climate change laws,...etc. Fred Sanders Apr 2015 #17
I tend to look at Obama to the right of Kennedy to the left of Eisenhower. gordianot Apr 2015 #27
I want the most conservative wacky crazy Tea Party yeoman6987 Apr 2015 #58
Agreed gordianot Apr 2015 #59
Corporate propaganda, encouraged by both sides, to divide the 99 percent. woo me with science Apr 2015 #3
This! We need to be aware of our own vulnerabilities as well newthinking Apr 2015 #21
Wow, I must have missed that 2naSalit Apr 2015 #29
I agree. Enthusiast Apr 2015 #40
“if the American people knew what we have done, they would string us up from the lamp posts.” Dont call me Shirley Apr 2015 #65
these days? when have they not been? NRaleighLiberal Apr 2015 #4
Had a hunch the Rethugs were going Wellstone ruled Apr 2015 #5
All this hatred aganist Rethug Wellstone ruled Apr 2015 #16
Don't forget Newt Gingrich, who BlueMTexpat Apr 2015 #48
It all started with William F. Buckley, hifiguy Apr 2015 #53
Wanted to bring Welch into this. Wellstone ruled Apr 2015 #57
Just passed a Toyota FJ cruiser on Interstate 45 bmbmd Apr 2015 #6
They probably listen to rw hate radio n2doc Apr 2015 #10
Hate media on a perpetual loop eating into the soft-headed sub-conscience of some folks, like a worm into flesh? Fred Sanders Apr 2015 #18
The sticker that REALLY pisses me off ... staggerleem Apr 2015 #69
It's obvious that most of these conservatives lack basic appalachiablue Apr 2015 #7
Their idea of overseas travel is going to IHOP. kairos12 Apr 2015 #36
DUzy! nt hifiguy Apr 2015 #54
IHOP and Olive Garden when they want to go 'exotic' if there's one nearby- appalachiablue Apr 2015 #55
Ignorance of history, economics, political science and the real world in general are helpful Fortinbras Armstrong Apr 2015 #74
Anger management problems. Probably a neuro chemical imbalance that's been going on for decades. L0oniX Apr 2015 #8
And probably 2naSalit Apr 2015 #30
Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. phantom power Apr 2015 #9
Suffering leads to manipulation. Fred Sanders Apr 2015 #19
ODS - They got it bad. Scurrilous Apr 2015 #11
I see it as the "death throes" the last gasp, the dark before rebirth. Their ilk is literally libdem4life Apr 2015 #12
http://www.teamhate.com/hate_flag.gif blkmusclmachine Apr 2015 #14
Because fear does not work on these new generations like it did mine, so Rex Apr 2015 #15
K & R This is an excellent article.. mountain grammy Apr 2015 #20
Because they see the writing on the wall. They're running out of time. jeff47 Apr 2015 #22
Cruz the terminally Clueless didn't comprehend that is exactly what the agreement does. freshwest Apr 2015 #23
Because they feel the cold breath of oblivion at the back of their collective neck hatrack Apr 2015 #25
this one for the win DonCoquixote Apr 2015 #33
They can see their ways dying. And they have no alternative. jwirr Apr 2015 #26
To live in such anger all the time is not... 3catwoman3 Apr 2015 #31
This is perfect on cruz.. Cha Apr 2015 #34
Not that I am aware of.... DonViejo Apr 2015 #39
But, he did come out shooting on this one! Cha Apr 2015 #42
Great article - wonder who he plagiarized it from tularetom Apr 2015 #35
because their minds are filled with delusions vlyons Apr 2015 #38
Because like the the "dodo'bird" they will be extinct soon.. ProudProg2u Apr 2015 #41
Their extinction can't come too soon... abakan Apr 2015 #73
people drawn to the repug party by definition are fearless and less intelligent samsingh Apr 2015 #43
By GOP Barnicle for GOP Daily Beast? I think I'll trash this thread instead. valerief Apr 2015 #44
Please provide evidence Barnicle is a Republican and TDB also. eom DonViejo Apr 2015 #49
What? Am I under arrest? You don't know how to Google? valerief Apr 2015 #66
I'm very well aware of Barnicle and his reputation... DonViejo Apr 2015 #71
Well, if I make a comment and you disagree and want to reaffirm your position, valerief Apr 2015 #72
The Republicans will only smile and be happy when they can get more wars started. rladdi Apr 2015 #45
they need a figurative RUSH tattoo on their foreheads certainot Apr 2015 #46
Victimhood is one of two ways to sell more feudalism to already-struggling peasants. Orsino Apr 2015 #47
K&R blackspade Apr 2015 #50
I notice a lot of them SAY they're happy Populist_Prole Apr 2015 #51
Why? Because HATE and FEAR sell. That's way too easy. (n/t) vkkv Apr 2015 #52
Love your avatar. hifiguy Apr 2015 #56
Hell yeah - and I'm seeing them at Slim's in S.F. this Wed. night. Dinner table! vkkv Apr 2015 #67
Yes. They stir up rage in their voting base to get them to the polls. Martin Eden Apr 2015 #62
Kick and rec! nt MADem Apr 2015 #60
Because they lost 2 wars and crashed the nations economy Submariner Apr 2015 #63
republicans are shit seether Apr 2015 #68
A great piece. Thanks for posting. -nt CrispyQ Apr 2015 #70
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