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1. I am 69 and one year from retirement.
Wed Apr 15, 2015, 12:41 PM
Apr 2015

My pension starts then. I also have social security. My wife is seventeen years younger than me so she will still be working. We are selling our house and using the proceeds to pay off our debts. Then we are buying a new smaller house with a smaller mortgage payment. I will have a savings and be able to save after I retire.
I don't see the federal government as having anything to do with this. Mostly I have been lucky and made some right decisions. I could just as easily been bankrupt and homeless 8 years ago. But things worked out differently.
There was a time I was homeless and during 30 years of marriage we have been up and down several times. Almost homeless twice.
I think some of us might stop looking to government as the sole determiner of our fates. Yes government can ruin us as in the recession of 2008. Also I could lose my pension or social security to a repub government.
The way I see it we are born in to a time and place and are dealt a hand. It is up to us to play that hand as best we can.
A combination of government and our efforts has an effect on our futures. But it is plain that in 2015 government is not going to improve our lives given the make up of the Congress and SCOTUS. We can vote and that is our input.
This is not popular here I know but I believe in the power of attraction. I think we attract to ourselves what we dwell on.
I don't mind anyone bashing what I say. It doesn't effect my thinking or my outcome so go ahead.
We are captains of our destinies more than we think. Luck and opportunity play a roll also. There are no absolutes here.

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