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Wed Jul 8, 2015, 09:04 AM Jul 2015

Do you think "It's not right to say things about Bill Cosby because he hasn't been convicted" is [View all]

an acceptable position given everything we know at this time? Is it a decent way to handle 48 women accusing Cosby of similar rapes? Given what we know about Cosby admitting under oath to procuring Quaaludes in order to have sex with the women? Knowing what we know about rape culture, is it a Liberal or Progressive way to behave and to treat the experience of women to dismiss the allegations by saying "He hasn't been convicted"?

Whoopi Goldberg who I otherwise love and even several DUers have done this. Is this OK for you?

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29 (85%)
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Don't care
3 (9%)
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No one is "dismissing the allegations" ann--- Jul 2015 #1
That is dismissing the allegations. nt stevenleser Jul 2015 #2
No, it isn't ann--- Jul 2015 #3
Yes, it is. nt stevenleser Jul 2015 #4
Really ann--- Jul 2015 #5
Yes, really. nt stevenleser Jul 2015 #6
This is who you are dealing with: demmiblue Jul 2015 #8
I find it all so disengenuous. I got a hidden post in another thread for pointing out how stevenleser Jul 2015 #13
I got alerted for saying the same! bettyellen Jul 2015 #19
I can't understand it either DeadLetterOffice Jul 2015 #96
Or they have been trained into ignoring it- read the story about the Runaways, it is shameful.... bettyellen Jul 2015 #102
Results... Major Nikon Jul 2015 #10
I understand the frustrations of the alerter with people who are dismissive of women in this stevenleser Jul 2015 #12
You and I seldom agree marym625 Jul 2015 #33
Happy to agree with you here. stevenleser Jul 2015 #93
absolutely amazing marym625 Jul 2015 #21
Nailed it Mary! bettyellen Jul 2015 #62
Thank you. eom. marym625 Jul 2015 #64
Another case of "you and I seldom agree"-- you slammed it home, Mary. Hekate Jul 2015 #68
Thank you marym625 Jul 2015 #78
Me too Mary. Me too. I feel the same way. bravenak Jul 2015 #80
It's almost worse on the other post marym625 Jul 2015 #82
That poster always makes my stomach hurt. bravenak Jul 2015 #83
completely agree marym625 Jul 2015 #86
There was once a 'Slavery was awesome!' Thread. bravenak Jul 2015 #87
No! marym625 Jul 2015 #88
I can't remember who wrote it. bravenak Jul 2015 #89
unbelievable marym625 Jul 2015 #90
With such a cogent well considered argument, I can't see why anybody wouldn't flock mythology Jul 2015 #61
Right, because the rights of the women in this situation should turn on my response to that person. stevenleser Jul 2015 #71
I agree rock Jul 2015 #50
Not even a little surprised to see you Codeine Jul 2015 #52
Absolutely correct. "Innocent until proven guilty" only applies to the legal system. razorman Jul 2015 #104
his incriminating testimony has been unsealed HFRN Jul 2015 #7
That was the coup de grace. But really, 48 women we are up to now said the woman on CNN who stevenleser Jul 2015 #9
Some people prefer to employ conspiracy theories when they don't like what is in front of their nose bettyellen Jul 2015 #20
Except, that's not how our ann--- Jul 2015 #26
not saying he's criminally convicted HFRN Jul 2015 #29
That's only your opinion ann--- Jul 2015 #36
ok, i understand your point HFRN Jul 2015 #37
No, that's not what I said ann--- Jul 2015 #42
I think perhaps I shall get my first hide now... DeadLetterOffice Jul 2015 #54
Man, oh man... derby378 Jul 2015 #60
If you could understand all the irrational people... DeadLetterOffice Jul 2015 #75
good point n/t bloom Jul 2015 #94
You had a point with the "he hasn't been convicted of anything yet". That much is true. As for Guy Whitey Corngood Jul 2015 #76
Well said marym625 Jul 2015 #79
Both!!!!!! bravenak Jul 2015 #81
Yep. Starry Messenger Jul 2015 #85
I'm glad you and other folks saying similar things aren't getting hides. I wasn't so lucky stevenleser Jul 2015 #97
I love you Guy! bettyellen Jul 2015 #103
Right back atcha' .nt Guy Whitey Corngood Jul 2015 #113
We are all free to form our own opinions on his guilt, and to proclaim those opinions. pnwmom Jul 2015 #91
I believe the women who came forward and it seems like too much to be a coincidence for all of them davidpdx Jul 2015 #11
I'm going with the question the way you worded it. BKH70041 Jul 2015 #14
Personally, I voted for "Don't care" PragmaticLiberal Jul 2015 #15
It's a paternalistic assertion. Starry Messenger Jul 2015 #16
I love how the folks doing it are happy to accuse a ton of other folks of all kinds of things stevenleser Jul 2015 #17
Welcome to life as a woman. Starry Messenger Jul 2015 #18
Show where. Octafish Jul 2015 #22
Bettyellen did an excellent job of this already. You don't listen. Here is a link stevenleser Jul 2015 #53
Why can't you answer for yourself? Octafish Jul 2015 #56
I've said the same things to you she did. You didnt listen to either of us. nt stevenleser Jul 2015 #57
No. I asked you a simple question, stevenleser. Octafish Jul 2015 #59
Asked and answered multiple times. nt stevenleser Jul 2015 #69
Show where. Octafish Jul 2015 #72
Paternalistic is a good way to describe it. tammywammy Jul 2015 #38
Right? Starry Messenger Jul 2015 #47
Is it OK to criticize George Zimmerman even though he was never convicted in a court of law? Nye Bevan Jul 2015 #23
Difference is ann--- Jul 2015 #25
Yes, a jury actually went through the process of evaluating the evidence against Zimmerman, Nye Bevan Jul 2015 #32
According to our laws ann--- Jul 2015 #34
And Zimmerman too. Nye Bevan Jul 2015 #35
Not quite ann--- Jul 2015 #39
Have you convicted Zimmerman in your mind? (nt) Nye Bevan Jul 2015 #45
Do you not see the hypocrisy here in what you are saying? Its right in front of you. nt stevenleser Jul 2015 #51
Are you really not aware that people drug other people without their knowledge? Nt gollygee Jul 2015 #73
It would seem not. Oy. n/t DeadLetterOffice Jul 2015 #74
Replace Cosby with Bush & Cheney and the answer is still no lame54 Jul 2015 #24
It just makes me very sad. tavernier Jul 2015 #27
In 1983, I saw Bill Cosby at Harrah's in Reno Algernon Moncrieff Jul 2015 #99
I'm not a court, I am allowed an opinion LadyHawkAZ Jul 2015 #28
What if we henceforth always refer to him as "Accused rapist Bill Cosby" instead? Orrex Jul 2015 #30
That would be more accurate than ann--- Jul 2015 #40
What Whoopi said yesterday goes against the concept of innocent until proven guilty. NCTraveler Jul 2015 #31
Or if any young woman mentioned they were meeting Cosby in his suite before dinner alphafemale Jul 2015 #98
This is a political talk site, not a court of law. Paladin Jul 2015 #41
On the other hand... Orrex Jul 2015 #43
No argument from me on that. (nt) Paladin Jul 2015 #44
It's so much more likely that 4 dozen independently women decided to smear him. Orrex Jul 2015 #46
No ismnotwasm Jul 2015 #48
You'd think Cosby's defenders would want him to say more than "I don't talk about that" Adenoid_Hynkel Jul 2015 #49
Black rant time! QuebecYank Jul 2015 #55
She made very similar and strange comments about Polanski years ago. NCTraveler Jul 2015 #63
I think some women in show biz think everyone is trying to sleep their way to the top.... bettyellen Jul 2015 #67
where in the hell can ANYONE get 'ludes anymore? Facility Inspector Jul 2015 #58
Nowhere Go Vols Jul 2015 #77
The accused rapist Bill Cosby has been judged in the biggest courtroom on the planet. Rex Jul 2015 #65
I generally stay away from this topic ibegurpard Jul 2015 #66
Well after 40+ women have come forward, and the fact that he was previously sued should be enough. Initech Jul 2015 #70
when 40 people say they have been raped by the same guy.. that's enough proof Liberal_in_LA Jul 2015 #84
It hurts to think about Cosby fadedrose Jul 2015 #92
I a glad to read this thread Beringia Jul 2015 #95
This is the court of public opinion Generic Brad Jul 2015 #100
Each individual can choose how to treat the issue. Agnosticsherbet Jul 2015 #101
Whoopi is always defending these type of guys JI7 Jul 2015 #105
So what if Whoopi is defending Cosby. What is your point? akbacchus_BC Jul 2015 #108
Hell, Dubya, Jeb!, Rumfuck, and Demon Cheney haven't been convicted or even valerief Jul 2015 #106
I think he is not guilty. Back in the days, no black akbacchus_BC Jul 2015 #107
he has admitted it JI7 Jul 2015 #109
Thanks. If he is guilty am astounded that the statue of limitations cannot hold his ass accountbale akbacchus_BC Jul 2015 #111
If I were on a jury I would be bound to not consider him guilty until examining all evidence. CBGLuthier Jul 2015 #110
If the asshole is guilty, I wonder if he does not feel sorry for the shit he did. akbacchus_BC Jul 2015 #112
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