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21. she was killed because of not signalling a lane change
Tue Jul 21, 2015, 06:19 PM
Jul 2015

whether she committed suicide or not, that was the event that resulted in her death either directly or indirectly at the hands of those police.

imagine how traumatized any black person, with no witnesses, will be when pulled over by the police - and with good reason. And consistently we hear how an armed, generally supported police person (I don't want to call them officers anymore) need to use excessive force on the single, lone, generally unarmed black person.

And this constant shit of black people in police hands committing suicide is tragically disgusting. I hear LIES, LIES, LIES when that excuse is used.

It's time to lock these so called public servants who commit murder away in prison and subject them to the same treatment they are giving to other innocent people.

+1 uponit7771 Jul 2015 #1
Wow! City Lights Jul 2015 #2
that was my first thought. riversedge Jul 2015 #27
Who goes to jail over a turn signal? PowerToThePeople Jul 2015 #3
Who even has to get out of the car? nt truebluegreen Jul 2015 #4
Once I was pulled over on the highway by the highway patrol for no front license plate. tammywammy Jul 2015 #39
Yup, I agree. truebluegreen Jul 2015 #46
Black people are killed over any reason, because...because America. valerief Jul 2015 #8
If they run your docs and find DUIs, warrants etc they will ask you to get out seveneyes Jul 2015 #12
Maybe so, but that's not what happened. kcr Jul 2015 #13
Do you have proof of this? Indydem Jul 2015 #22
there is a video from police cam heaven05 Jul 2015 #34
I ruined my phone Sunday. Indydem Jul 2015 #47
forget the dash cam tape heaven05 Jul 2015 #58
There is evidence the car video has been looped and edited. Sound doesn't sync with .... marble falls Jul 2015 #55
It's proven to have been doctored heaven05 Jul 2015 #57
It's on youtube sunnystarr Jul 2015 #45
What a lying POS this pig is Politicalboi Jul 2015 #53
Video removed by user d_legendary1 Jul 2015 #65
wow that's pretty scary (nt) sunnystarr Jul 2015 #70
here's another sunnystarr Jul 2015 #71
Thanks! I'll view it later on today d_legendary1 Jul 2015 #74
Yes, lots. Mira Jul 2015 #49
there it is heaven05 Jul 2015 #16
It's disgusting. WTF is that impulse to always look for an excuse to blame the victim? GoneFishin Jul 2015 #23
Yep. blackspade Jul 2015 #32
It seems to me NOLALady Jul 2015 #28
Waller County has long and sordid history of racism. hobbit709 Jul 2015 #5
Don't you know that economic justice is more important than "social justice"? Liberal_Stalwart71 Jul 2015 #7
Knock it off. Why are you fucking with people in Ed Suspicious Jul 2015 #15
Yeah those disrespectful heaven05 Jul 2015 #17
Is she a political football? Ed Suspicious Jul 2015 #18
no she's dead heaven05 Jul 2015 #35
All of the replies on this thread were appropriate ms liberty Jul 2015 #25
Stalwart hasn't done anything wrong. heaven05 Jul 2015 #37
There was no flamewar in this discussion thread... ms liberty Jul 2015 #40
I didn't start it either heaven05 Jul 2015 #42
This was clearly about race. But you appear to be referring to some statement that someone GoneFishin Jul 2015 #26
What's the deal? blackspade Jul 2015 #33
Why try to be divisive in a thread where we all agree? n/t Gore1FL Jul 2015 #61
Yeah, it's about both. Damansarajaya Jul 2015 #63
do u know if others have committed suicide at that jail? I read somwhere more than one other suicide lunasun Jul 2015 #41
The cop purposely sped up behind her to make her pull over warpigs72 Jul 2015 #48
Bingo! nt valerief Jul 2015 #6
This message was self-deleted by its author passiveporcupine Jul 2015 #9
That's a good sign. I hope they put up a second one after law enforcement takes that one down. Enthusiast Jul 2015 #10
Who took the video of her arrest? Boudica the Lyoness Jul 2015 #11
That whole video thing is getting bizarre. Supposedly, it was a dash cam but Sandra herself Cleita Jul 2015 #66
I'm having a hard time understanding the lack of rage. tavernier Jul 2015 #14
Good question. nt cwydro Jul 2015 #19
Unlike Micheal Brown there was no investigation until after the protests. Glassunion Jul 2015 #30
Probably because its been ruled a suicide and not a murder by the medical examiner. cstanleytech Jul 2015 #36
Nothing quiet, nothing neat heaven05 Jul 2015 #43
I'm seeing a lot of protesting and disbelief and chervilant Jul 2015 #60
You want protests fine, but wanting fires and riots is not a DU thing. Who is saluting? Fred Sanders Jul 2015 #64
kick samsingh Jul 2015 #20
she was killed because of not signalling a lane change samsingh Jul 2015 #21
+1000. They are lying sacks of shit who are mocking and bastardizing the justice system. GoneFishin Jul 2015 #29
There is a world of difference between suicide and murder, so far though cstanleytech Jul 2015 #38
a-fucking-men! ibegurpard Jul 2015 #24
Signs like this need to be all over the place. blackspade Jul 2015 #31
plus 1 Liberal_in_LA Jul 2015 #44
Dude fancied himself a big man cvoogt Jul 2015 #50
Excellent. Thank you to whoever placed the sign in that hellhole. DisgustipatedinCA Jul 2015 #51
Don't be black. Sheriff may kill you. (I don't think it was the turn signal) n/t jtuck004 Jul 2015 #52
Exactly. nt SunSeeker Jul 2015 #62
God damn that video is depressing. WTF??? C Moon Jul 2015 #54
All law enforcement comes with a "may kill you" rider Man from Pickens Jul 2015 #56
K&R Starry Messenger Jul 2015 #59
Have a light complexion or the sheriff might kill you... Blue_Tires Jul 2015 #67
This incident also points up the total failure locks Jul 2015 #68
K&R. JDPriestly Jul 2015 #69
This was a LYNCHING by law enforcement. rladdi Jul 2015 #72
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