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Ashame. Something needs to be done. yeoman6987 Aug 2015 #1
I got bused into the city in the 80's madville Aug 2015 #51
you didn't read the articles at the link cali Aug 2015 #53
I responded to a comment about bussing madville Aug 2015 #56
when busing was in effect in Pinellas County, the schools were far, far better cali Aug 2015 #58
I'm a product secondvariety Aug 2015 #69
You're kidding, right? Unknown Beatle Aug 2015 #78
it's in a case like this that the Feds should step in cali Aug 2015 #2
+10000 n/t n2doc Aug 2015 #3
did you read all the stories at the link? holy shit. cali Aug 2015 #5
The "feds" stepped in years ago...the district has been under court orders for a long time. Sancho Aug 2015 #16
thanks. jaysus. so the Feds have been useless? cali Aug 2015 #18
Federal supervision ended in 2007. ieoeja Aug 2015 #33
yes, thanks. that's what I thought- that it had ended cali Aug 2015 #34
Sancho, I have a question. Are the Feds involved now. because from cali Aug 2015 #20
I'm going to kick the shit out of this thread cali Aug 2015 #4
I will kick it too cali MuseRider Aug 2015 #9
thank you Muse! Everyone needs to read this cali Aug 2015 #10
Kicking MuseRider Aug 2015 #66
This is not how this country should be doing things. MuseRider Aug 2015 #72
Don, thank you for posting this. terrible. cali Aug 2015 #6
You're welcome, cali. Fairly appalling isn't it?... DonViejo Aug 2015 #8
it's completely appalling and there's reason to believe it was purposeful cali Aug 2015 #11
I think you should change your op title cali Aug 2015 #27
Done. Thanks brickbat and cali for the recommendation DonViejo Aug 2015 #30
thank you, Don cali Aug 2015 #31
+1,000 malaise Aug 2015 #40
kick. you need to read this cali Aug 2015 #7
I signed up for the emails from the newspaper concerning this. n/t djean111 Aug 2015 #12
fucking grotesque cali Aug 2015 #13
I've been reading this this morning. Starry Messenger Aug 2015 #14
I think this is racism, ugly and simple cali Aug 2015 #15
K&R nt Mnemosyne Aug 2015 #17
wait hang on d_r Aug 2015 #19
yeah, that crashed into my vision too. fuck you linda cali Aug 2015 #22
Clearly, Sarah Palin speak... DonViejo Aug 2015 #23
How does anyone this f'ng stupid get on a school board justhanginon Aug 2015 #25
I am literally crying right now d_r Aug 2015 #38
me too and I'm not either cali Aug 2015 #39
Yeah they are d_r Aug 2015 #43
"Yet, when contacted by the Times, board members distorted facts, pleaded ignorance or said they Brickbat Aug 2015 #21
that's it! that's exactly it. thank you for putting it so well. cali Aug 2015 #24
This story needs to be wrapped around Jeb Bush's neck... Gumboot Aug 2015 #26
it sure does. cali Aug 2015 #28
Isn't this why they are changing the name of the state to Floriduh? n/t RoccoR5955 Aug 2015 #29
K&R azmom Aug 2015 #32
Remember, it's all the teacher's fault Feeling the Bern Aug 2015 #35
well, them and the parents nt d_r Aug 2015 #44
when they blame teachers is when I get even more pissed off navarth Aug 2015 #57
what an awful story tishaLA Aug 2015 #36
K & R historylovr Aug 2015 #37
K&R, for visibility... nenagh Aug 2015 #41
Jeb needs to be fitted for a sandwich board with this message painted on it. Bluenorthwest Aug 2015 #42
I know I'm probably showing my ignorance but this appears to me cali Aug 2015 #47
K&R NikolaC Aug 2015 #45
Were these same kids doing better when the school was integrated? XemaSab Aug 2015 #46
yes. you and everyone here really needs to read the series of articles at the link cali Aug 2015 #49
Kick. bettyellen Aug 2015 #48
This crap will continue until several superintendents are held HubertHeaver Aug 2015 #50
not just the super cali Aug 2015 #52
Please read my post HubertHeaver Aug 2015 #62
The Right has been OBSESSED with a takeover of the school system..... Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2015 #54
that is so true cali Aug 2015 #55
This is straight up child abuse d_legendary1 Aug 2015 #59
furious kick cali Aug 2015 #60
Outrageous! Ms. Yertle Aug 2015 #61
i loved my integrated magnet grade school. i always gravitated to making friends w/ the black kids. pansypoo53219 Aug 2015 #63
Destruction of Education is a right wing tactic... the_sly_pig Aug 2015 #64
"thousands of children are paying the price" < No, we are all paying the price. n/t jtuck004 Aug 2015 #65
that's like saying we all pay the price of cops murdering poc cali Aug 2015 #70
K&R... spanone Aug 2015 #67
Ah, but at the Republican debate they all insisted the feds should stay out of setting standards. tclambert Aug 2015 #68
Lying School Board Members hueymahl Aug 2015 #71
a continuing slow holocaust. nt navarth Aug 2015 #73
K&R Elmer S. E. Dump Aug 2015 #74
If you support the Wall Street status quo, it will only get worse. This is capitalism rhett o rick Aug 2015 #75
no, this is largely pure racism cali Aug 2015 #77
Surprising to see this happen in Pinellas KamaAina Aug 2015 #76
Pinellas is a swing county, not sure I would call it a Liberal bastion. The city of St. Pete is stevenleser Aug 2015 #86
Outstanding piece of journalism. Read the full article. kwassa Aug 2015 #79
Wow, schools like this need a Federal backstop Babel_17 Aug 2015 #80
The school board members probably have heavy investments in for-profit prisons. valerief Aug 2015 #81
K & R for exposure. nt SunSeeker Aug 2015 #82
Kick and rec JustAnotherGen Aug 2015 #83
This is so sad. Blue_In_AK Aug 2015 #84
Kick, and the linked article is a must read (nt) Babel_17 Aug 2015 #85
I lived in Pinellas county for 10 years from 1992-1997 and then 1999-2004 stevenleser Aug 2015 #87
kick... Blue_Tires Aug 2015 #88
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