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Mon Dec 26, 2016, 06:23 PM Dec 2016

Where is the fight from the Democrats????? [View all]

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geez, all this crap going on all we hear are crickets........oh that's right they are on recess. WTF

Where is the fight from the democrats, we have Putin calling Democrats sore losers??? WTF!

We have Sanders and Elizabeth Warren where is everyone else??????

That's my rant.

Addendum: not trying to bash political party but it has been eerily quiet. I do correspond with my Senators fro RI.

The Republican party is horrible, after this guy their party will be finished.

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DAMN RIGHT !! That's what I keep asking in ALL CAPS!! pangaia Dec 2016 #1
Not to fear... Bernie is here! InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2016 #82
On vacay, as you said, and elleng Dec 2016 #2
and here's one! elleng Dec 2016 #3
It does not exist, never has existed & still do not see it existing in the near future. In fact, Alekzander Dec 2016 #4
That's the most absurd thing I've read so far this week Gman Dec 2016 #11
Your opinion, you are full of accusations & before you accuse me of trolling, have some facts that I Alekzander Dec 2016 #66
This message was self-deleted by its author betsuni Dec 2016 #70
Destruction of the party is a good thing I guess Gman Dec 2016 #71
Well, if that is what you want, so far it is certainly going that way when you look at those great Alekzander Dec 2016 #78
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2016 #72
True. Alekzander Dec 2016 #81
Ummmmm MFM008 Dec 2016 #5
They're looking for their spine but never seem able to find it, they make me sick.. Raine Dec 2016 #6
Their spine has a sign that says elmac Dec 2016 #13
There is no such thing a spineless Democrat. Usually they are called spineless when Dustlawyer Dec 2016 #38
This is so important. Dark n Stormy Knight Dec 2016 #45
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2016 #77
Sad but true. Dustlawyer Dec 2016 #80
Maybe Santa..... AJT Dec 2016 #17
You make a crystal clear point. LWolf Dec 2016 #7
I believe they are on a treasure hunt for backbones leftofcool Dec 2016 #8
My hope is that they are in the war room developing a powerful, coordinated strategy. If they JudyM Dec 2016 #9
democrats bdamomma Dec 2016 #10
We need an organized get together lancelyons Dec 2016 #12
Be sure it's in a recreational state! Maybe DC? WhiteTara Dec 2016 #20
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2016 #74
Unfortunately I'm in blood red Arkansas WhiteTara Dec 2016 #75
Sanders, Warren, Michael Moore, Robert Reich, possibly even Jill Stein joanbarnes Dec 2016 #14
This more than anything is driving me away from the party lastone Dec 2016 #18
Home on vacation. They'll be ready sometime in January. Maybe. jalan48 Dec 2016 #15
Great point. Pelosi won the fight to be House minority leader again. Tatiana Dec 2016 #16
There was no fight. Pelosi was anointed...again RiverStone Dec 2016 #42
We Live About Forty Minutes... 40degreesflaps Dec 2016 #44
This has the ring of truth to me. Tatiana Dec 2016 #48
Excellent observations Tatiana! RiverStone Dec 2016 #51
Wow, if it's come down simply keeping the lights on and paying the bills... RiverStone Dec 2016 #50
Good god damned question. Lucky Luciano Dec 2016 #19
Someone actually alerted on this post TheCowsCameHome Dec 2016 #21
Yeah, I voted it didn't break the rule. randome Dec 2016 #23
I wonder the same thing, too. TheCowsCameHome Dec 2016 #25
And Raine's above pintobean Dec 2016 #24
WOW, that's a first for me ... never had anyone do that to one of my posts! Maxine Waters Raine Dec 2016 #34
Maybe you hit a nerve pintobean Dec 2016 #39
LOL! Raine Dec 2016 #61
Can I believe it? Plucketeer Dec 2016 #29
Yes ,unfortunately, I can believe it. pangaia Dec 2016 #56
Yes, I can believe it. Act_of_Reparation Dec 2016 #69
New Congress DownriverDem Dec 2016 #22
I hope TheCowsCameHome Dec 2016 #26
What should they be doing now exactly? SaschaHM Dec 2016 #27
That background work is essential loyalsister Dec 2016 #60
DEFEND THE NEW DEAL, Dems, or what's the point. Repubs talking openly of ending SS & Medicare as we Kashkakat v.2.0 Dec 2016 #28
The Argument Over Social Security... 40degreesflaps Dec 2016 #41
OK.... except ev changes Jan 20th - "bipartisanship" becomes a moot point, this is single party govt Kashkakat v.2.0 Dec 2016 #86
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2016 #87
Except everything has changed now - what Ryan said/did yrs ago no longer applies! Do you not Kashkakat v.2.0 Dec 2016 #88
That's a good question. Seems like some on DU would prefer if we rolled over. LonePirate Dec 2016 #30
I'm hearing from MINE. I don't know about yours. Why don't you ask them? n/t pnwmom Dec 2016 #31
It's funny how people don't realize how selective the Msm is. SaschaHM Dec 2016 #33
Any minute now... tavernier Dec 2016 #32
they could scream from the rooftops of the capitol dome and only c-span would cover it. unblock Dec 2016 #35
PussyCrats as usual pandora nm Dec 2016 #36
"Pussycrats"?? Really? ismnotwasm Dec 2016 #58
The ones fighting are probably not at DU behind a keyboard. n/t Lil Missy Dec 2016 #37
+100 ... N/t obnoxiousdrunk Dec 2016 #46
No shit ismnotwasm Dec 2016 #55
I Ran Across Something... 40degreesflaps Dec 2016 #40
Said this before shadowmayor Dec 2016 #43
Better be careful. I got a very similar post to that removed recently. Crunchy Frog Dec 2016 #83
Unfortunately, this has been the case for far too long: FoxNewsSucks Dec 2016 #47
Senator Sanders on DemocracyNow today. elleng Dec 2016 #49
Don't Assume Trump will destroy the Republicans, as he may merely incorporate them elaristotle Dec 2016 #52
Post removed Post removed Dec 2016 #53
Charming. ismnotwasm Dec 2016 #57
Careful what you say. pangaia Dec 2016 #54
Same here & got called a troll. This place is starting to become unbearable. Alekzander Dec 2016 #68
What are you doing? I mean, besides ranting on the internet? This is the same crap the... Tarheel_Dem Dec 2016 #59
Gotta keep that powder dry... nt killbotfactory Dec 2016 #62
If you're only hearing crickets, maybe you need to get your hearing checked. pnwmom Dec 2016 #63
thanks for posting this bdamomma Dec 2016 #89
nothing can be done until 2018 bowens43 Dec 2016 #64
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2016 #73
Do you remember the Bush years? There wasn't a heck of lot of fight there. jfern Dec 2016 #65
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2016 #76
Loyal? Yes. Opposition? Not so much. Crunchy Frog Dec 2016 #85
Another "Why didn't Democrats stop _____ ?" post. betsuni Dec 2016 #67
us democrats are too mindful and passive Backwoodsrider Dec 2016 #79
Rewind to 2000... same as it ever was... Dems. were rolling-over for W even before 9/11 JCMach1 Dec 2016 #84
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