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9. As a species
Thu Dec 29, 2011, 12:12 PM
Dec 2011

we aren't designed to manage abundance. Our bodies were designed to manage scarcity. I can't think of a culture that has successfully done it before it brutalized other cultures around it or devoured itself. We just don't know how to equitably create artificial scarcity. It seems that the only way we can create a just society is if there is little to distribute.

Technology runs on oil. The ultimate use of that technology has been primarily to secure the convenience of the three thousand mile Caesar salad. While real time global communication is wonderful, its primary use is the movement of electronic money. We may be on the cusp of another Axial Age. After seven thousand years or so of increasing abundance we now have seven billion people on the planet. With the demise of the energy resource that has been used to feed them, redesigning a localized method of social organization when so many powerful empires are so physically close together and dependent on the same dwindling resource will be an interesting task.

While the OWS movement is a wonderful thing and long overdue remember that it, right along with the Tea Party, is a movement populated by some of the most privileged people the world has ever seen. They are in dire economic straits in the wealthiest and most powerful empire on the face of the planet. I'm afraid I don't share your optimism. Our standard of living has been way too high for way too long. We are spoiled children who aren't getting what we want, and we are armed to the teeth.

So, I am guessing that this was a rhetorical question on your part, tavalon Dec 2011 #1
I see Occupy in the same way. Zorra Dec 2011 #2
We have to get past basic biology first izquierdista Dec 2011 #3
I don't much buy into the sociobiology of your first paragraph. Jackpine Radical Dec 2011 #5
You should check it again izquierdista Dec 2011 #6
Like in Bonobo culture, males are woefully inept at empathy. Thus, WingDinger Dec 2011 #10
Iz & Wing--Thanks. Jackpine Radical Dec 2011 #15
God likes non hierarchical structure. The Israelites second guessed God and clammored for a king. Th WingDinger Dec 2011 #7
Plato's Republic. WingDinger Dec 2011 #20
With the fall of the Soviet Union, we killed all our comparative philosophy courses. WingDinger Dec 2011 #4
Interesting. Not a replacement for democracy I think, but an influence on it. DirkGently Dec 2011 #8
As a species rrneck Dec 2011 #9
Wonderful input. Jackpine Radical Dec 2011 #11
Umm, potlatch calls that theories bluff. WingDinger Dec 2011 #12
It worked fine for Native Americans until Europeans arrived looking to accumulate for themselves. nt rrneck Dec 2011 #14
Humans MUST be raised to shun competition for resources. Otherwise, screw all of you. MINE. WingDinger Dec 2011 #21
I agree. rrneck Dec 2011 #22
Nicely-done. I enjoyed reading it. MineralMan Dec 2011 #13
At this stage, I'm advancing very tentative notions-- Jackpine Radical Dec 2011 #16
Conceptually, it's very inviting. MineralMan Dec 2011 #17
As that great philosopher{dumbass} said, There are known unknowns, and unknown unknowns. WingDinger Dec 2011 #18
I guess I'm imagining some sort of emergent properties Jackpine Radical Dec 2011 #19
I dont think it will happen until we break into smalled parts. Marrah_G Dec 2011 #23
the thing is, we still have to eat. Speck Tater Dec 2011 #24
You're creating false dichotomies. Jackpine Radical Dec 2011 #25
I didn't create the Agribusiness vs peasant labor dichotomy. Speck Tater Dec 2011 #26
Personally, I'm most interested in permaculture as an agricultural approach. Jackpine Radical Dec 2011 #27
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