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22. I agree.
Thu Dec 29, 2011, 01:05 PM
Dec 2011

But actually making that happen will require a change in the human species as it has developed over the span of about 200,000 years.

We walked out of Africa in search of more and we have been moving ever since. The fundamental idea of "movement in search of more" underlies, as far as I can tell, every successful cultural advancement the human species has enjoyed throughout its history.

We may be unable to genetically respond to the changes in our environment to survive as a species. Which is ironic, since not a few of those changes will have been caused by us.

So, I am guessing that this was a rhetorical question on your part, tavalon Dec 2011 #1
I see Occupy in the same way. Zorra Dec 2011 #2
We have to get past basic biology first izquierdista Dec 2011 #3
I don't much buy into the sociobiology of your first paragraph. Jackpine Radical Dec 2011 #5
You should check it again izquierdista Dec 2011 #6
Like in Bonobo culture, males are woefully inept at empathy. Thus, WingDinger Dec 2011 #10
Iz & Wing--Thanks. Jackpine Radical Dec 2011 #15
God likes non hierarchical structure. The Israelites second guessed God and clammored for a king. Th WingDinger Dec 2011 #7
Plato's Republic. WingDinger Dec 2011 #20
With the fall of the Soviet Union, we killed all our comparative philosophy courses. WingDinger Dec 2011 #4
Interesting. Not a replacement for democracy I think, but an influence on it. DirkGently Dec 2011 #8
As a species rrneck Dec 2011 #9
Wonderful input. Jackpine Radical Dec 2011 #11
Umm, potlatch calls that theories bluff. WingDinger Dec 2011 #12
It worked fine for Native Americans until Europeans arrived looking to accumulate for themselves. nt rrneck Dec 2011 #14
Humans MUST be raised to shun competition for resources. Otherwise, screw all of you. MINE. WingDinger Dec 2011 #21
I agree. rrneck Dec 2011 #22
Nicely-done. I enjoyed reading it. MineralMan Dec 2011 #13
At this stage, I'm advancing very tentative notions-- Jackpine Radical Dec 2011 #16
Conceptually, it's very inviting. MineralMan Dec 2011 #17
As that great philosopher{dumbass} said, There are known unknowns, and unknown unknowns. WingDinger Dec 2011 #18
I guess I'm imagining some sort of emergent properties Jackpine Radical Dec 2011 #19
I dont think it will happen until we break into smalled parts. Marrah_G Dec 2011 #23
the thing is, we still have to eat. Speck Tater Dec 2011 #24
You're creating false dichotomies. Jackpine Radical Dec 2011 #25
I didn't create the Agribusiness vs peasant labor dichotomy. Speck Tater Dec 2011 #26
Personally, I'm most interested in permaculture as an agricultural approach. Jackpine Radical Dec 2011 #27
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