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20. When my parents were both at that stage late in life, they let the roof of their
Thu Jan 26, 2017, 08:48 AM
Jan 2017

house go un-repaired for several years while living with buckets all over the place and mold everywhere. They were absolutely unwilling to get anyone to fix it because they were convinced that any contractor would rip them off. They had plenty of money, and we were more than willing to find a good contractor and oversee the project, but they were adamant.

That is amusing his allies are in as much danger as his friends. gordianot Jan 2017 #1
EVERYONE is in danger from tRump. Raster Jan 2017 #21
That is true PatSeg Jan 2017 #46
You know what we have to do: Chasstev365 Jan 2017 #2
You're right. yardwork Jan 2017 #4
And keep congresscritters on their toes. Stellar Jan 2017 #6
I'm going to rec your post... llmart Jan 2017 #40
Yep, My Senators are Tammy Duckworth and Dick Curbing. Stellar Jan 2017 #41
This is what we have to do. Nonstop phone calls to Congressional offices. I'm focusing LuckyLib Jan 2017 #76
I call every morning before I sleep tavalon Jan 2017 #90
Absolutely! -Steph- Jan 2017 #17
Yeah either we push him over the edge Generator Jan 2017 #64
I wrote many twitters to Cheetolinni tonight tavalon Jan 2017 #89
Well, they are LATE! Ilsa Jan 2017 #3
All this reminds me of my father at age 92 before he died. no_hypocrisy Jan 2017 #5
When my parents were both at that stage late in life, they let the roof of their enough Jan 2017 #20
Trump Is Like That Senior Citizen That Shouldn't Be..... global1 Jan 2017 #7
I sure hope someone tells him! annabanana Jan 2017 #33
Well... 2naSalit Jan 2017 #61
25th amendment tavalon Jan 2017 #91
Who could have possibly seen this coming?! HAB911 Jan 2017 #8
Everybody with half a brain who didn't plan on taking advantage of his mental state. n/t woodsprite Jan 2017 #57
This article is chock full of wishful thinking. Baitball Blogger Jan 2017 #9
a visual representation of your post... kpete Jan 2017 #11
+1 Baitball Blogger Jan 2017 #13
wow KewlKat Jan 2017 #18
K&R! n/t RKP5637 Jan 2017 #31
perfect Locrian Jan 2017 #37
+100 blueseas Jan 2017 #54
Reagan RicROC Jan 2017 #15
I think we would have figured it out if he had a twitter account that he couldn't put down. Baitball Blogger Jan 2017 #16
As much as disliked Reagan (and I really disliked Reagan) lapislzi Jan 2017 #44
but people inside knew. it was an open secret. mopinko Jan 2017 #62
but he didn't have a bannon Hamlette Jan 2017 #87
AND looming even bigger than ryan and mconnel in certainot Jan 2017 #28
Right-Wing Radio Lonestarblue Jan 2017 #38
the scissors for cheeto samson's hair are the 88 universities that certainot Jan 2017 #47
Your post is chock full of knee-jerk cynicism.. whathehell Jan 2017 #49
Except he's appointed people who DO want to make huge cuts and have manicraven Jan 2017 #77
True, but as far as I know whathehell Jan 2017 #88
They might well leave him till 2020 then toss him away. BSdetect Jan 2017 #52
Trapped in a cage with the monster they helped create. sarge43 Jan 2017 #10
They've trapped the whole world in that cage. Trump could do almost infinite damage. highplainsdem Jan 2017 #25
d'oh Achilleaze Jan 2017 #12
They got what they wanted - a downright moron who signs bills. dalton99a Jan 2017 #14
at this point this pisses me off. barbtries Jan 2017 #19
Exactly, which is why we need to keep those phones ringing. NT enough Jan 2017 #23
+1 narnian60 Jan 2017 #24
Gotta Agree RobinA Jan 2017 #30
"Die ich rief, die Geister........." (The spirits I have summoned........) DFW Jan 2017 #22
Excellent analogy!!! n/t RKP5637 Jan 2017 #34
Great quote! annabanana Jan 2017 #35
Coming to you live and in color from suburban Duesseldorf DFW Jan 2017 #65
I thought of the exact quote the other day (auf Deutsch auch!) and its chilling... Pachamama Jan 2017 #50
The universal reaction here is: DFW Jan 2017 #66
Omg, DFW. Hekate Jan 2017 #81
Best German Reaction Translation. Ever. Pachamama Jan 2017 #92
RESIST and don't stop making NOISE bucolic_frolic Jan 2017 #26
Just saw on news that Japanese PM Abe is set to visit U.S. next month betsuni Jan 2017 #27
nuttier than a squirrel turd Marthe48 Jan 2017 #29
This just in... Zoonart Jan 2017 #32
As someone pointed out the other day, tRump is just a "Pen" to sign bills. CentralMass Jan 2017 #36
all they really wanted. mopinko Jan 2017 #75
They are starting to see (finally) they are not safe from his wrath either. liberal N proud Jan 2017 #39
Prominent mental health professionals were stating this publicly a year ago. Tanuki Jan 2017 #42
President Donald Trump to publish weekly list of crimes committed by immigrants (even legal ones), progree Jan 2017 #43
Christ on a trailer hitch Hekate Jan 2017 #83
Trump rages at all Americans, starts nuclear holocaust to punish them. VOX Jan 2017 #45
"Is the President well?" I know they won't but someone really should ask Spicer that underpants Jan 2017 #48
K and R. Keep it kicked please riversedge Jan 2017 #51
And to think this man was given the nuclear code Auntie Bush Jan 2017 #53
NOW? malaise Jan 2017 #55
Good news for cilla4progress Jan 2017 #56
in addition to contacting our reps about policy, we should express our concerns about his mental sta fishwax Jan 2017 #58
They have to be extremely careful. trotsky Jan 2017 #59
Republicans Knew What They Were Getting With Trump dlk Jan 2017 #60
I really don't think any of them expected him to win. lindysalsagal Jan 2017 #72
Yep! Yep! Alice11111 Jan 2017 #85
K&R bdamomma Jan 2017 #63
How about a link to Carl Bernstein saying what this blog says he said. Also... hedda_foil Jan 2017 #67
That's giving him and those who support him the benefit of the doubt loyalsister Jan 2017 #68
Hit the nail on the head bocaharv Jan 2017 #86
Untreated mental illness DeminPennswoods Jan 2017 #69
70-plus . . . . hatrack Jan 2017 #74
They catch on quick, don't they. tenorly Jan 2017 #70
Privately? Privately. privately benld74 Jan 2017 #71
Fuck these cynical, second-rate Franz von Papen wannabes Azathoth Jan 2017 #73
I don't believe it Flatpicker Jan 2017 #78
Yep. dalton99a Jan 2017 #82
Talk about a day late and a dollar short - jeezus! 3catwoman3 Jan 2017 #79
I Don't Question It colsohlibgal Jan 2017 #80
So if Donnie signs an executive order a bill and it's later shown he was incompetant dflprincess Jan 2017 #84
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