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Mon Mar 20, 2017, 05:17 PM Mar 2017

WOW!!!Rep. Eric Swalwell and Sen Richard Blumenthal said today... [View all]

that Trump could be subpoenaed in this. They also said they may have to subpoena family members, staff, etc as well. Then they also said they might have to look into Trump financial records.

Could this be possible? This would be politically orgasmic

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Ooooh. demosincebirth Mar 2017 #1
This crap is way too big for the GOP to hide!! Laf.La.Dem. Mar 2017 #2
At what point are the Republicans guilty of obstruction dem4decades Mar 2017 #19
Nunes should watch out with his blocking for Dump wordpix Mar 2017 #54
that would make a great cartoon. nt AnotherMother4Peace Mar 2017 #21
They ARE the crap. eom littlemissmartypants Mar 2017 #51
They don't have to hide it. They just have to ignore it and they will. Kablooie Mar 2017 #88
That would head banging frustration tho.... dixiegrrrrl Mar 2017 #3
and it would be on full display that he is unfit. mopinko Mar 2017 #75
Maybe they are hoping he will resign before allowing this to happen. Who knows? n/t monmouth4 Mar 2017 #4
yes he could, and executive privlege wouldn't hold, but the republicans are not going to still_one Mar 2017 #5
The Bush Administration cited Executive Privilege ... Fantastic Anarchist Mar 2017 #81
Different situation. These events happened before trump was President, and the still_one Mar 2017 #82
I hope so ... Fantastic Anarchist Mar 2017 #85
You may have misunderstood me though. While I believe it is well within the law, I don't think it still_one Mar 2017 #86
I think Kushner is going to definitely be subpoenaed. madaboutharry Mar 2017 #6
Czarina Ivanka...rofl. I like that. SummerSnow Mar 2017 #9
+1000 wordpix Mar 2017 #55
Yes, she has a new office, murielm99 Mar 2017 #62
Wonder how that anti-bullying initiative is going? (n/t) klook Mar 2017 #67
The committee chair holds the power of subpoena gratuitous Mar 2017 #15
I think Nunes should be looked at wordpix Mar 2017 #53
That's why an independent Commission is needed. SharonAnn Mar 2017 #65
But the Senate operates by different rules and Dems there could issue a subpoena Kaleva Mar 2017 #72
I love this comment: Fantastic Anarchist Mar 2017 #84
not the case here but he's the kind of guy who'd let certainot Mar 2017 #71
And his family is not immune to interrogation. Lint Head Mar 2017 #7
Is this another big take down of tRump??? a kennedy Mar 2017 #8
If he's guilty of treason FakeNoose Mar 2017 #89
Make it so. sheshe2 Mar 2017 #10
They need to be waterboarded. bathroommonkey76 Mar 2017 #11
Can I hold the pail or the hose or the towel or, or ,or....let me help, pppllleeeeaaaassseeee Augiedog Mar 2017 #42
They can still lie sarah FAILIN Mar 2017 #12
Just as swearing to uphold the Constitution FakeNoose Mar 2017 #90
I thought that was what Rep Swalwell was driving at to get to the financial records or KewlKat Mar 2017 #13
Could you imagine Trump sitting at a hearing being questioned? SummerSnow Mar 2017 #14
they could have a vending stand selling salads, word salads! KewlKat Mar 2017 #16
and Steve Miller?.... HipChick Mar 2017 #23
Wasn't it... czarjak Mar 2017 #68
Something as ridiculous as that .... HipChick Mar 2017 #69
Oh please, get that fucker under oath CanonRay Mar 2017 #17
+ 1 red dog 1 Mar 2017 #29
And have Al Franken asking the questions FakeNoose Mar 2017 #91
Swalwell was a Prosecutor, Blumenthal was Atty Gen. of Connecticut, Schiff was Federal prosecutor wishstar Mar 2017 #18
I believe Dick Blumenthal was U S Attorney before State dem4decades Mar 2017 #20
Yes, he was US attorney for Connecticut from 1977-81 NewJeffCT Mar 2017 #77
After listening to Schiff today True Blue American Mar 2017 #46
either Nunes under rock or complicit wordpix Mar 2017 #57
Trump is on a runaway train to Waterloo. oasis Mar 2017 #22
haha! Well said Fast Walker 52 Mar 2017 #41
He doesn't know the difference between lies and truth so putting him on the stand wouldn't Amaryllis Mar 2017 #24
Maybe perjury? lark Mar 2017 #27
Perjury is an interesting concept for someone who is being considered by mental health Amaryllis Mar 2017 #45
They're Democrats, and thus would require patriotic Republicans to agree. There are no... NNadir Mar 2017 #25
Good point! red dog 1 Mar 2017 #30
This is not your Country First Republicans like we had during the Watergate Hearings INdemo Mar 2017 #33
This message was self-deleted by its author INdemo Mar 2017 #34
Dems in the Senate can issue subpoenas Kaleva Mar 2017 #73
Financial records? lark Mar 2017 #26
That's what Eric Stilwell said, too, today. He also wants the tax returns subpoenaed. calimary Mar 2017 #28
And 20 years ago all the repuKKKes were running in circles to investigate a blow job on Clinton? Hulk Mar 2017 #31
+100000 wordpix Mar 2017 #58
hopefully they'll soon be hiding their faces as they're perp walked wordpix Mar 2017 #59
They better subpoena the whole criminal family rivegauche Mar 2017 #32
I do too and on that day wordpix Mar 2017 #50
What we need are three brave GOP senators to demand that a Special Prosecutor be appointed, red dog 1 Mar 2017 #35
Graham & McCain seen to be on the right side here... who else? Fast Walker 52 Mar 2017 #39
maybe Collins, she's at "wait-and-see" what shakes out wordpix Mar 2017 #48
Well, don't hold your breath waiting for Susan Collins or Lisa Murkowski.... red dog 1 Mar 2017 #56
what about Ben Sasse? He seems slightly independent, maybe? Fast Walker 52 Mar 2017 #63
Maybe red dog 1 Mar 2017 #87
Gosh he needs to lawyer up and spend less time golfing. His Russian friendly attorney Glimmer of Hope Mar 2017 #36
Please, please, warmfeet Mar 2017 #37
he may want the hearings to be held at Mar-a-Lago SummerSnow Mar 2017 #49
god knows he SHOULD-- but will the GOP allow it??? Fast Walker 52 Mar 2017 #38
let us see his tax returns ......... NOW Angry Dragon Mar 2017 #40
Trump is a serial liar, and he will commit multiple perjury offences. NBachers Mar 2017 #43
It was good enough for Bill Clinton. WinkyDink Mar 2017 #44
"politically orgasmic" LOL wordpix Mar 2017 #47
Don't tease me malaise Mar 2017 #52
R's need prosecution to know we mean business; otherwise, it's just wordpix Mar 2017 #61
Congressional Democrats can't subpoena anyone... regnaD kciN Mar 2017 #60
Schiff & Nunes detente now but if push comes to shove wordpix Mar 2017 #64
Yay! iluvtennis Mar 2017 #66
trump would have no problem lying under oath radical noodle Mar 2017 #70
so true, he would just continue the same lies he's been telling. mdbl Mar 2017 #74
Dems have no power to do anything unfortunately... vi5 Mar 2017 #76
its possible...but unlikely trump would ever acknowledge a subpeona...executive privilidge beachbum bob Mar 2017 #78
My money is bucolic_frolic Mar 2017 #79
Congress has issued subpoenas to Bush, Cheney, Rice ... Fantastic Anarchist Mar 2017 #80
Note to self: invest in popcorn stocks Nonhlanhla Mar 2017 #83
Kettle Corn.:) True Blue American Mar 2017 #92
I know W was a choir boy next to tRump Dem2 Mar 2017 #93
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