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35. I was mentally composing a response calling these people all heroes
Fri Jul 28, 2017, 02:12 PM
Jul 2017

when I saw the pictures of the "Little Lobbyists." That one broke me. It is just beyond comprehension some of these politicians would deny health care to to these kids. That is beyond barbaric.

But I have to hand it to John McCain. I stayed up most of the evening and watched the whole debacle. It seems clear he saved the day and perhaps many lives of those losing their health care. Rarely do we see someone, especially a Republican, stand up in disagreement against Trump's maneuvers and effective halt the process. His walking over and huddling with the Dems gave me new hope this Country can beat back the encroaching villains in our government.


Kick dalton99a Jul 2017 #1
K & R ......for visibility.. Wounded Bear Jul 2017 #2
So true. FM123 Jul 2017 #3
Message auto-removed Name removed Jul 2017 #4
absolutely. barbtries Jul 2017 #5
Yes! G_j Jul 2017 #6
DURec leftstreet Jul 2017 #7
K&R ismnotwasm Jul 2017 #8
Heroes, all NastyRiffraff Jul 2017 #9
OK, somebody talk me off the ledge here... WinstonSmith4740 Jul 2017 #10
Yes they did. irisblue Jul 2017 #22
Absolutely!!! hamsterjill Jul 2017 #11
K&R... spanone Jul 2017 #12
K and R panader0 Jul 2017 #13
k and r niyad Jul 2017 #14
So important to act. So difficult to do. It's scary, and sweaty, and hard. But it's so American. byronius Jul 2017 #15
K & R KT2000 Jul 2017 #16
They are great role models and we need them WhiteTara Jul 2017 #17
You're so right! denvine Jul 2017 #18
I am so proud of my fellow resisters! BigmanPigman Jul 2017 #19
Boots on the ground sarge43 Jul 2017 #20
And a shout-out to the LittleLobbyists! demmiblue Jul 2017 #21
Beautiful... it seems my allergies are acting up, all of a sudden. klook Jul 2017 #25
Here, ATL Ebony Jul 2017 #36
QUIT CHOPPING THOSE ONIONS! Lifelong Protester Jul 2017 #41
Quality of Warren's care in zentrum Jul 2017 #32
Senator Duckworth with the kids! They won't soon forget her. FailureToCommunicate Jul 2017 #42
Amen to that! blue neen Jul 2017 #23
Hell yes. klook Jul 2017 #24
TRUTH!!! haveahart Jul 2017 #26
Bravo! smirkymonkey Jul 2017 #27
I N D E E D! GeorgeGist Jul 2017 #28
K&R. Also kudos to Rod Stewart for paying for their travel expenses. flibbitygiblets Jul 2017 #29
heroes, ALL heaven05 Jul 2017 #30
Kick! zentrum Jul 2017 #31
Beautiful souls all. ck4829 Jul 2017 #33
Thanks for the reminder Roy Rolling Jul 2017 #34
I was mentally composing a response calling these people all heroes Samantha Jul 2017 #35
How do those cops live with themselves. Demtexan Jul 2017 #37
K&R! Everyone seems sure that this fight is over, and I'm still a bit gun-shy. I'm reminded..... Tarheel_Dem Jul 2017 #38
- Bigredhunk Jul 2017 #39
K&R yuiyoshida Jul 2017 #40
K&R nt lillypaddle Jul 2017 #43
Such courageous people. Many thanks & much respect! Dark n Stormy Knight Jul 2017 #44
Amen to that! Hulk Jul 2017 #45
Yes. yardwork Jul 2017 #46
I'm glad I didn't miss this post! Hugin Jul 2017 #47
What sort of monster handcuffs those in a wheelchair? ProgressiveValue Jul 2017 #48
K and Bloody R! stage left Jul 2017 #49
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