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81. Obama was a remarkable politician and is a MAN
Wed Aug 2, 2017, 10:03 PM
Aug 2017

If Hillary, the most competent and ready person we have had run for President since Al Gore, couldn't win against the biggest buffoon and moron who ever ran, no other woman is going to win yet. Maybe as VP, but very sadly, we are not ready for a woman for President.

2018. Agschmid Aug 2017 #1
She Supports... Oubaas Aug 2017 #2
Goodness! Then we should probably kill her. Next? Squinch Aug 2017 #3
No... Oubaas Aug 2017 #7
Actually the sad thing is when people distort facts lapucelle Aug 2017 #9
I hear she also runs that child slave colony on Mars that Alex Jones exposed. I hate that. Squinch Aug 2017 #12
Well... Oubaas Aug 2017 #16
Well, since she does nothing remotely resembling "trampling the 4th Amendment" Squinch Aug 2017 #18
This. Agschmid Aug 2017 #19
Well Now... Oubaas Aug 2017 #20
Seriously, you should give up now. It's not working. Squinch Aug 2017 #21
It's freeze before trial- not seize. Why spread lies against Dems? If it was a banks assets you'd bettyellen Aug 2017 #36
You didnt ask why lie, did you? How kind you are, the agenda is alive and well Eliot Rosewater Aug 2017 #51
Jeeze we totally ignore what Harris has done for mortgage holders and stress this? bettyellen Aug 2017 #58
Get used to it, lots of folks here will be doing it non stop and there is nothing Eliot Rosewater Aug 2017 #59
Also it's assets worth a minimum of $100K. But our friend is worried about its effect on the poor. Squinch Aug 2017 #95
BINGO!!!! kcdoug1 Aug 2017 #28
The fearful Unitarians are even worse! And don't get me started on the Quakers. Damn, skippy! Squinch Aug 2017 #72
They are starting their Wall Street and email type attack. Blue_true Aug 2017 #63
Absolutely. And anyone that frightens them will get smeared. In obvious ways. Squinch Aug 2017 #66
I really don't think that will work this time around. Blue_true Aug 2017 #94
No she doesn't and no she didn't... lapucelle Aug 2017 #6
How are they determined to be criminal profits? David__77 Aug 2017 #8
Charges alone are frequently enough to freeze certain assets until after trial. lapucelle Aug 2017 #10
I do think that people can have principled disagreement on this. David__77 Aug 2017 #25
I agree with you "that people can have principled disagreement on this." lapucelle Aug 2017 #39
Post removed Post removed Aug 2017 #13
By simple commonsense. Blue_true Aug 2017 #64
The standard is not the same as criminal conviction. David__77 Aug 2017 #80
The talking point comes from Russia and the GOP marylandblue Aug 2017 #29
Mostly from Russia Eliot Rosewater Aug 2017 #52
Senator Harris, not Representative. She won Barbara Boxer's seat. Hekate Aug 2017 #86
Thank you. lapucelle Aug 2017 #92
I would like full context please, of this assertion ismnotwasm Aug 2017 #17
This... Oubaas Aug 2017 #23
That's not quite accurate... lapucelle Aug 2017 #43
Here's the text of the bill. lapucelle Aug 2017 #40
I knew it was something like that ismnotwasm Aug 2017 #56
To be fair, I don't think I'd be for that bill. Though, I could see people who could argue musicblind Aug 2017 #119
Debating the merits of the bill as it is actually written lapucelle Aug 2017 #120
Exactly. n/t musicblind Aug 2017 #122
"I would like" "I would like" "I would like" Warren DeMontague Aug 2017 #60
So she's Jeff Sessions? BannonsLiver Aug 2017 #22
No... Oubaas Aug 2017 #24
Righhhhhht BannonsLiver Aug 2017 #26
...indeed lapucelle Aug 2017 #41
Guess what, she got my contribution, my support and my vote wasupaloopa Aug 2017 #32
There seems to be a coordinated disinformation campaign online targeting Harris DesertRat Aug 2017 #44
This year, I have seen two Democrats targeted NewJeffCT Aug 2017 #48
Deval Patrick is getting it- because he took a job at Baine bettyellen Aug 2017 #74
Hmmm DesertRat Aug 2017 #79
Because a rule that specifies strict procedures for freezing of assets worth a minimum of $100K Squinch Aug 2017 #70
Nope it was adding a temp freeze of assets provision so they'd not have to wait till bettyellen Aug 2017 #35
I hear she's an oligarchy or something too! Some people say.... yardwork Aug 2017 #69
It is a lie. Please do some real research, and consider the source. Hekate Aug 2017 #87
Americans don't want a woman president despite the deniers that BigmanPigman Aug 2017 #4
I suspect several of our primary candidates next time will be women Warren DeMontague Aug 2017 #15
I don't think Harris would play well in PA, her CA AG history would hurt her. Amishman Aug 2017 #75
Gun Control is certainly an issue where there's a disconnect with big chunks of the country. Warren DeMontague Aug 2017 #76
"just like Obama was for 8 years" - Obama got elected. In fact he received more popular votes than.. PoliticAverse Aug 2017 #33
Yes, I know that, but he went through hell! BigmanPigman Aug 2017 #38
She was about to be elected before Comey intervened with 11 days to go to rig the election. (eom) StevieM Aug 2017 #49
I love Hillary, and I think she was robbed by Comey, but it is not entirely clear that StevieM Aug 2017 #50
I would like to see her in the primaries. nt. Weekend Warrior Aug 2017 #5
And I would like to see us focus on the 3 years worth of elections before then. vi5 Aug 2017 #11
This right here. n/t ms liberty Aug 2017 #53
I'm perfectly capable of doing both. TDale313 Aug 2017 #71
But why respond. Caliman73 Aug 2017 #89
Why do you care if I choose to post something in support of Harris? TDale313 Aug 2017 #96
Because I think it just incites more drama. Caliman73 Aug 2017 #98
I agree. This is complete mental masturbation right now. Caliman73 Aug 2017 #88
Yeah, because ignoring attacks until the narrative gains hold TDale313 Aug 2017 #116
Context. Caliman73 Aug 2017 #118
I want a broad bench, a wide field, and a vigorous, issues-based discussion. Warren DeMontague Aug 2017 #14
I agree with that, but also marylandblue Aug 2017 #30
I wouldnt want to be accused of ageism, but we definitely need to move beyond Warren DeMontague Aug 2017 #31
I could support her easily Gothmog Aug 2017 #27
I'd support her run. Hieronymus Aug 2017 #34
No, no, no...she just got there as a Senator adigal Aug 2017 #37
Not so much that she's a woman, just not the right one. She's not ready nor nationally electable. LBM20 Aug 2017 #46
I like that watchdog groups have listed her as one of the most progressive Senators DesertRat Aug 2017 #42
She's not ready, isn't very electable nationally, and can we please focus on 2018. LBM20 Aug 2017 #45
"not ready" and "not very electable nationally" are exactly what they said about Obama. Warren DeMontague Aug 2017 #47
Yep. I remember the looks of disbelief I got from fellow Dems BannonsLiver Aug 2017 #55
A relative newcomer has the advantage marylandblue Aug 2017 #61
Harris is a fighter, too. Warren DeMontague Aug 2017 #62
Please no Kaine, Biden, Sanders or any man that makes you think "retired".... bettyellen Aug 2017 #65
I'm totally in agreement on that point. Warren DeMontague Aug 2017 #67
Obama was a remarkable politician and is a MAN adigal Aug 2017 #81
I think Harris could energize the Dem base. She is quite charismatic and no bettyellen Aug 2017 #82
Hillary, for better or worse, does not have the best political chops. She's admitted as much. Warren DeMontague Aug 2017 #83
Not exactly. Al Gore and Hillary Clinton were ridiculed R B Garr Aug 2017 #90
And yet, the end result was the same. Warren DeMontague Aug 2017 #91
Wrong conclusion. They were both demonized, mostly with the big lie R B Garr Aug 2017 #97
And in the interim we had a wildly successful and popular 2 term president Warren DeMontague Aug 2017 #99
Most politicians aren't like Obama. That's the point. Bernie R B Garr Aug 2017 #100
No, the lesson is to nominate candidates who are so damned good at connecting with people BeyondGeography Aug 2017 #101
Most politicians are not like Obama and Bill Clinton. That is the lesson. R B Garr Aug 2017 #103
If you haven't learned by now that Democratic candidates need to be better than Republicans BeyondGeography Aug 2017 #105
Democratic candidates *are* better than Republicans, by far. That's a given. R B Garr Aug 2017 #106
Or pathetic morons like W... BeyondGeography Aug 2017 #107
It's not a matter of grasping anything difficult, as it's very obvious to me what the choices are. R B Garr Aug 2017 #108
I wanted Al Gore to run again, more than anything, for years. Warren DeMontague Aug 2017 #102
You were talking about political chops. R B Garr Aug 2017 #104
I was. Warren DeMontague Aug 2017 #109
"frumpled socialist" -- that's what I was talking about. Al Gore and Hillary Clinton R B Garr Aug 2017 #111
Bernie didn't win the nomination, remember? Warren DeMontague Aug 2017 #112
I remember what was said about our nominee and who believed it. nt R B Garr Aug 2017 #113
This conversation feels circular. Warren DeMontague Aug 2017 #114
Yeah. I know. R B Garr Aug 2017 #115
I want, I want, I want, I want, I want. Eliot Rosewater Aug 2017 #54
You mean like "I want a broad bench, a wide field, and a vigorous, issues-based discussion"? Warren DeMontague Aug 2017 #57
This is the second reference I've seen to this. What am I missing, Eliot? Squinch Aug 2017 #68
Huh? TDale313 Aug 2017 #73
Love that woman. Would canvas for that woman. byronius Aug 2017 #77
Kamala Harris's support of a well-reasoned statute aimed at high level drug operations Expecting Rain Aug 2017 #78
I would throw her a vote over most people JonLP24 Aug 2017 #84
Why don't we focus on 2018? It's FAR more urgent. Hekate Aug 2017 #85
IKR !?!!? There's something creepy about these "why not this pol for prez" OPs, they come about uponit7771 Aug 2017 #93
When is she up for reelection for her Senate seat? Autumn Aug 2017 #110
She was just elected in 2016. Up in 2022. TDale313 Aug 2017 #117
She will continue the transformation of the country that Obama imagined and initiated Fluke a Snooker Aug 2017 #121
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