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Wed Sep 20, 2017, 11:23 PM Sep 2017

THAT was then - THIS is NOW [View all]

Over the past eight months, we have watched the GOP make excuses for a “pResident” whose incompetence, ignorance, and downright stupidity has been on display every day since he was inaugurated. We have listened as you defend the indefensible, as you twist yourselves like crazed contortionists trying to conjure up explanations for his bizarre behaviour, as you make excuses for his obvious lack of understanding of even the most basic workings of our government.

I understand that many of you supported Trump early on, pinning your hopes on the idea that once installed in office, he would take his responsibilities seriously, would educate himself as to what those responsibilities entailed, and would conduct himself accordingly.

THAT was then – THIS IS NOW. The “now” we find ourselves in is the undeniable fact that your “pResident” is a pathological liar who spends his time watching TV, tweeting nonsense, and acting the buffoon on the world stage.

There’s no way you can still believe Trump and his cohorts are innocent of colluding with the Russians. You’ve heard the same lies we all have – the same attempted cover-ups, the same “I never met with Russian operatives” stories that quickly changed when the tale-tellers were confronted with irrefutable proof that they had indeed engaged in such meetings despite their earlier denials.

There’s no way you can still believe he’s “presidential”. You’ve heard his speeches; invariably as self-agrandizing as they are blatantly inappropriate. You’ve heard him speak about things like the Paris Climate Accord and the purpose of NATO in terms that clearly evidence his complete lack of knowledge about either.

There’s no way you can still believe he’s “working for the people”. You’ve seen his daily schedule: watching TV, tweeting incoherent nonsense, and using Air Force One and his SS entourage to take him to one of his own golf courses every weekend at the taxpayers’ expense.

There’s no way you can still believe he’s “a leader”. Our international allies shun him as the mindless buffoon they are forced to acknowledge due to the office he holds, but have no interest in including him in serious discussions about global challenges to be met, or world-wide concerns that need to be addressed.

There’s no way you can still believe he’s “honest”. His lying has now reached legendary proportions. From the claims about the size of his inaugural crowd to the denials of having had any business dealings whatsoever with Russia, Trump has had his lies debunked repeatedly, nationally and internationally.

There’s no way you can still believe he’s a “good Christian”. Christians don’t brag about pussy-grabbing, or pursuing married women in hopes of seducing them. They also don’t promote policies that leave the sick, the homeless, and the hungry to fend for themselves while urging tax cuts for the wealthy at the expense of the middle-class and the poor.

There’s no way you can still believe that he’s “a smart businessman who can get things done”. He hasn’t achieved a single thing he promised to accomplish – and he isn’t even smart enough to stop digging the hole he, his associates, and his family find themselves in.

Despite your denial of the FACTS, the facts are extremely clear. If you are still supporting Trump’s “presidency”, you are complicit in lying to the American people. If you are making excuses for his idiocy, you are denying the obvious in an attempt to deceive your fellow citizens. If you are trying to reason-away Trump’s erratic actions and statements, you are guilty of misleading the people you claim to represent.

Whatever you thought – or chose to believe – about your “pResident” back in January has been rendered moot. Since then, he has demonstrated who he is, what he stands for, and what he hopes to accomplish – none of which benefits the citizenry or the country as a whole.

Anyone who continues to support this so-called “presidency” is knowingly – and at this point, with malice aforethought – supporting every lie he has been proven to have told, every policy that is aimed at diminishing the rights and freedoms Americans hold as sacrosanct, and is trying to un-do every hard-fought battle that has been won in order to advance the idea that the government exists to serve the American people.

Your “pResident” is now under investigation for colluding with our foreign adversaries, and the evidence that he did so is now overwhelming. If you continue to defend that collusion, you are as complicit in committing treason as he is.

Either you are on the side of the lying idiot who is trying to undermine everything our country stands for, or you are on the side of the country you claim to love.

There is no middle ground here. So pick a side – and be judged accordingly.

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