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15. We can say something nice to someone.
Sat Dec 16, 2017, 08:15 PM
Dec 2017

If we're at work, it's certainly appropriate to say something that's both complimentary and relevant to the job. But is it really necessary to comment on the appearance of someone while we're on the clock? Why can't it wait until later?

Quite Brilliant: [View all] kpete Dec 2017 OP
Wow! treestar Dec 2017 #1
Wait a minute! PJMcK Dec 2017 #2
Yes. n/t kag Dec 2017 #10
Wonderful! MineralMan Dec 2017 #3
A perfect nutshell, as in wrapped up in a. marble falls Dec 2017 #4
Then tell him to "smile" at the end of it. nt TeamPooka Dec 2017 #5
Exactly. narnian60 Dec 2017 #22
I get the gist of this mountain grammy Dec 2017 #6
A male friend of mine got written up for telling a co-worker she looked good since she Irish_Dem Dec 2017 #11
I think its a sad world when mountain grammy Dec 2017 #13
Times have changed grammy. Irish_Dem Dec 2017 #14
Yeah, I know mountain grammy Dec 2017 #17
Yes same here. Irish_Dem Dec 2017 #18
True that.. mountain grammy Dec 2017 #19
We can say something nice to someone. Mariana Dec 2017 #15
"Michelle Wolf - Nice Lady" on HBO is a must-see for feminists of all genders. SleeplessinSoCal Dec 2017 #7
Well, when the day comes when I cant tell someone that they Ferrets are Cool Dec 2017 #8
Say it, by all means. Mariana Dec 2017 #16
Exactly, just don't say it to random women and or co-workers. Irish_Dem Dec 2017 #20
Here's another, even more pointed RandomAccess Dec 2017 #9
Yea neither of these work. Egnever Dec 2017 #12
Wow, had never thought of it that way. Spot on. Irish_Dem Dec 2017 #21
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