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14. Next on Hannity: "Some people are saying.....
Sun Dec 17, 2017, 10:31 AM
Dec 2017

...That Mueller had Beckler killed so he could steal the emails!!!!!111!!!!"

VERY valuable post as we listen to the squeals coming out annabanana Dec 2017 #1
The KGOP republicans are so sleazy - "running interference" Achilleaze Dec 2017 #2
+1 for "KGOP" ! FailureToCommunicate Dec 2017 #25
I like it, too pandr32 Dec 2017 #31
So if they are indeed running interference here calimary Dec 2017 #35
They are protecting themselves at this point. The heck with Trump. Irish_Dem Dec 2017 #51
Thanks for posting. No wonder Trump and GOP are in panic mode emulatorloo Dec 2017 #3
(Mueller Team) "We have secured either the account owners consent or appropriate criminal process" emulatorloo Dec 2017 #4
Giuliani has been might quiet for a while. I will be very pleased if he gets nailed Tanuki Dec 2017 #5
He's an ex-DA. He knows the value of remaining silent. Iggo Dec 2017 #38
He is in all of this and knows he is in deep trouble. nt Irish_Dem Dec 2017 #39
K&R Solly Mack Dec 2017 #6
Here's the full list of Trump transition team. Pence to Bondi & beyond Wwcd Dec 2017 #7
Don't forget KellyAnne: kpete Dec 2017 #9
The Kellyanne that never ever stops talking? 😭 I kinda feel sorry for her cellmate, Wwcd Dec 2017 #11
Makes one feel warm and fuzzy all over. shraby Dec 2017 #13
I hope hope hope they have Chris Collins MY sleazebag non-rep pangaia Dec 2017 #16
"Could be a lot of 'Felicias' in those emails." BumRushDaShow Dec 2017 #12
From the Twitterverse, I read that Guiliani had offered to make a deal with Mueller. Eyeball_Kid Dec 2017 #44
Bookmarked! kentuck Dec 2017 #8
Makes sense to me nolabels Dec 2017 #10
Next on Hannity: "Some people are saying..... concreteblue Dec 2017 #14
OH yes... 10, 9, 8 come on Kellie Ann... new face lift time... pangaia Dec 2017 #18
You beat me to it! Of course they will say Mueller killed Beckler! Ilsa Dec 2017 #20
No they will say Hillary Alwaysna Dec 2017 #32
I'm curious... kag Dec 2017 #33
Yes how did Backler die? In light of all the recent Russian deaths Irish_Dem Dec 2017 #41
Wondered that myself....nt 2naSalit Dec 2017 #42
Somewhere in the thread they are saying prostate cancer, Ilsa Dec 2017 #46
Yes if you know you are dying, why take such an important and sensitive job. Irish_Dem Dec 2017 #48
In summary, they all lied to the FBI thinking someone was covering up their crimes. LOL. L. Coyote Dec 2017 #15
Hard to imagine them being this naive, but there it is. Irish_Dem Dec 2017 #49
Hard to imagine? tazkcmo Dec 2017 #56
True, it still boggles my mind. nt Irish_Dem Dec 2017 #57
This is the thing about illegal activity, you are forced to coverup for as longas possible. L. Coyote Dec 2017 #59
They got away with a lot in NYC. I guess they figured they were smarter Irish_Dem Dec 2017 #60
Re excerpt: "assured" a person, "ensured" an action. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Dec 2017 #17
Great post!! n.t USALiberal Dec 2017 #19
So, was that the moment in time when God changed sides ? rickford66 Dec 2017 #21
YEP! kpete Dec 2017 #34
This should be the headline. Well said. rickford66 Dec 2017 #45
Bwaaaahhhhaaaahhhhaaaa!! InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2017 #54
I am astounded by the fact.... kentuck Dec 2017 #22
He's been a sociopath for a long time. Secrecy, lies, breaking the law, are second nature to him. Irish_Dem Dec 2017 #40
I hope Mueller takes them all down. They've betrayed the entire country. -Steph- Dec 2017 #23
Can't wait!! InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2017 #55
Can't wait to see bpositive Dec 2017 #24
There will be a serious, dramatic movie, followed Ilsa Dec 2017 #47
Too bad Jerry Lewis can't play Trump. ret5hd Dec 2017 #52
Yes, an Oscar awaits Alec Baldwin and Trump will be awarded the Putin Order of Friendship Doodley Dec 2017 #53
Depends upon how the rest of this story plays out in real life. Irish_Dem Dec 2017 #62
Looks like Trump is going to drain the swamp as he said he would Zorro Dec 2017 #26
LOL, if you read about Hitler's connections with occult and love PatrickforO Dec 2017 #28
You know, kpete, I sure hope that our political institutions are strong enough, that PatrickforO Dec 2017 #27
Hannity's little problem: Eyeball_Kid Dec 2017 #43
Oh. That's a happy thing! PatrickforO Dec 2017 #50
The OTHER HUGE point in all this: how could it possibly NOT be obstruction of justice for the GSA Squinch Dec 2017 #29
You've just made my weekend! Thanks for the delightful info. Nitram Dec 2017 #30
Thank you. leanforward Dec 2017 #36
After all the email stories from the past years, SCVDem Dec 2017 #37
This is as good as my Christmas dinner malaise Dec 2017 #58
Hey FatFuk! smirkymonkey Dec 2017 #61
Comey fired May 9th. Beckler placed as gatekeeper May 12. Comey appointed as SC May 17th. herding cats Dec 2017 #63
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