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24. I completely agree...Luckily,
Tue Jul 14, 2015, 10:07 PM
Jul 2015

astrologers have never given up on Pluto...

It's discovery came at the dawn of the atomic age, it represents ...

"If any planetary energy represents an unconscious, instinctive, primordial, collective and transpersonal force, it is Pluto.

Much has been written about Pluto, probably because all that the planet symbolizes is so little understood or comprehended on the conscious, intellectual level.


Pluto correlates with peak experience in which there is a kind of dying and rebirth. Afterwards the perceptions of reality are never again the same. Examples of these types of experiences that we all go through are having a love affair; having a child, a death experience (a close brush with one’s own death or death of someone close). War and other collective disasters are Plutonian experiences.


Power and the temptation to power are Plutonian issues. Faust desired worldly power and sold his soul for it. Jesus resisted the temptation for worldly powers in favor of eternal, immortal power. Pluto/Hades (god of the underworld), raped Persephone, and later he made her queen; she became empowered, through the experience of the loss of innocence, or ignorance.

Pluto’s power is hypnotic and chthonic. It comes up from the underworld, from deep within the earth, within the being of the body. It is kundalini, the serpent power, in the Yogic tradition. Awaken this goddess kundalini at your own risk! It is the divine transforming fire from within which purifies and purges the physical, emotional, and mental bodies. If those vehicles are not prepared, it creates volcanic upheavals as it pushes through one’s being.

In fact, volcanoes are very symbolic of Plutonian energies. The serene mountain, like Fuji or Mt. Shasta, can erupt suddenly with great power and violence, spewing ash, and molten lava flows over all the surrounding area. The land is transformed! In time, a long time, the volcanic products break down into rich soil and new types of growth appear in place of what was there before, but in the mean time there is utter devastation.

How many of us have been burned by Pluto’s fires when transiting Pluto made a hard aspect to a natal planet? Afterwards, we are changed. And long afterwards when we can see the evolution that took place, we are grateful. We would not want to go back to who and what we were, even if that were possible, which, of course, it is not.


Pluto is the dark, powerful, intense, regenerative life force. Raw life force does not recognize taboos. It is “gutsy” and rises up from beneath like a plant shoot pushing through the earth toward the sunlight. Issues around Pluto are power, eroticism, pain and transformation.



K&R !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n/t RKP5637 Jul 2015 #1
USA! USA! Skittles Jul 2015 #2
Fascinating! -- Well done! . nt Bernardo de La Paz Jul 2015 #3
I was just about to post but CNN just had a headline. gvstn Jul 2015 #4
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Invade! Invade! Invade! onehandle Jul 2015 #6
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It boggles the mind. SoapBox Jul 2015 #7
Fantastic! Go science! Go NASA! neverforget Jul 2015 #8
Let's fund NASA and get our "space shuttle" type of Gloria Jul 2015 #25
Amazing that it will take 16 months to beam back all the data it collected tomm2thumbs Jul 2015 #9
they must use LastCenturyLink internet service too....... lastlib Jul 2015 #33
WELL DONE, New Horizons!!!! lastlib Jul 2015 #10
Lovely to hear the Moody Blues... Gloria Jul 2015 #27
Pluto looks awful planetary to me. roamer65 Jul 2015 #11
Love the Google Doodle... Spitfire of ATJ Jul 2015 #12
Awesome!! lastlib Jul 2015 #34
Woo Hoo !!! - HUGE K & R !!! WillyT Jul 2015 #13
Is that an official photo ballabosh Jul 2015 #14
Transmitted just before the fly by. longship Jul 2015 #16
Makes us think... Thespian2 Jul 2015 #15
Earth from Saturn... and Pluto is 4x farther away: JHB Jul 2015 #17
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Here's Earth and the moon as seen from Mars jeff47 Jul 2015 #39
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3 pm ET tomorrow, new photos with 10x the resolution of this 'heart' image... Peace Patriot Jul 2015 #20
Travel forever...godspeed! Gloria Jul 2015 #21
Thank You For That... WillyT Jul 2015 #26
Itís a planet!ÖHell yes itís a planet! Itís the largest mass in the Kuiper Belt. Jack-o-Lantern Jul 2015 #22
I completely agree...Luckily, Gloria Jul 2015 #24
At a time of a scientific & engineering triumph, please no astrology non-science nonsense. nt Bernardo de La Paz Jul 2015 #31
Excuse me...ancient man looked at the skies and Gloria Jul 2015 #35
The history of astrology is pure superstitious hokum. cemaphonic Jul 2015 #36
Pluto was 'known' thousands of years prior to the 20th century. OxQQme Jul 2015 #37
How do the Templars figure into all of this? cemaphonic Jul 2015 #38
Nope. Eris has more mass. Pluto is larger in diameter. jeff47 Jul 2015 #40
This is SOOOOO cool!!! calimary Jul 2015 #28
It IS cool!!!!! Gloria Jul 2015 #29
Actually, it's down-right friggin' cold! mindwalker_i Jul 2015 #32
33K-55K jeff47 Jul 2015 #41
OK, I have to do this, a shameless thing...this is the certificate I got when I put my name on NH Gloria Jul 2015 #30
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