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78. Bill Clinton's net worth in 2013 was $80 million; John Kerry's was $125 million
Sat Jul 25, 2015, 07:10 AM
Jul 2015

Since we all know the Clintons left the White House "dead broke" according to HRC's own words, we see that Bill went from zero to $80 million in just 12 years. At that rate, he'll catch up to John Kerry by 2020.

About Bill Clinton
The 42nd President of the United States from 1993 to 2001, with an estimated net worth of $80 million.Bill Clinton give speeches around the world, often for over $100,000 a speech.
Earnings 2013 $80 Million
Clinton roughly earned $106 million from his speaking engagements from 2001 to 2013


You may own a Ferrari, you lucky One Percenter, you! But I live within a mile of the Heinz Family Estate in Fox Chapel, PA, so have long been familiar with that family - and a wonderful and generously philanthropic family it has always been and remains to this day. Upon John Heinz's tragic death, the Heinz fortune went into trust funds for his wife and their three sons - John, Chris and Andre.

Teresa Heinz Kerry's personal fortune is reportedly worth as much as $1.2 billion, stemming from her earlier marriage to former Pennsylvania Sen. John Heinz III, who died in 1991 in a helicopter crash. Much of John Kerry's own wealth comes from his own family trusts. Worth as much as $125 million according to his disclosures, Kerry had been the wealthiest U.S. senator until he joined the Obama administration last month.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2013/02/heinz-buyout-john-kerrys-portfolio-could-grow-with-mega-deal-87671.html#ixzz3gtqalwCK

So that is why I have nothing against John Kerry in regard to his wealth. He inherited it - he did not raise it at a rate of 6.5 million a year by trading in on his past political office or his wife's anticipated future political office. Whatever happened to the honorable concept of "public service"? You know, where people worked hard at their professions and accumulated enough wealth to then devote their knowledge & experience to their country by holding public office.
feel the BERN!!!! nt HFRN Jul 2015 #1
"the percentage viewing him unfavorably has risen, up eight percentage points to 20%. " Tarheel_Dem Jul 2015 #16
They're called right wingers padfun Jul 2015 #23
Nope. It's actually the "right wingers" where BS draws his greatest support. Tarheel_Dem Jul 2015 #28
I know you are just zentrum Jul 2015 #44
Thanks for the advice, but are you sure we really want to discuss "perceptions"? n/t Tarheel_Dem Jul 2015 #47
Yes, it's a healthy change from 'optics' appalachiablue Jul 2015 #57
Clearly a misplaced attempt on my part zentrum Jul 2015 #60
Thanks for keeping it classy. kenfrequed Jul 2015 #84
Accuracy often fails when laziness is a convenient substitute. LanternWaste Jul 2015 #144
Could you give a link to that poll? Beauregard Jul 2015 #54
Page 67. Tarheel_Dem Jul 2015 #68
confusion? spqr78 Jul 2015 #70
Isn't that better for the General though? druidity33 Jul 2015 #79
I want BS to keep his "I", and leave the Democratic Party alone. n/t Tarheel_Dem Jul 2015 #104
Huh, alright then. nt. druidity33 Jul 2015 #105
So....wouldn't having conservative support make him more electable in the general election? LiberalLovinLug Jul 2015 #91
May I say how hypocritical I find your comments? This board has spent tons of bandwidth.... Tarheel_Dem Jul 2015 #103
Hypocritical? LiberalLovinLug Jul 2015 #150
We aren't talking about "moderate Republicans", but then you knew that. Nice try. Tarheel_Dem Jul 2015 #151
Nice attempt at a smear LiberalLovinLug Jul 2015 #152
"I'm not going to cry about it." Yup, that's exactly what I thought. Tarheel_Dem Jul 2015 #153
Implying....one should? LiberalLovinLug Jul 2015 #154
Personally, I don't give a shit who these "conservatives" are. The past 7 years have been spent.... Tarheel_Dem Jul 2015 #155
"At the same time, Clinton's unfavorable rating increased to 46%" n/t arcane1 Jul 2015 #26
This ^ can't be said enough HooptieWagon Jul 2015 #93
Which is what happened in 2008. former9thward Jul 2015 #95
Did they repeal the 22nd Amendment? DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2015 #112
And he welcomes their hatred:) grahamhgreen Jul 2015 #75
FAVORABILITY rating "surges" from 12 to 24%? That means that 76% still don't look at him... George II Jul 2015 #2
Actually 56% of adults was "No opinion/Not heard of". n/t PoliticAverse Jul 2015 #4
Not going to win many primaries if no one has heard of him. George II Jul 2015 #5
Presumably the debates will help with that. n/t PoliticAverse Jul 2015 #7
Only political junkies watch the primary debates redstateblues Jul 2015 #81
but they are widely covered by the msm cali Aug 2015 #157
Nobody watches the debates hack89 Jul 2015 #123
That is why Hillary's friends at the DNC are slow-walking the debates..... virtualobserver Jul 2015 #8
They're not "slow walking" the debates - when is the first primary? George II Jul 2015 #9
first you say "he's not going to win many primaries if no one has heard of him." virtualobserver Jul 2015 #11
Exactly... George II Jul 2015 #14
No its the job of his Grassroots volunteers like me to promote him. Tommymac Jul 2015 #20
The first nationwide organizational meetings for Bernie's volunteers is July 29. JDPriestly Jul 2015 #49
and it is the job of Hillary's friends at the DNC to push the debates as far back as possible n/t virtualobserver Jul 2015 #51
Nope. But it's interesting that people are pushing to rush the debates.... George II Jul 2015 #146
Hillary has nowhere to go but down virtualobserver Jul 2015 #148
As you said, the first primary is more than 6 months from now muriel_volestrangler Jul 2015 #12
If I may quote you from upthread: Comrade Grumpy Jul 2015 #15
They will. Tell Webb and O'Malley about name recognition. They need it more n/t arcane1 Jul 2015 #27
Hence, the practice of campaigning for many politicians LanternWaste Jul 2015 #145
Nice... kenfrequed Jul 2015 #86
When you start at almost zero its not difficult to go up. George II Jul 2015 #94
When you have 11% no opinion/never heard of London Lover Man Jul 2015 #106
People don't vote "favorable" or "unfavorable", they vote. And being ahead by 40% in most polls.... George II Jul 2015 #108
This far out from the elections, bvar22 Jul 2015 #97
She's falling apart I tell you DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2015 #113
+1 appalachiablue Jul 2015 #117
Bring on the DEBATES! PassingFair Jul 2015 #3
That poll includes Republicans OKNancy Jul 2015 #6
THANK YOU for a refreshingly objective view of the polls results. George II Jul 2015 #10
lol artislife Jul 2015 #73
Except for two problems London Lover Man Jul 2015 #107
Against Sanders, her closest competitor, she's averaging mid 50s vs. mid teens - that's a 3-fold... George II Jul 2015 #109
Uhhh, no he hasn't.. when 56% hasn't heard of him and has no opinion London Lover Man Jul 2015 #110
The Bottom line from the poll linked in the seminal post DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2015 #114
TY ....people are entitled to their opinion but not to their own facts. Historic NY Jul 2015 #25
Which makes it applicable to the GE. HooptieWagon Jul 2015 #100
The poll suggests no such thing unless you believe Ben Carson will be the next president DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2015 #115
You think Donald Trump will be? HooptieWagon Jul 2015 #119
No, because his numbers are really upside down. DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2015 #120
And Clintons are increasingly so. HooptieWagon Jul 2015 #121
Yet she is still beating Sanders 56-19 and Bush 51-46 in the freshest poll available DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2015 #122
It was 85-7 two months ago. HooptieWagon Jul 2015 #124
If support is linear the senator will win the nomination by universal acclamation by February... DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2015 #125
Another way to look at the same numbers: Bernie's unfavorables are higher than everyone else's pnwmom Jul 2015 #13
Senador Sanders has not had one attack by the republicans media monster..yet. Sunlei Jul 2015 #33
What will they say about Sanders that he hasn't already responded to very well? JDPriestly Jul 2015 #50
They've already said it. They called him a "National Socialist." pnwmom Jul 2015 #55
The American people will judge that. I don't think that name-calling will fly with much of JDPriestly Jul 2015 #56
I know but what you mentioned are all things the current admin has started or with the Sunlei Jul 2015 #58
The programs need to be broadened and widened so that there is enough money to fund this JDPriestly Jul 2015 #77
Didn't one of Clinton's hench-women call him something similar? McCatskill, I think. nm rhett o rick Jul 2015 #63
IL Duce. Bernito Sandersini! Such similarities esp. the posturing! Nacional Sozialism, right. appalachiablue Jul 2015 #118
Gallop did quite well in 2012. Just ask president romney still_one Jul 2015 #17
Note to self... SoapBox Jul 2015 #18
And a whole lot of other people. George II Jul 2015 #24
"Bernie's head is now a bit above water as Clinton's Ferrari has slowed down a bit" cosmicone Jul 2015 #19
"Clinton'sFerrari"-Luxury Foreign auto made 4 millionaires-Freudian slip there, Skippy! Divernan Jul 2015 #48
Have you heard of such a thing as a M E T A P H O R cosmicone Jul 2015 #62
There's good ones and terribly inappropriate ones. Divernan Jul 2015 #65
I own a Ferrari so I thought of it cosmicone Jul 2015 #66
Bill Clinton's net worth in 2013 was $80 million; John Kerry's was $125 million Divernan Jul 2015 #78
What difference does it make if someone earned it or inherited it? cosmicone Jul 2015 #88
please. mark zuckerberg came from an upper middle class family cali Aug 2015 #158
Liberals and Democrats overall like Clinton far more than they do Sanders. NYC Liberal Jul 2015 #21
Well...If liberals want Wall Street to still dictate policies... Bohemianwriter Jul 2015 #45
Hillary is a liberal Democrat who has been fighting for progressive causes for decades. NYC Liberal Jul 2015 #59
please name something liberal Hillary Clinton has accomplished? spqr78 Jul 2015 #71
The silence is deafening! candelista Jul 2015 #83
always is. spqr78 Jul 2015 #99
Thats nice but Hillary is not a liberal. It seems odd INdemo Jul 2015 #89
Mine too. I have carpel tunnel in both hands, so, no typing. juajen Jul 2015 #130
Me too shenmue Jul 2015 #147
Sure she is... Bohemianwriter Aug 2015 #156
Bernie!! AzDar Jul 2015 #22
This message was self-deleted by its author 1000words Jul 2015 #29
which is why debbie will put them off restorefreedom Jul 2015 #30
a couple more billion dollars on republican attacks and they may drive mrs clinton into single digit Sunlei Jul 2015 #31
Remind me; how many New Yorkers attended Hillary's campaign kickoff??? Cosmic Kitten Jul 2015 #32
Well ya know... SoapBox Jul 2015 #35
Cool, don't need her accessing us average working shlubs. Cosmic Kitten Jul 2015 #37
That's right, we should be able to body surf Mrs Clinton through the crowds!! Sunlei Jul 2015 #43
Senator Sanders is a great Senator, I love his style. I just hope his entire past is squeekie clean, Sunlei Jul 2015 #36
Is there any more earnest Congress member than Bernie? Cosmic Kitten Jul 2015 #41
Well, there was no valet parking for one's Ferrari! Divernan Jul 2015 #53
Uh huh... SoapBox Jul 2015 #34
lol, theres that almost 47% of republicans who show up in every poll. romneys magic number always Sunlei Jul 2015 #39
The "More-You-See-Her-Less-You-Like-Her" candidate. dirtydickcheney Jul 2015 #38
Isn't it, the more YOU see the headlines on your cell phone, the more YOU don't like her? Sunlei Jul 2015 #42
she was a great Secretary of state? spqr78 Jul 2015 #72
She did her job well, President Obama made an excellent appointment. Kerry is awesome too. Sunlei Jul 2015 #74
OMG!!!! spqr78 Jul 2015 #76
Voters have "key questions about her honesty and leadership." AtomicKitten Jul 2015 #40
In other words, Clinton's still in the lead. shenmue Jul 2015 #46
For how much longer, do you think? Cal33 Jul 2015 #52
Well, let's see...a year ago she was at 58% in the polls and today she's at.....57% brooklynite Jul 2015 #69
Well, from your way of calculating, Bernie jumped from 12% to 24% in 3 months. There are Cal33 Jul 2015 #82
Sadly, the data doesn't support that... brooklynite Jul 2015 #85
I couldn't find the post in which I read the statistics quoted in my previous post, but here's Cal33 Jul 2015 #90
You're looking at favorability ratings...not polling brooklynite Jul 2015 #98
More fun and game with numbers DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2015 #111
Her strategy of keeping her head down is working so far. She just has to hang on. nm rhett o rick Jul 2015 #64
As she was at this time in 2007 against Obama... cascadiance Jul 2015 #67
Huge K & R !!! - Thank You !!! WillyT Jul 2015 #61
So 55% like Bernie and only 48% like Hillary bobbobbins01 Jul 2015 #80
Bernie's favorability rises based on hearing his ideals daybranch Jul 2015 #87
Because He Is A Genuine Progressive colsohlibgal Jul 2015 #92
FDR and two of his friends, BlueStateLib Jul 2015 #101
Do Hillary supporters have such bad bullshit detectors coyote Jul 2015 #96
Barack Obama has been a consequential and transformational president DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2015 #116
Obama hasn't changed much. He did increase drone killing innocent people in sovereign nations. rhett o rick Jul 2015 #126
He ended the Great Recession... DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2015 #127
How specifically did he end the great recession? Seriously, what specifically did he do? rhett o rick Jul 2015 #129
recommend this post. LeftOfWest Jul 2015 #131
He is a hero to African Americans DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2015 #132
I appreciate that he is a hero to African Americans. But I put race aside when I evaluate his rhett o rick Jul 2015 #133
Unemployment at the peak of the Great Recession was 10.0% DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2015 #134
What policies? nm rhett o rick Jul 2015 #135
The $831 billion stimulus package which should have been larger if not for... DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2015 #136
I am not sure he had much input into that bill he signed one month after being elected. rhett o rick Jul 2015 #137
He ran on delivering a stimulus program and delivered one, albeit a smaller one... DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2015 #138
I hope that is the second line and not that he pardoned the Iraq War criminals or that he rhett o rick Jul 2015 #139
You really are adept at changing the subject when a question you ask.... George II Jul 2015 #142
"The imprisonment of people of color has continued to get worse"... George II Jul 2015 #141
Excellent point. nt SunSeeker Jul 2015 #149
If you really need to ask that question, then.... George II Jul 2015 #140
+1 ... 1StrongBlackMan Jul 2015 #128
Clinton's favorable rating among Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents is 74% BlueStateLib Jul 2015 #102
I imagine the polls will swing wildly over the next five months. LanternWaste Jul 2015 #143
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