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23. Anna, I am calling CPS in your state in the am.
Fri Aug 21, 2015, 01:28 AM
Aug 2015

Josh should not be anywhere near your daughters. He is not a well man.

Please, Just walk away, for the sake of your children..


Abstinence is for fools. Agschmid Aug 2015 #1
dont even THINK about messing with the Chatterbate publc orgies! (grinder 2.0 on about 4 cialis lol) big_dog Aug 2015 #4
Never heard of it... Agschmid Aug 2015 #6
its an endless time worm hole, do not EVER EVER go into chatterbate after about 10-11PM eastern!! big_dog Aug 2015 #7
Well here it is.. Marie Marie Aug 2015 #2
These people are fucking insane. She is too. To hell with the lot of them. TwilightGardener Aug 2015 #3
Oh for F's sake! Really? Just shoot me! 7wo7rees Aug 2015 #5
Josh is same person who abused his sisters, he has a problem, the therapy he received after fessing Thinkingabout Aug 2015 #8
there is no 'therapy' in the Duggar household for Josh that will work, just praying the sin away! big_dog Aug 2015 #11
Anna, he has mental health isses, you not are to blame irisblue Aug 2015 #9
I think you misunderstood. She didn't dump him. And the article suggests that she won't. (eom) StevieM Aug 2015 #26
Blessed be the weak of mind... Hulk Aug 2015 #10
You just said it all. nt 7wo7rees Aug 2015 #19
'You always need to be available when he calls.' Contrary1 Aug 2015 #12
the ladies of chatterbate are avilable when i call or text... :) but no money ever changes hands big_dog Aug 2015 #15
This is insane. complain jane Aug 2015 #13
The Wife has a bigger problem dem in texas Aug 2015 #14
Excellent point. n/t complain jane Aug 2015 #17
But... but.... family values!!!!1!!!!1! Initech Aug 2015 #16
Well good thing She's standing by her man... Grassy Knoll Aug 2015 #18
All of us need to contact TLC tomorrow. No abuse special 7wo7rees Aug 2015 #20
Anna, I am calling CPS in your state in the am. 7wo7rees Aug 2015 #23
These people are demented and sad alcibiades_mystery Aug 2015 #21
and yet, whenever something good happens, Jesus gets all the credit. Warren DeMontague Aug 2015 #22
Oh but wait Warren. Jessa might be having twins!! 7wo7rees Aug 2015 #24
I hear ya. I honestly would have no fuckin' clue who these people are, if it wasn't for DU. Warren DeMontague Aug 2015 #29
She knows she'll get blamed by the Quiverful patriarchs anyway Warpy Aug 2015 #25
Sickening, but not surprising. (eom) StevieM Aug 2015 #27
Good grief, couldn't get beyond the first paragraph. Sick. Live and Learn Aug 2015 #28
Locking thread. TexasTowelie Aug 2015 #30
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