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MSNBC is crediting in part the response by Hillary Clinton for the reversal. Completely Ed Suspicious Sep 2015 #1
I would have LOVED to hear Romney defend it. Spitfire of ATJ Sep 2015 #2
I dont know with this guy, I saw him trashed on Fox Business as well 7962 Sep 2015 #14
Ever watch "Shark Tank"? Spitfire of ATJ Sep 2015 #21
Haaaa! 7962 Sep 2015 #41
I've seen some justification from other websites christx30 Sep 2015 #17
And it costs about a buck to make them. Spitfire of ATJ Sep 2015 #23
So 1350% profit isn't enough? Elmer S. E. Dump Sep 2015 #50
The justification we hear again and again is Research and Development costs Midnight Writer Sep 2015 #45
Of course they are! They'll totally ignore Bernie. PatrickforO Sep 2015 #4
He wouldn't say what the new price will be ... sunnystarr Sep 2015 #9
+10 billion Bubzer Sep 2015 #19
Apology accepted ejbr Sep 2015 #24
This Shkreli is one of the foul, squirming, quivering, PatrickforO Sep 2015 #3
I don't think many people would be upset AnAzulTexas Sep 2015 #37
Smarmy little creep. (I saw him on TV yesterday.) femmocrat Sep 2015 #5
by now it should be generic and anybody can manufacture it for any price they want nt msongs Sep 2015 #6
It is, but this isn't the kind of thing you can just start pumping out. jeff47 Sep 2015 #16
He is not the producer. He owns the brand name rights. Ford_Prefect Sep 2015 #27
And he's got a production line currently making it. jeff47 Sep 2015 #28
to some extent this also depends on how many outfits are making it now, and in what form. Ford_Prefect Sep 2015 #31
Currently, 1. That's why he bought it. (nt) jeff47 Sep 2015 #33
Other than the capital investments needed to create a new production line for a new product. LanternWaste Sep 2015 #54
Lower it by, what, $5? Roland99 Sep 2015 #7
Bernie is a guest NOW on Chris Hayes, MSNBC and will be talking about this issue. appalachiablue Sep 2015 #8
Gee, what a guy! We were all wrong about him. He really does have a heart! 4lbs Sep 2015 #10
Too bad. Too late. Your still a fucking slithering maggot. lonestarnot Sep 2015 #11
His former company, Retrophin, tossed him as CEO & is suing him for 65 million. 7962 Sep 2015 #12
Good, he'll get a lot poorer while enriching a bunch of lawyers Warpy Sep 2015 #25
Former hedge fund manager. secondvariety Sep 2015 #13
To $650/pill. (nt) jeff47 Sep 2015 #15
I'll bet he got an ear full from Big Pharm. Bonhomme Richard Sep 2015 #18
My thought, as well. PADemD Sep 2015 #22
I smell Bob Loblaw Sep 2015 #20
This guy is a murdering asshole. blackspade Sep 2015 #26
Thank you to each of you who took action. oldandhappy Sep 2015 #29
I smell a rat too. He will say anything to get out of the spotlight this week. But, Ford_Prefect Sep 2015 #30
If he tries to pull a stunt like that, his company should face eminent domain cloudythescribbler Sep 2015 #32
And good ole' "Hil" did it single-handedly. Le Taz Hot Sep 2015 #34
Ugh. SoapBox Sep 2015 #38
We still need an investigation into how often this type of price gouging occurs. tclambert Sep 2015 #35
the real problem is no competition questionseverything Sep 2015 #52
Nobody with a straight face can make that case! passiveporcupine Sep 2015 #36
Nobody would quibble at making a fair profit Lifelong Protester Sep 2015 #39
Daraprim 50 tablets $59 from Canada it's legal and you cheat big Pharma out of profits Thekaspervote Sep 2015 #40
isn't that illegal tho? questionseverything Sep 2015 #53
gonna need to keep an eye on this scumbag. nt TeamPooka Sep 2015 #42
Neither Clinton nor Sanders should get credit for this one. DisgustipatedinCA Sep 2015 #43
This whole story stinks jamzrockz Sep 2015 #44
"Most hated man in America." Lychee2 Sep 2015 #46
The New face of the Robber Barons One_Life_To_Give Sep 2015 #47
Too bad he still looks like a batman villain. Oneironaut Sep 2015 #48
please, Mr. money grubbing shit, what do you define as "affordable"? How about the old price jackass Javaman Sep 2015 #49
I wish people would just lighten up on Martin Shkreli! The man is a job creator! Enthusiast Sep 2015 #51
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