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sofa king

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33. Three possibilities, and a fourth certainty:
Tue Mar 15, 2016, 05:46 PM
Mar 2016

Last edited Tue Mar 15, 2016, 09:32 PM - Edit history (1)

1) Rubio is lying in order to project confidence and appear presidential;

2) Rubio is staying in it because he's been privately assured that the nomination will be stolen from Trump at the convention;

3) Rubio knows the story of George Wallace in '72 and he's staying in it just in case Trump catches a bullet.

All three possibilities can be true at once, of course, and all of them are subservient to the overriding and painfully obvious fourth reason, which is now that Presidential candidates can shift campaign cash to themselves without public disclosure, Rubio is paying himself thousands and thousands of dollars every extra day that he stays in it.

That's why all of those dirtballs stayed in it too long--Bush, Christie, Carson, Fiorina. They all stayed in it until donations fell below the administrative level needed to keep banking it at a net profit. So if Rubio gets spanked tonight, he still won't drop out until he's cashed all the checks that are still in the mail--and he surely spammed Florida with donor mail all last week, so right now there are a lot of paychecks still in the mail.

Disgusting, but what else can we expect from Republicans?

Edit: Four hours later, I have proven myself to be full of shit. Can't win 'em all. Said Marco.

I think he's holding out hope that the loss will be close FBaggins Mar 2016 #1
press on to where? captainarizona Mar 2016 #2
Is this like a member of Opus Dei self-flagellation? Roland99 Mar 2016 #3
It is no longer an election. Instead a GOP contest: who can humiliate himself the most. nt JFKDem62 Mar 2016 #4
I wonder if any president ever lost their own state. Cavallo Mar 2016 #5
List of major-party United States presidential candidates who lost their home or resident state Miles Archer Mar 2016 #10
Didn't Al Gore lose TN? Or am I misremembering? nt MADem Mar 2016 #12
He never became president Renew Deal Mar 2016 #23
So, ?? the post above referred to presidential candidates. riversedge Mar 2016 #27
Where does it say that? Renew Deal Mar 2016 #28
Go to the URL I provided. Miles Archer Mar 2016 #29
Well, that's because a certain a-hole was "selected not elected." He WON the job, the MADem Mar 2016 #35
Thank you! Cavallo Mar 2016 #16
Lincoln won Illinois both times. Renew Deal Mar 2016 #22
The information I provided was in a table...home states and borth states. Miles Archer Mar 2016 #30
In a primary... Renew Deal Mar 2016 #21
He must be getting paid top dollar to keep swallowing the humiliations MowCowWhoHow III Mar 2016 #6
Man, he really, really TlalocW Mar 2016 #7
President Obama knows exactly what he's doing hibbing Mar 2016 #8
That'll change within 24 hours. RandySF Mar 2016 #9
^^^THIS^^^ maxsolomon Mar 2016 #17
Don't forget Kasich oberliner Mar 2016 #19
No insight into this GOP race, really (I'm just amazed at it all), but here's my guess... MADem Mar 2016 #11
Thank f'ing god. What would we do without Lil' Marco to kick around anymore ? lol n/t CincyDem Mar 2016 #13
Ha! He's getting paid to "press on" Seedersandleechers Mar 2016 #14
He still thinks he could be the nominee from a contested convention. book_worm Mar 2016 #15
Cruz-Rubio may have enough delegates to steal if from Trump Renew Deal Mar 2016 #25
He expects Trump to be assassinated, and Cruz to be ruled ineligible. forest444 Mar 2016 #18
He would still lose to Kasich in that scenario oberliner Mar 2016 #20
Good. forest444 Mar 2016 #31
Keeping all four in gives Trump the best chance of winning outright Renew Deal Mar 2016 #24
No, keeping all four in 1939 Mar 2016 #26
He will be out by the weekend Kelvin Mace Mar 2016 #32
Three possibilities, and a fourth certainty: sofa king Mar 2016 #33
He hardly shows up for his job as Senator, but refuses to give up on this lost cause. tanyev Mar 2016 #34
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